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Arashi Uzumaki
Arashi Uzumaki
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Uzumaki Style[Private Training.] Empty Uzumaki Style[Private Training.]

Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:58 pm
"The age of Whirpools has long passed....but the time of the Maelstrom will soon be upon us."

Arashi Uzumaki..the Thirteen year old Clan head of the Uzumaki Ichizoku, the last known living Uzumaki from the attack by Aeon one year ago...

The sound of an alarm rings throughout a simple room the Uzumaki swirl adorning the walls stacks of books visible including a single book near the night stand of a soft looking bed.

The compound of the Uzumaki was rebuilt through the good will of Konoha, with many villagers help...he himself was going through the rebuilt academy.

Sitting up groggily the Uzumaki heir lightly rubs the sleep from his piercing blue eyes his blazing red hair slightly ruffled from his turning as he slept, his skin tone is a light tan color his eyes having a slightly lazy sag.

He stretches his light green pajama's being stretched by his lean body as he sits up and grabs his book, 'History of Shinobi' is the title of the book held gently in the boy's left hand which he takes into the bathroom with him as he sheds his shirt juggling the book between his hands as he walks towards the shower the book being layed on the counter of the sink as he steps inside to cleanse himself.

He sighs in content as the hot water hits him and let's himself indulge for a minute his muscles relaxing under the current, after a moment he begins actually washing himself the process taking fifteen minutes his shaggy red hair looking even shaggier.

Stepping from the shower he walks towards the closed door while drying himself...but not completely...odd.

Grabbing the clothes he picked out for himself the day before he slides on his black Shinobi pants black mesh shirt and finally, his hooded black jacket, orange strings hanging from where the hood is supposed to tighten, the Uzumaki swirl adorned proudly on his back signifying him as a member of the clan.

Retrieving his book he snaps it open while walking towards his home his gaze locked onto the book.

"Nearly 413 years ago, a Nien tailed demon fox appeared before the village, it's tail could demolish mountains and churn up tsunami's, none were strong enough to deter the Fox and the Villages doom seemed at hand, before a man riding a giant toad appeared, the history and documents of the tale are skewed but we are led to believe that the Yellow flash of Konoha sealed what sounds like the Kyuubi into a Jinchuuriki, who grew up in Konoha." Arashi hums in thought at this, remembering briefly in the clan scrolls the mention of Mito Uzumaki one of the clans first Patriarch having sealed the beast within herself in the legendary battle of the Valley of the End.

He goes back to his back only pausing in his step for a moment, glancing backwards he notes his door was left opened in his rushed state, his right arm whips backward suddenly with speed bellowing his bookish nature a chain flying from his palm the construct a dim red in color the 'hook' a straight Kunai like shape which through the force and angle wraps around the door knob, he jerks his hand forward shutting the door letting the chain slack as it then shifts backwards sliding into the Uzumaki's arm no blemish or strange cuts seen...the chain just appeared and then vanished...and the boy's eyes are still locked onto his book as he keeps reading.

"Now...what to do today?" He questions to himself his red bangs obscuring his eyes from view slightly.

[609 Words, Level 1 of Chakra Chains gained.]
Samuru Uchiha
Samuru Uchiha
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Uzumaki Style[Private Training.] Empty Re: Uzumaki Style[Private Training.]

Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:09 pm
Echo Uchiha
Echo Uchiha
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Uzumaki Style[Private Training.] Empty Re: Uzumaki Style[Private Training.]

Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:10 pm
....WAIT WHAT!!!?? O__e
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