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Damballa Speed Training Empty Damballa Speed Training

Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:02 pm
Damballa awoke early in the morning, to go and enter one of the Suna marathons. Damballa thought that it would be a good way to test his speed, and make him a faster person. Damballa ate a large bowl of cereal and a large bowl of milk, and quickly ran down to the gates of Suna where the marathon would take place. When Damballa arrived looked around and saw many people strange and normal, tall and short, and fat and thin. Damballa started stretching to prepare his legs and body for the tough twenty six miles he had ahead. Damballa listened as an announcer came up at the front of the gate, and explained to the runners about the race. They would all run a straight path to a 13 point mark in the middle of the desert where they would turn around and run back to the gate. Damballa was ready, and before he knew it, the announcer screamed go, and a crazy mass of people started sprinting out of the gates and straight into the desert. Damballa wanting to take an early lead and to keep up his stamina started sprinting as fast as he could, weaving in and out of people to gain the lead. Damballa slowly felt the wind blowing in his face as he continued to gain speed. Damballa was passing people left and right. Damballa was far above the group, and looked behind him. Everyone was far behind, and Damballa decided that they were trying to conserve their energy. Damballa taking this opportunity wanted to put as much distance between him and the other runners as fast as possible. Damballa started by quickly increasing his pace, until he had reached his body limit speed. Damballa was like a roaring shuriken being thrown against the sand. Damballa felt the pain in his legs, but just smiled as his body would become stronger from the pain it was experiencing. Damballa looked around as he was sprinting, and saw birds soaring high above the desert, perhaps waiting for a runner to drop, and they would receive a meal. Damballa saw a sign to his right that read ‘Mile 1” and Damballa felt good. Damballa spun around and didn’t see anyone behind him. Damballa feeling energetic and ready for some more insane sprinting, started up again with an insane acceleration. Damballa felt the sand beneath him barely move, as he was gliding over the surface of the sand. Damballa looked down at his feet, and smirked at the inhuman looking movement that his legs were performing. “And imagine, my body can improve even more and become even stronger and faster.” Damballa said. Damballa felt no pain, and felt exhilarated and young as he was burning past the competition and had a large lead in between them. Damballa before he knew it saw the poster for “Mile 2” and felt even better. Damballa felt like he was doing well, and gave himself a quick sip of water before he started up again. Damballa saw no one behind him, and saw if he could increase his pace a little more. Damballa started running until he got up to his body limit speed. “Let’s see if we can improve on this!” Damballa exclaimed. Damballa feeling his legs starting to burn remembered what his Sensei Azaiyo the Deputy Kazekage had once told him. Damballa used the pain as his ally, and started increasing his speed and flexibility of strides. Damballa was now covering more distance than he ever had before. He was now gliding across the surface of the sand. Damballa took in a deep breath, and took in the environment and all of its powers. Damballa feeling the wind blowing hard against his head, imagined him in a pushing match with the wind. Damballa had to push past the wind and sprint through it. Damballa sucking in all his power and might, sprinted past the wind with a scream of pure determination. Damballa was leaping at least 20 feet for each stride, and he felt elated and powerful. “No one will be able to take me once I’ve mastered my speed” Damballa exclaimed. Damballa was breezing through the desert, as if he had been on the back of an eagle. Damballa closed his eyes, and let his body move while he relaxed his mind. Damballa envisioned an eagle bulleting across the sky, sort of like the dream he had had. Damballa felt his speed slowly increasing, and the pain in his legs beginning to cease. Damballa opened his eyes quickly, and saw he had reached “Mile 10”. “Holy cow!” Damballa exclaimed. Damballa couldn’t believe that he had made it almost to the halfway mark. It had only seemed like a short period before he had reached the 10 mile mark. Damballa feeling the sweat pouring of his body, felt like he was swimming through the ocean. Damballa kept up his pace, and with a lot of effort and perseverance, Damballa made it to the halfway mark. When Damballa arrived at the halfway mark, a man started walking up to Damballa. “Might as well throw in the race now sonny, and give me all your coin!” the man said. The man looked as if he was a common thief. “Why go through so much trouble to get a few hundred ryo?” Damballa asked. The man looked desperate and his eyes were wide open in a crazy look. The man pulled out a dagger, and started coming towards Damballa. “Now you are tired and weak like a cornered deer!” the man said. Damballa not taking any chances, quickly formed the seals for Beast Tearing Gale Palm. A giant gust of wind rushed to Damballa’s right hand, which formed a giant demonic claw that looked intimidating. The man drew a kunai, and threw it at Damballa. Damballa used the claw to block it, and then Damballa proceeded to run up to the man and grab him with the claw. With a sickening crunch, Damballa squeezed the man, and locked him in his firm grip. Damballa lifted the man into the air, and slammed him down into the ground. Damballa heard a large crack, and the man was left lying on the ground writhing in pain. Damballa decided it would be good to start running back to the gates of Suna. Damballa still on adrenaline from his confrontation, started sprinting with an extra added boost of power. Damballa was soon gliding along the surface of the sand, and was on his way back to the gates. Damballa after running for some time, returned to his regular, but still fast pace. Damballa soon passed the 10 mile mark that he had recently paced. Damballa decided that he was going to finish this race strong, so he started to increase his acceleration, until he was barely moving a grain with his large leaps and strides. Damballa was almost flying, which further inspired him to move forward. Damballa felt his fatigue leaving him as the wind flew into his hair. Damballa looked to his right, and saw the sign for ‘Mile 9’. Damballa was getting closer and closer to the gates, and imagined himself as the first person to complete the race. Damballa looked to his left, and saw a runner, looking on the verge of collapse running for the half way mark. “Good luck!” Damballa yelled. Damballa wanting to show off, so he started to accelerate to that of his greatest ability. Damballa thought of Azaiyo his sensei, and how he would respond to Damballa’s current progress. Damballa started thrusting his arms forward, and got to his incredible strides. Damballa wanting nothing more than to be the first back, and to hear the cheering of the crowds at his return to the gates. Damballa closed his eyes, allowing his mind to rest while his body was at work. Damballa felt his mind wander to another place, while his body worked feverishly to finish this race. Damballa imagine someone looking down on the desert, and seeing Damballa pushing against the power of the wind, and overcoming it. The Damballa which he was looking down on looked strong, mature, and intelligent. Damballa opened his eyes, and to his complete surprise, he could see the gates in sight. Damballa seeing the prize in sight, unleashed all his power, into this dead sprint for glory. Damballa felt his head burning, and his legs starting to turn to jelly. Damballa fixated on the gate, ushered all of his remaining power to make it to the gate. With a scream of adrenaline, Damballa pushed past his speed barrier and was flying to the gate. Damballa could feel his adrenaline rising, which pushed him to go further. Damballa with a flurry of speed, stormed past the gates with a swarm of cheering and hooting. “And we have a winner!” the announcer yelled. The announcer told Damballa that he had won, and was entitled to a buffet at the best restaurant in Suna. Damballa exhausted and ready to eat like an animal, went with the announcer to the best restaurant in all of Suna. Damballa sat down at a table with the announcer, and before he could have time to rest, a giant table of all different types of foods was layed out in front of Damballa. Damballa sparing no time, dove right into the feast that had been layed before him. Damballa ate everything that had been layed before him. Damballa stuffed all manner of meat, rice, ramen, and desert into his mouth. It was all so delicious, and Damballa was overwhelmed by the flavor that he was experiencing. Damballa after the meal, thanked the announcer greatly, and went home to go to sleep. Damballa opened the door, and started his journey home. Damballa looked at the sky, and it was beginning to get dark. “I had to be running in that race for about 7 hours to what it looks like outside.” Damballa said. Damballa felt his belly, and felt a great horde of all foods in there. Damballa felt like a pregnant women with all the food that he had consumed. Damballa looked up at the sky again, and noted an eagle flying across the sky. Damballa thought to himself that he wanted to be like that one day, soaring over everyone at incredible speeds. Damballa suddenly felt like his legs were more light, and it took much less effort to move than they had before. Damballa felt like he could run a few more miles, but he decided against it, because he would throw up. Damballa arrived at the door to his apartment building, and opened the door. Damballa quickly ran up the stairs to his room, where he opened the door in a hurry. The first thing Damballa did, was go to the toilet, and read his favorite magazine, on the most powerful ninja today. “I’m going to be in this magazine soon!” Damballa said. Damballa after washing his hands, went to open up his window. Damballa felt a nice breeze of cool air hit him. Damballa then started to change into his sleep attire, which automatically put him into a mood of sleep and sleep only. Damballa lay in his bed and looked up at the ceiling. “I am going to need to get even faster, if I want to excel in this ninja world.” Damballa told himself. There will be nothing but hard training, to strengthen my body into steel. Damballa succumbing to his sleep, closed his eyes and entered into tranquil sleep. Damballa dreamt about wings that night. In the dream, Damballa was searching for his wings, which he seemed to have misplaced. Damballa’s dream seemed to last for many days, but as Damballa was on the verge of giving in, he found his golden wings. Damballa put them onto his back, and began flying away. The speed Damballa experienced was incredible, and he shot into the sky at impossible speeds. Damballa just smiled and enjoyed the ride. Damballa was now on the road to greatness.

WC 2009/2000 +10 Speed

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Damballa Speed Training Empty Re: Damballa Speed Training

Fri Oct 05, 2012 6:51 pm

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