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Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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His First Student [P, NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: His First Student [P, NK]

Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:47 am
Xuro smiled and was very please when Azha said that she's a fast learner and that she will go to take the genin exams.. She then hugged him and left waving Good bye. Xuro waved back and shouted, "Good luck! You can do it!"
Xuro then walked over to a training dummy while stuck in his thoughts, "I'm sure she can pass the Genin exams. She IS Really talented. Lots of potential to become a very good ninja. Let's hope the next time I see her, she'll have the good news that she's a Genin...." Xuro then came back to reality and decided on what he should do next, "Anywayz... Now I think I had enough teaching for one day and should do some learning now. I have lots of time on my hands and I am in the training grounds, so I think I should spend it training. I've gotta to go to the next level. I've passed the level of using only Earth style techniques after mastering explosion release, so I'm now a mastered earth style user I suppose.... So I think it will be good for me to have an open mind and broaden my skills. Another element would be useful for me. I think I should learn lightning release it being superior to my earth style and explosion style it would be good to be well equippped and have knowledge of it. Let me get to work!"
Xuro then began his intense training. He started off with some weaponary training. He stood 10 meters away from the training gummy and then pulled out 5 shuriken in each hand and threw it at the dummy hitting all of them on target. He then pulled out some kunai and threw 10 of them from each hand one by one at the tdummy. Xuro then walke dback to the dummy and retreived his weapons. He then practised some taijutsu doing a bunch of different kicking and punching combinations for 20 minutes non-stop. Once he completed that, he decided to practise chakra flow with his katana. He pulled out the normal katana he had strapped to his back. He then held it firmly with both his hands and concentratded his chakra making it flow through the katana. He then swung it across the middle section of the dummy in a horizontal motion slicing the whole dummy in half. "Ok now that's my normal earth style chakra infusion. I have to try and concentrate my chakra and infuse lightning chakra instead of earth. Let me try it again." Xuro said to himself out loud trying pracitse learning lightning release. He then sat down for a minute and put his katana on the ground next to him. He then closed his eyes and began to concentrate his chakra. After about 10 minutes, he then took hold of his katana and held it firmly in both his hands, "ok here goes..." Xuro would say as he began to infuse his chakra into the sword. This time he had to concentrate real hard and focus as he has to infuse lightning chakra, not earth chakra.After a few minutes, xuro completed his chakra infusion and tried swinging the sword across the air, "nope still Earth Chakra! I gotta try harder." Said xuro looking very Frustrated. He then took hold of the sword once more and then began concentrating and infusion his chakra into the sword. After 10 minutes, he stood up and swung the sword once more. This time sparks of lightning were chanelling through the katana. "Yes finally I've done it!" Xuro was very pleased with himself that he had managed to learn lightning release. He then put away his sword and then took his things and made his way back, "I think that's all I'll do for today. Tomorrow I'll continue training my lightning release coz I just barely learnt it. There is still so much more training needed for me" Xuro lef t the training grounds quite pleased off accomplishing two things today. 1 he managed to teach his first student some techniques nad helped her to be able to take the Genin exams and 2- he was able to learn lightning release.

[WC: 2104:10 Stats, 21 JP, 2104/2000 words lightning release learnt]
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His First Student [P, NK] - Page 3 Empty Re: His First Student [P, NK]

Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:05 am
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