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Hideki's training Empty Hideki's training

Sat Oct 20, 2012 8:55 am
Hideki was sprawled out on his bed, his duvet no longer covering him but it seemed fit to sleep on the floor. The position Hideki was in as he slept didn't seem to be a comfortable one, as his limbs all seemed to be coiled and ready to strike, it was as if he was getting ready to fight somebody, even though there was nobody in his house, let alone his room. His parents had always tended to be gone in the mornings, Hideki didn't know why though. He just assumed that they were always out buying groceries for that day. Sunlight filtered through his blinds and went directly into his eyes like a concentrated beam of energy from a ray gun. Hideki moved one arm upwards to cover his eyes, but it disrupted his entire sleep sequence. No longer able to keep balance, Hideki fell off from his bed and hit his blanket, rolling onto the wooden floor after that. "Bullshit! This is the third f*cking time!" Hideki slammed his head off from the ground in a blaze of rage, certainly not happy that this has been happening to him a lot recently. Slamming his closed fists into the ground, Hideki had a little tantrum before he finally decided that he should get up and do something, lying on the ground was doing nothing productive and it was boring beating up something that wasn't even living. Folding his body up from the ground, he slowly rose upwards as if he was doing limbo; his back bent backwards. When he was finally standing up, he looked around himself and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, muttering, "I need to wake up" After he said that, he ran straight into one of the walls headfirst. Falling backwards from the charging impact, he stood back up straight after, not even seeming dazed from the assault. Hideki began to rapidly slam his head against the wall that was barren empty, not even a single picture hung from it. Not anymore, that is. After he had headbutted the wall for a good few minutes, he closed his fists again and began to punch his own face, causing blood to stream lightly from his nose and his mouth. He finished his waking up session after a final jab to his cheek, looking as if he got beat up at home, although that was far from the truth and Hideki would willingly admit that. Walking over towards his window, Hideki stood on his mattress and stared out into the bright sunlight of Sunagakure, seeing a few kids that were walking with their parents. Hideki was barely clothed, only a thin piece of linen covering his genitals. Parents that had caught sight of Hideki staring through the window covered the eyes of their children and guided them away, telling them never to talk to that boy. He was one of the devil's children. This only seemed to bring delight to Hideki, it didn't make him feel like an outcast at all. In fact, it made him feel popular. People knew whom he was and associated him with one of the most powerful entities in the universe? Yes please! When a kid's eyes lingered on him for a bit longer than he liked, he made rude gestures to them through the window and cursed at them, even though they were probably too young to even understand half of the words he came out with. Hell, even he didn't know what half of the words he said meant. He just said them because they sounded cool. After he'd got bored staring at people from his window, Hideki turned 180 degrees and jumped off from his bed, landing on the floor with a small bang. Hideki bent over and picked up a pair of pants and a shirt, throwing the shirt onto the bed as he began to fix his pants over his legs. Hideki squirmed as he struggled to fit into them, but eventually he did. Hideki then picked up his shirt and slid it over his head, letting the collar bounce off from his neck and rest on his shoulders. Walking over towards his drawer, he looked down at his most prized possession so far. It was a Kama that had a chain attached to it. He loved this weapon simply because it gave him much more potential... more potential for training, more potential for attacking, more potential for.. killing. Christ! Just thinking of these things made Hideki dribble with delight. Dragging the back of his wrist along his lips, he wiped the saliva off and then wiped his wrist against his pants. Hideki held onto the hilt of his Kama and made his way to his door, opening it simply before he stepped outwards. He continued to walk straight down the hallway until he was facing the door, slipping on a pair of sandals before he left his house. Closing the door behind his body. Hideki stood out in the sunlight of Sunagakure, his pearly white teeth exposed through his psychotic grin. There were so many things that he could do today! He could bully some of his class mates! He could jump out from behind buildings and scare people, making them have to go around him! Christ, the potential for today, like every other day, was crazy. He was going to need some time to think about this, and hell, he's got plenty. He didn't really do much so he was always open for an adventure, or something else equally as entertaining to do. Hideki rubbed his chin gently with his thumb and forefinger, still holding his kama in his left hand. This was proving to be a difficult decision for him. Hell, he may as well just exercise for today and get stronger. If he was going to be the most devoted Jashin in the world, then he was going to have to be willing to train more and hurt things more often! During Hideki's daydreaming of being the strongest Jashin since Hidan, his tongue had rolled out from his mouth which had made him look like a dog. Shaking his head as soon as he broke out from his daydream, his tongue went flying about outside of his mouth. Hideki noticed this after a few seconds and burst into laughter, holding onto his gut for a few minutes until his laughter finally decided to cease itself. Shaking his head some more so his white hair fell over his eyes, he chuckled some more until it died out completely. Hideki dragged one hand along his fringe, parting his hair from his eyes so he could see properly. Today, he was going to train! He'd decided this quite a while ago but his moments of laughter and amusement had stopped him from proceeding to get on with it. Hideki turned around and begin to move in a light jog, he was going towards the training grounds so he could train better, since there were more facilities there for training, obviously. On his way there, Hideki suddenly changed paths a few times so that he ran into groups of people, forcing them to move in his wake. None of them dared to curse him however, since that would only further encouraged him to do it. Laughing heartily by the time he reached the training grounds, he'd made 7 groups have to move, and he'd knocked over at least 2 people. It was going to be a great day, he could tell that easily. Hell, if he could hurt people when he wasn't even focused on doing so, he'd be doing great if he had decided to actually try to hurt people. Skidding to a halt just inside of the gates of the training grounds, Hideki looked aroudn himself to see the numerous training dummies that stuck out of the ground, Hideki just smiled a little as he let go of his Kama, catching it by the end of it's chain. Hideki began to smile as he ran towards the training dummy that was nearest to him, swinging the kama by the chain. Hideki put his other hand onto the chain as well, giving him more control over where it lands. As he got nearer to the training dummy, Hideki did a front flip and then slammed the Kuma via it's chain into the head of the training dummy. The kuma easily cut the head of the dummy in half and it got lodged just where the chest cavity in a human would have been. Hideki just grinned as he tugged on the chain which ripped it out from the dummy, ducking low and turning his entire body around to add momentum to the kuma that was advancing towards the dummy again. The kuma hit the dummy in it's arm which cut straight through the fabric and got lodged once more in the torso of the dummy. Hideki continued to grin as he did a back flip, pulling on the chain to free the kuma and bring it behind his body, letting it hit the sand behind him. Hideki ran towards the dummy that he had been mutilating then spun completely around, swinging the chain as well so the kuma picked up even more momentum. The kuma hit the chest cavity of the dummy and ripped straight through it, leaving the fabric in a mess and that dummy unusable to anybody else who had wanted to have a go on it, but that probably wouldn't matter since there were many more in the training grounds. Hideki tied the chain of the kuma around his waist and tucked the kuma into the chain as he began to run. Hideki had begun to run around the rim of the training grounds, just far enough that he was almost out but he stayed in just for the fun of it. Hideki easily completed his first lap without much of a thought and he went straight on to do his second one which didn't take him much longer. Hideki continued to run around the edge of the field and he appeared to show great stamina for an academy student, his arms moving up either side of his body in a robotic motion as his legs pumped off from the ground. He wasn't even regulating his breathing and he still wasn't out of breath and he was on his fifth lap by this point. Hideki decided to incorporate some front flips into his laps, doing one every five seconds which seemed to slow him down a little, but not too much that it was immediately noticeable. His eyes just trailed off from the ground as he found this easy, sighing a little as he had completed his sixth lap. His seventh lap was when he began to finally feel the burn. But this had the opposite effect on him than it had on normal people. It made him go faster and made him go longer. The pain that he began to feel from overexerting his muscles was unimaginable. It was like he had dived into a pit filled to the brim with sweets that he loved to indulge himself in. Hell, it was even better than being strong. It was such a pleasurable experience and he loved having them, that's why he always trained until the pain began to kick in, and then he trained some more. However, after one incident, his parents had told him not to train too much as he would be hospitalized, even if he was a Jashin, which seemed to confuse him. He was immortal, wasn't he? How could he be hospitalized if he couldn't even die? All these facts just seemed to confuse Hideki at the time, and they still did, but he had decided not to question the words of his elders. Even if he did love hurting and tormenting people, he still listened to the words of people he respected. Hideki continued to run as he seemed to progress into an even higher plane of ecstasy. His tongue was now freely running out of his mouth as his eyes closed, running around the field with what most people would say resembled a headless chicken. Alas, however, it had to come to an end when he had somehow ran headfirst into another academy student. Falling backwards onto the ground from the hit, he stared up into the bright sun as he shouted out some curses, his body still feeling as if it was overloaded with sugar. It was so good, he just wasnted more. He didn't want this feeling to ever stop, but he knew it was going to have to. Hideki slowly pushed himself up from the ground and looked at the other kid that he had ran into. Hideki leaned over towards the kid and held out a hand for him, to which the kid responded by trying to grab onto Hideki's hand. He pulled back just in time and laughed in the face of the child, beginning to run off from the training grounds back towards his house so he could greet his parents from what they often referred to as their 'daily pilgrimage'

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Kaguya Shingetsu
Kaguya Shingetsu
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Hideki's training Empty Re: Hideki's training

Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:40 pm
Hideki was standing outside with the harsh breeze of Sunagakure brushing his face and clothing. He was only wearing a pair of pants today as the sun seemed to be hotter than ever. His eyes were half closed as he just swayed along with the breeze; he didn't feel like doing anything drastic at this point in time. He considered it his meditation period. Of course, his meditating usually consisted of the pain and torture of others, but this time he was far away from everybody else so he was just going to make use of it. If he was unable to harm people, then what was the point of going out of his way just to do it in front of everybody and get himself in the bingo book? He was far too weak at the moment and he knew he had to train so he could eventually become the most worthiest follower of the Jashin religion to ever exist! He was going to be renowned and feared by all. Perhaps he would be able to make his own little settlement that consisted of purely the Jashin cult. And by damn, would that village be feared. During a ninja world war they'd almost always be needed. Hell, they'd probably be able to fight as their own nation during a world war. Probably win as well. He could already see himself running around a forest and slaughtering people in the name of Jashin. That would certainly appease the only true god. Jashin would most certainly be pleased with his vast contribution of blood and terror. After all, it's what any good Jashin would ever aspire to achieve. His tongue rolled out from his mouth and slid over his lips gently, moistening them in the overwhelming heat. Hideki had not assumed any position that was normally associated with meditation, instead he just stood like he was unable to move. Not a single muscle appeared to be moving in his body so it gave off the illusion that he was a corpse that was still managing to stand by some miraculous feat. His mind continued to run over the possibilities of an entire village that consisted of people like him. People that were unable to die. It was a distant dream, and it was possible, albeit very hard to achieve. He hadn't heard of any other living Jashin so he just assumed he was the only living one at this point in time, but there was always hope; even in the heart of a child that was brought up to praise death. Exhaling deeply, Hideki finally decided to open his eyes, allowing the bright sunlight to stream into them. He held up his arm momentarily to block the majority of the light, giving his eyes time to adjust to the brightened setting. Hideki knew he must have looked weird with his arm sticking out awkwardly, but he did not mind since there was virtually nobody who could see him out in this vast expanse. He'd done it on purpose. He knew that no one traveled across this part of Sunagakure frequently and it was almost left untouched by most people. Sure, he loved winding people up and cornering them, but sometimes he just wanted to be alone and to dwell in his own thoughts. Hideki shifted his hand to stop blocking the sun and he ran his hand through his hair, simply looking around to see if by some miracle somebody had actually stumbled into this area. However, Hideki smiled when he saw nobody was near him. He was going to use this place in the future, it seemed to be extremely helpful if you ever wanted to be alone. His meditation time was over now. It was time to begin his training. Folding over, Hideki planted his hands into the warm sand and propped his butt into the air, staring forwards with determination. Hearing an imaginary click, Hideki pushed off from the sand using his hands and carried the momentum in his feet as he began to jog from his spot, moving around four stones that he had set 100 yards from each other. He'd got past the first stone without any difficulty, along with the second, third and fourth stones. He was on his second lap now and he still wasn't feeling the burn, even with the hot sun glaring down at him. He done the same that he had done five minutes previously as he jogged around the first stone in his second lap, then around the second, third and fourth stone. He was now on his third lap and he still didn't feel the burn. Since he was not feeling anything from this, it meant that he would have to include something else, to make it more difficult. On each step, Hideki did a little weave, so it looked like he was skating on the sand like a person would on ice. His head and shoulders bobbed each time his feet touched the ground and to somebody who did not know him this practice would look weird, if not make them believe that Hideki was a little insane; which he would not deny if he was ever asked. He passed the first stone that he had set up whilst doing this added bonus without much hassle, and he continued to do it towards the second stone. Rapidly approaching it, he still felt no difficulty in the task which annoyed him a little, even though it wasn't visible on the outside, but on the inside he was fuming. He knew he should remain calm so he could complete his training more efficiently, but he had a hard time suppressing his anger. It was just a natural part of him since he couldn't die. He had to use anger as his weapon, and the anger of his opponents, but being a berserker was not always a good fighting style, so he had to practice other ways. Speed and strength would certainly aid him in becoming one of the most feared melee users around. If he got good enough, maybe people would even put him on par with the most well known follower of Jashinism; Hidan. Just thinking of such a thing put him in high spirits as he saw his way past the third rock, he continued his weird form of weaving towards the fourth rock until he had completed yet another lap. He still felt no burn from this, so he just skidded when he reached the end of his lap and stood warily in the sun, trying to think of something else that he could do. Something that would be efficient for him for when he begun to train. He knew he would require his speed and strength more than anything, so he knew he would have to focus his trainings on the two of them. Other stats would have to come later if they were even useful to him. As Hideki stood in the open, his mind raced over many ideas but none of them were viable. The only viable one he had got was shadow boxing, which he knew was decent. Pulling one foot backwards and planting it firmly into the ground, Hideki stared forwards whilst trying to avoid looking directly into the blazing sun. Hideki tucked his arms into his chest and exhaled deeply before breathing in again. When he had done that, he extended one of his arms into a jab and followed through with his other arm in a hook. Hideki continued this combo for a while before he began to introduce different swings into his series of punching. Sometimes he would introduce an uppercut into his string of attacks and other times he would just mix them up with feign attacks before delivering what would have been brutal blows to the enemy. Hideki's eyes squinted as sweat began to trickle down down his forehead and around his eyebrows, pooling a little as they neared his eyes. He didn't let this spoil his concentration however as he kept his punches straight and clean, always aiming for what would have been destructive blows if they had landed on somebody of his own skill level. He knew that they would not have harmed an older ninja, but soon they would, and when that time came, he knew he was going to relish in the pain of others. Hideki continued with his string of punches, now more determined than ever. His muscles continuously pumped as he jabbed his arms and hooked them, straining his muscles each time as they had begun to grow pained by the exercise. Hideki didn't react to it much as he continued his loops of punching. His punching had grown so vicious by this point that Hideki himself was having a hard time keeping up with his fists. Ducking every now and again, he added that move to his combinations of punches. If there was a dummy in front of him, he was almost certain that he would have broke the wood that held the dummy up by now. Hideki knew that he was unable to use elements, so therefore he was unable to use jutsus which put him at a severe disadvantage as to other ninja. But he was immortal, which most weren't. It was a special gift that he had got. He was unable to die. He could run around with his weapons out and he probably wouldn't regret the decision since he was unable to die. He'd simply be able to run through a ball of fire and slice his opponents up. That was probably going to be a way that he ended up killing people since it was so simple. He had heard of a power that Hidan had received however which made him shiver with delight, he had hoped that he would learn that power one day soon. If he could learn it, he would virtually be a god. A god that was feared. A god that was omnipotent. Gods could not die, and neither could he. It all made sense if the thought was dwelled on for long, but this was not the time for thinking. It was simply the time for training. Hideki had continued his strings of punches and ducking as he had thought which seemed to surprise him a little but he didn't falter with his movements. His muscles had begun to hurt by this point but he refused to give up. He kept his movements swift and strong which used up more energy than what it would have if he decided to hold back, but what point was there in that? If he held back, he'd grow used to it and he'd hold back during a real fight. If he held back during a real fight, he'd be dead. There would be no chance of him surviving if he even thought about letting other people have a chance. It was preposterous to hold back and the idea itself was laughable. Anybody who did actually hold back must have been a fool, he thought. Either a fool or somebody who enjoyed taking time in their kills, which seemed to change Hideki's mind of people who did hold back. Perhaps he would become one of those people. It seemed likely since he did enjoy the pain and suffering of others. But alas, his mind was running away again so Hideki shaked his head before he began to resume his punching. He ducked and did what would have been body shots before he did hooks, doing some uppercuts every now and again to mix up his combinations. His muscles were getting progressively harder to move now, but Hideki did not let this bother him. It didn't even upset his movements a little bit. He kept his punching smooth and flowing like a river, allowing all of these combinations to soak into his memory so he would be able to use them in a fight where he would actually need to use them; even if that day was not soon, it was always good to be prepared. After all, if he joined a squad and yet he was extremely weak, what use would he be? He needed to be strong like others. He needed to be one of the best, not one of the weakest. If he had his choice, Hideki would be the strongest in his group. He knew that he would more than likely be stronger in the physical aspects than the other people in his squad, but other than that he was expecting to be weaker. Except for his health of course, he knew he was definitely going to be better at those aspects than others. After all, if somebody had better health than an immortal, then that would pretty much make the usage of immortal falter. Immortal would be mortal pretty much. Just thinking of something more 'immortal' than an immortal was a funny idea which Hideki laughed at. Even though it was a joke to him, it was an interesting concept. By this point, Hideki had noticed something off with his movements. They seemed more slow, a bit more stiff. Looking down at his arms, he noticed that they were in fact moving slower than previously. Had he overexerted his muscles too much? He hoped not, since that would prove to be a major problem during his training. He wasn't going to allow this to stop him however, he was going to continue his training whether the world wanted him to or not. After all, it must be a sign that he was doing something right if even the gods wanted to stop him from achieving it. Hideki ducked again and begin to do what would have been body shots if there was a body in front of him. His closed fists moved rapidly and moved backwards after they had pretended to hit the flesh of another person. After he had performed a few body shots, he stood back up and used the momentum to do a left hook to where the head on a person would have been. When Hideki had finished, he could feel the sweat on his forehead collecting and he looked down, almost surprised that there was a puddle there. He could see that the ground was damp however, and that was enough for him. His sweat had managed to beat the sunlight which was an achievement; in a wacky way. Hideki dropped down onto the ground with his face straight into it as he went asleep, not bothering to add any sort of luxury into it. His dreams were what they were usually of; Pain and blood. A lot of blood. When Hideki awoke in the morning, he stood up with a little difficulty and made his way over to his backpack and squatted. Opening up the backpack, Hideki looked inside and pulled out a small bowl that had porridge in it already with foil over the top of it so it didn't fall out when in the bag. Setting it down onto the ground, he wasn't surprised to find out that the bowl was already hot because of the blazing sun above him. Instead, Hideki simply pulled the foil off from the top of the bowl and dug two fingers into it, bringing the bowl closer to his mouth as he began to eat like an animal. His fingers dug repeatedly into the porridge and shoveled it into his mouth as if it was a matter of life and death. A few stray bits of porridge splattered onto the ground and onto his pants but he didn't seem to care as he filled his belly with it. The taste of the porridge was welcomed by Hideki whom smiled, scraping along the sides of the bowl to make sure that he had got as much of it out as he could have possibly done. Licking and sucking on his fingers, he put the bowl back into his bag and pulled out a small bottle of water. Undoing the cap from the top of the bottle and pulling it off, Hideki positioned his head so it was facing the sky and put the rim of the bottle towards his lips, drinking the water that erupted from the nozzle of the bottle. After he had drunk half of the contents of the bottle, Hideki screwed the lid back onto the bottle and put it back into his bag, standing up slowly. He did not bother to zip up his bag since he doubted anybody was going to steal the bag of somebody who was training furiously. Limbering his muscles a little so his training wasn't prematurely stopped, Hideki began running around the rocks once more. Passing the first rock with no difficulty along with the second one, he still felt no pain as he rounded the third and fourth rock. It annoyed him a little that this exercise did almost nothing for him. He wanted the pain. He wanted to embrace it and welcome it. He wanted his body to be a temple of pain and a messenger of it; delivering every word that it uttered. He would be the best disciple of pain. But why did pain refuse him on this exercise? It eluded him which seemed to infuriate the young boy. He was destined for a future that included pain so why could he not get any now? Breaking from his jog he began to sprint around the rocks, easily reaching 10 laps without breaking a single sweat. He was still cold from his sweating yesterday however, which could have helped him with his exercising today. It almost surprised him how easy it was but it still didn't change the fact that annoyed him. His legs pumped furiously off from the ground and sprung up small clouds of dust with each step, he wasn't even running the way most ninja did. He was running with his arms pumping beside his body like clockwork. He believed that running this way enhanced his speed which is why he used it. He had no proof that it actually did, but it had to seemed to work for him so far. Still continuing to finish laps with no difficulty, he did a few flips during his running so it made it slightly more difficult, but it wasn't very noticeable. At least it was good news for him. He'd be able to run for a fair while so he would be able to chase people quite well. It could be useful in the future but it didn't seem like a very useful skill at the moment. Instead, Hideki just decided to spin around every now and again in his laps before doing a flip, trying to disorientate himself as much as possible. It didn't work that well but it still happened to make the exercise a bit more difficult. After he'd accomplished five laps like this he got bored of the concept and decided that he would have to do something else so he could train better. He knew that the shadow boxing previously had worked a wonder so he decided that eh would be doing that again. Even if it didn't involve him doing much, it still helped him greatly with the training that he needed to do so badly. Skidding as soon as he reached the final stone in his lap, he took a few steps away from the rocks so he didn't fall over when he begun his training again. Pulling one foot behind his body as he took on another position, his fists pulled close to his torso much like they were yesterday. After an imaginary number was said in his head, Hideki began to pump his fists out into the open air as if he was punching something that was actually there, even though there was literally nothing in front of him. His fists moved rapidly through the air as if they were impacting the body of something with flesh; such as a pig or a human. Either one didn't matter to him, but a human would have been preferred. If his training was like this but with another human, it would be so much more fun. He'd be able to experience the pain of others which would have been a delight. He'd have to bide his time until he was able to deal out sufficient pain to his enemies however. He heard that killing was illegal in the major villages which was a bit of a shame. Perhaps he would live during a time of war, then that would be amazing. He would be allowed to kill people and the major villages would even congratulate him on his 'amazing work'. That's what he believed they would say anyway, since he was pretty much unable to die no matter what he did. He reckoned he could just run out into an open battlefield and slaughter many in the name of Jashin. That would certainly appease his god. All the souls he'd reap from killing on the battlefield would be amazing. He'd kill so many for his god that he thought that he would have wiped out an entire village. Using these thoughts to fuel his training, his fists impacted on what he imagined to be an enemy shinobi; a shinobi that the Village Hidden in the Sand was at war with. His fists moved quickly as he ducked, punching what he imagined to be unprotected spots on the man as his fists rapidly moved. They gained momentum with each strike and he was certain he would have broke a good number of bones by this point. None the less he kept his punches going and pretended that his opponent was an immortal ,much like himself. Ducking from what would have been blows to him if the other person was existent, his punches continued to rain into the imaginary gut of the person. Shadow boxing was not as fun as actual fighting but it seemed to be a semi-decent replacement. The only bad thing about it was that you couldn't seen the expressions of the person you believed to be hurting. If you could see the pained expressions of people, then it would be a viable replacement for actual sparring. Still, he knew that when he did spar and saw the pained look on his sparring partners face, he'd probably have to stop the spar for them, which was a bit of a shame really but he did not want to be kicked out of Sunagakure. It was a good village and he liked it, any where else just seemed silly to go. Taking in a few breaths as he added different combinations to his punches, he made them different and some were more precise than others, whereas the others were more aggressive and barbaric. Either way, both of them seemed to be a decent set to learn as it would throw his enemy off on what combination he would choose, which would be a severe mistake on their part. His closed hands continued to glide through the air effortlessly, it was almost as if there was no air resistance against his hands now. It brought a small smile to his face but it simply was not enough. He was going to be a destroyer and a murderer. He was going to be one of the best Jashins to ever exist. People will remember the followers of Jashin, and they will fear them. Hideki was going to make sure that all of this came true one day. He knew it would not be soon, but it will happen one day. He was almost certain of it. You always had those clans that boasted such as the Uchiha and sometimes the Hyuugas, but could either of them really claim immortality? It was clear that Jashinism was the best of any clan. Only fools would believe otherwise. Hideki did a jab upwards before he tucked his arm inwards, allowing his elbow to travel out in a sudden blow to what would be the chin of the person in front of him. Hideki then proceeded to do a lot of body shots on the person before he slammed his fist upwards in an uppercut towards the jaw of the person. Hideki imagined the impact and saw the person flying upwards and landing onto the ground, where Hideki would have slaughtered them mercilessly. He didn't see this as a reason to slow down his training however, he saw it as a reason to make it more intense. Hideki continued to assault the air in a barrage of strikes that varied considerably; some of them were as precise as a honing jutsu and others were as brutal as torrential waves. All in all, they had destructive power, and Hideki was looking forward to using these moves on living people. He began to step forwards as he imagined a clash with an enemy shinobi, his hands weaving towards the opponent's face before they ducked and Hideki began to counter what the shinobi would do in retaliation. Hideki put some energy into his leg muscles before he leaped upwards and did a backflip, soaring through the air he watched his imaginary opponent carefully. His opponent jumped into the air towards him and they clashed mid air, to which Hideki began to punch brutally which was getting blocked by the imagined opponent. They both landed back on the ground but Hideki wasted no time in ducking and then going for a body shot on the opponent. The blow connected much to the joy of Hideki whom then went about finishing off his doomed opponent. He slammed his hands repeatedly into the jaws of the opponent before he lifted his hands upwards and put them together, forming a double axe handle. Hideki then slammed his hands down into the back of the opponent's head which would have sent it flying downwards, to which Hideki moved his knee upwards, to give the head a nice cushion for it's landing. Hideki then stopped imagining and opponent and went back to his shadow boxing, left right left right left right. He kept this combination going on as sweat began to collect on his forehead again. He took careful breaths so he didn't end up gassing himself out, he wanted to this for a while so he could prepare his own body for the strenuous fights that were to come. Pulling his hands back once more, he tucked them into his chest as he prepared for yet another round of shadow boxing. Hideki jabbed one arm straight out so it looked like a stretch before following it up with a hook from the other arm. Repeating this combo for a while before he went back to the left right left right. Hideki continued to take measured breaths so he didn't gas himself out too early, which seemed to be a major concern for him. Hideki continued to dodge and weave as his hands flew through the air as he kept count of how many punches he had made under his breath. Sweat had begin to trickle down his face as his muscles pumped vigorously. Breathing in and out with each strike, his hands continued to move rapidly, it was almost impossible for somebody to keep up with his striking by this point, which was good for Hideki since he didn't want his fighting patterns to be easy to see through and counter, no sir, that would lead to him being one of the worst Jashin to ever be gifted with immortality, and he didn't want to be a disappointment. He wanted to be a prodigy. Even if you are immortal you can not be totally reckless. That would only end up with you being captured, and immortal or not, being captured sucks. It probably sucked more if you were immortal since you'd just be rotting in a cell for most of your days since pain brought you pleasure. That was one thing Hideki would have to make sure of. He had to make sure that he never got captured or the results could be disastrous. Even Hideki didn't know how immortal a Jashin could be, and he knew they were not totally immortal. After all, if they were, where is Hidan now? If he was alive he'd be wreaking havoc on the masses, Hideki was sure of this. Shivering a little as he realized that he was not entirely immortal, but it didn't seem to matter much to him. He was still immortal in the physical sense and that was all that mattered if he was going to be a good soldier and a good shinobi. Not all shinobi had to be able to use elements, in fact, he was special. It was clear that Jashin had specifically chosen him as a disciple. It was clear that Hideki was supposed to bring a new age to the Jashin religion. And Hideki was going to try his best to make his lord's dreams come true. People may have forgotten that ancient religion now, but it will resurface just like Hideki has. He would be the leader more than likely, but it did not matter to him. He just wanted to be one of the strongest shinobi that had ever been made from the harsh sands of Sunagakure. He knew that strong shinobi were forged here and it was a good sign for him. Sighing a little, Hideki went back to his shadow boxing and followed with a left-right left-right left-right combo. His hands were striking simultaneously into the air which would have proven to be an excellent combo if it wasn't on the air but was in fact on a person. He knew that it would have probably been banned however since his attacks were mostly for killing people and not just for a measly spar. He knew he'd probably be a bit weaker in a spar since you're not allowed to kill in them, but at least he wouldn't be the weakest. It was almost physically impossible for him to be the weakest since he was unable to die. Immortality was his best gift, and not many people would know he had it. All he had to do was avoid most mortal blows until he could also strike his opponent with one, since he knew his opponent would not get back up from a mortal blow if Hideki struck one. Hideki changed his combo back into a left jab right hook combo which he kept going for about five minutes before he changed the roles around, making it a right jab left hook combo. His body strained to keep up with his movements but he didn't let this slow him down. He was not going to let his body go slow, he was going to force it to keep going at his normal pace, after all, if he didn't condition his body for overexerting itself, he would not be good on the battlefield if he finds an enemy that is actually worth his time. Sure, he could feed off from the weakest which would be a good source for Jashin, but if he collected the strongest souls then Lord Jashin would be more proud. So harvesting the strongest was always good for Hideki since it meant he would be held in higher regard. Imagining that he was the strongest Jashin in the world so far, which he probably was, a small smile was brought to his face. At least all of his training would not be useless for when he brought a remembrance to the age-old clan that was Jashinism. And if Hideki was to die, it was only a message from Lord Jashin that he did not do as well as he could have and that the world had no second chances. Even though Hideki did not know the only weakness in his immortality he knew he did not want to find out. He didn't want to prove to be what Lord Jashin did not want, he wanted to be exactly what Lord Jashin expected and wanted. And to do this, he would have to condition himself like a true shinobi would. Hideki kept his breathing controlled so as to not gas himself out since Hideki knew that if he did not keep this under his own control that he would not be able to keep this training going on for much longer. Ducking, Hideki followed the duck with a body shot before he rose upwards with his fist clenched, his hand moving upwards into an uppercut into the jaw of his opponent. Hideki then went back to his left right left right left right combo, finishing it with an elbow to the nose of his opponent. He knew that a real opponent would not be allowing him to land blows this easily, but he didn't think it would really matter at this point in time. Even if he was unable to land some blows, he'd more than certainly land the others. Hell, he could walk through half of his opponent's jutsus and come out on the other end unscathed. Hideki ducked once more before he went for a series of body shots, allowing his closed hands to barrage against the solar plexus of his opponent. Hideki then rose upwards with his fist traveling upwards in an uppercut, letting his fist to hit the jaw of his opponent which would have caused his foe to fly upwards into the ground, landing on their back in the ground. But Hideki was not going to allow that, Hideki simply curled his hands around the ankles of his opponent that was suspended in the air before he swung his hands downwards, causing the body to slam into the ground if they were existent. Hideki took in a few more breaths as he stepped backwards, looking at the sweat that was now creeping along his arms and his face, his shirt was almost entirely drenched. Hideki put his hands behind his body and hooked them onto the handle of his Kama, holding it carefully so as to not let the chain of his Kama hit him when he swung it. Taking a few seconds until he got a good grip, he began to swung the Kama with common swings so he could get the feel for it again, letting the blade cut through the air with practiced ease. Taking in a few more breaths before he appeared to be dancing with the blade in his hand, letting it cut through the air effortlessly and if a person was in front of him, he was almost certain that he would have tore the opponent into ribbons of meat by this point. Hideki continued to duck and began to put the Kama to use when he ducked, which would have allowed for more destructive body shots, if they were even considered body shots when done with a Kama. Hideki spun around when he was crouched and let go of the Kama, letting it fly away from him before he grabbed onto the end of the chain that was connected to the handle of the Kama. Holding onto it, Hideki swung his body around in a 360 degrees motion which would have cut anything in it's path with the momentum that was put into it. Grabbing a hold of the chain with his other hand he stood back up to his full height and held it carefully before he began to swing it around above his head. Swinging it with all the strength he had, the sound of air being cut was soon heard with each swing of the Kama. A breeze was being brought down onto Hideki which was welcomed and not forsaken at all, after all, he was only used to the unforgiving heat now. It turns out that Hideki had just found out a good use of the Kama with a chain when out of combat now, and he was certainly going to use it in the future. Never again would he have to be too hot as long as he carried his Kama around with him. Grinning as he swung it around above his head, he let go of it all of a sudden to let it travel through the air. Hideki watched with stunned awe as he watched the arcing path of his weapon, watching it travel a fair distance before it dropped down into the sand roughly. Hideki ran over to the cloud of dust that had settled where the weapon had landed and skidded, collecting the weapon in his hands. He walked over to his backpack and looked downwards before he dropped down onto his knees and then allowed his body to fall forwards submissively, his head hitting the side of his rucksack so he didn't wake up with sand on his face in the morning. His muscles had been strained today so he would have to give them time to heal, Hideki didn't think of much except of how great he would be in the future before he fell asleep.

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