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Vretyel's Training for Ninjutsu Speciality Empty Vretyel's Training for Ninjutsu Speciality

Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:52 pm
Training for Ninjutsu specialty
Ninjutsu, something that move ninja need to have in order to be a true ninja, is something that Vretyel had always dreading doing. Although he was more of a taijutsu fighter he was also good at controlling his primary element of lightning. He figured that though mastery of that element if need be he could do powerful jutsu to augment his abilities as a ninja, including augmenting his abilities as a taijutsu fighter. All of these things enticed him about learning more about the basic five elements and when he hit jounin he felt that it was time to learn it, there was only one problem. Like he stated before although he was very good at Ninjutsu if he was given the oppurnity to do it, it would mean that he would dreading the entirety of the training for as long as he was doing. Yes it was important, that however did not mean that he enjoyed it,, but he was going to be in pain mentally throughout the entire process. It was going to take work and practice but Vretyel realized that in order to survive in this new world where everybody was using long range, deadly, and relatively basic ninjutsu attacks, it could mean trouble for Vretyel if he did not know some of it himself. Vretyel knew that being a jounin would mean that in order for him to survive on these deadly missions he would have to have more power over the elements, as he would not be able to just walk into an enemy camp and start attacking people if he wanted to. He would have to have mastery over that aspect of being a ninja, ninjutsu could be subtle but deadly, could mean the difference of life and death in a battle, and would also mean that he could do many more functions as a ninja that he could not do before such as using the elements to destroy villages from afar if need be. Although this would be extremely important and a great reason why he should use ninjutsu in battle, from his research of the Inazumahi clan and his talk with some of the oldest members of the clan he decided that there was an even more important reason why he should get jutsu.

As Vretyel was walking down to the training grounds to learn more of this ninjutsu he thought to himself of those reasons why. Through some of this training and talks with other ninja in and around Konoha Vretyel realized that he was going to explore the range and the abilities of Monkey Senjutsu if he lived long enough for him to become somebody of that level and power, it would mean that he would become a sannin, somebody who was like but not as powerful as the third Hokage would be able to summon the great monkey king Enma during battle. As he read up on some of these techniques and abilities Vretyel thought that they would make him a powerful taijutsu fighter along with somebody of great power among the people of the village hidden in the leaf. He knew that he could have a natural affinity for working with the monkeys to gain his power, but that would mean that he would have to have ninjutsu before it. Ninjutsu would allow him to do great summons and abilities that he would not have been able to do if he did not have the ability to command the five basic elements. This would mean that he could possibly summon some of the great monkeys with ease and power, and they would then be able to aid him in battle. He thought of the possibility of going sage mode with those abilities, meaning that he would use natural abilities to gain energy from his surroundings but could also mean that he could gain some features of a monkey. Who knows, Vretyel thought, maybe through the sage mode I would get a tail and other monkey features. Vretyel laughed at his own stupidity. Who knows maybe it would be fun to get those abilities but it could mean a lot of work and maybe even becoming a monkey. That would not be good, Vretyel thought. Vretyel the monkey king, that thought made him chuckle a little bit.
With Crimson in hand he finally got down to the training grounds decided that he was going to practice a few basic techniques of ninjutsu, trying to find a way to make himself look more like his staff so that they both would look the same as each other. That would mean that he would have basic and even amazing grasp over many of the academy jutsu still, as it would mean that he was ready for him to move on to other techniques that were much more advanced then that one. He tried it a few times and it took a while for him to finally get it right, not that he could not do the technique the first time right but that he was lazy and did not want to do. It would mean more work if he did that but Vretyel did not care at that point. But after a few hours of just lazily doing the technique something hit him that he did not think of before. It made him mad at himself but it at least got him back on track, as he was training he had some deep thought trying to get himself look like his amazing Bo staff.
Vretyel, remember primrose and all the other people that you have met over the span of your life as a ninja, they all were mostly ninjutsu specialists over at least on elements, sometimes two, and in the case of only Navi, three, they all were doing better than you are doing now because you do not want to do it. What would the ancestors of the Inazumahi say if they all came to you right now and watched you ‘train’ for learning the abilities of the five elements, they would first laugh at you for thinking that you would have abilities without putting in 100 percent effort on the matter, it would mean that you would be discrasing the people that you cherish the most. Not your peers or your sensei Navi, but yourself and your ansestors of legend. You want to be like them? Right now you are worse than anybody who is not an Inazumahi, right now your lack of motivation would mean that you could die in a fight if you refuse to learn these basic abilities. You think that you can be a monkey sage by just going out there and doing it all half ass, no that is not the case at all, and when you need to be summoning something that could mean you winning the battle against a missing ninja, right now instead of getting a monkey you would get a small banana that they just ate. This would mean that you would lose the battle and you would DIE. What if you were about to go against the person that you hate the most right now, the hyuga missing ninja, the one that almost took everything from you and almost took the life of your closet comrade, Ayama, do you think that they are going to give you slack when you want to fight them for your life. No you are just going to let him win.
At this point Vretyel stopped what he was doing and just sat down for a little bit, looking back on all of his experiences and realizing what he was thinking to himself. He knew that he was mad at himself and thought that would be enough for the thoughts to go away, he was going to train as hard as he could now for as long as he needed to, but that was not the case.
You call yourself an inazumahi, one that uses fire and lightning, two of the basic elements of ninjutsu to take down all that could destroy them and the leaf, your home. The fire as you have said so many times to yourself represents justice and it represents passion. Right now do you think that you have passion for learning ninjutsu? No you do not. You are not worthy of any title, of any ability, of knowing the secrets of the book that you pride yourself now in having. Navi did you a huge favor by finding a way to open the book allowing you to find more of your purpose, but what would happen if he found out that you did not have passion and the desire to train for ninjutsu. You are weak and you are pathetic.
Now Vretyel was really mad at himself. He had let his clan and his sensei down most today, which means that he has let everything that he holds dear down. He let ayama down. He let Ayama, the woman and love of his life down. But the only problem was he was not done thinking about Ayama.

Do you really think that Ayama would want to be with a person who tries to learn things the lazy way, you know that answer full well. You were weak than and you are weak now, you are not a jounin, you are just a simple genin that got taken away when he was not strong enough. You will go and you will become the best ninjutsu specialist in the world and you will do it with One hundred percent or you are not worthy.
With this new found desire to become the best Vretyel realized that he could become a great ninja if he just put his mind to it. After his long pep talk with himself Vretyel gained some inspiration and transformed completely into his staff, both of them looked completely identical. But now the thoughts were coming back into him again.

You think that is going to be enough to save yourself in times of trouble, in times of panic? Do you think that is going to save Ayama when she needs you, no it is not and you know it. You will just get in the way of Ayama’s and Navi’s greatness.

That pushed Vretyel over the edge and he decided that he was going to release his anger on the last four trees in his ten trees training. They were all right next to each other and he figured that with just one Javelin of the heavens throw. With all of his force and all of his might he would charge his staff with lightning and throw it to the wind towards the great trees at point blank range with all of his force and power. He almost made the staff over charge with charka and then threw it at the trees. It went through all four trees. And landed inside a rock over 20 meters away almost shattering the rock as well. As he saw the damage that he had done he had split the middle of all four trees and now they were all falling down. Now he would concentrate lightning chakra to his hands as they would glow with the anger and frustration of his ability. He was going to control the way that they charka moved through his hands and completely destroy the trees. He hit the trees with all of his might with his hands, the lighting going through the trees like a rasengan. The trees would become burned with lighting chakra as he all hit the ground when Vretyel moved out of the way of all the falling trees. He then, out of his anger concentrated charka to his fingertips to write one word on all four of the trees. That word was “Worthy” buy burning it into the trees. Panting for breath he looked at the damage he did and thought to himself.
Never do that again, never make yourself not worthy of anybody, if you do, you will kill yourself.
Calmed down Vretyel left the training grounds to walk to the hospital to get some healing for his wounds that he had gotten during his anger, he had scarred his hands badly, but knew that he had gained control over ninjutsu, and more over the lightning element.
[Word Count: 2059, requesting 10 stats, 20 JP, and the Ninjutsu speciality]
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Vretyel's Training for Ninjutsu Speciality Empty Re: Vretyel's Training for Ninjutsu Speciality

Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:54 pm
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