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Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Vretyel's Lightning Gloves Training Empty Vretyel's Lightning Gloves Training

Sat Sep 29, 2012 4:33 pm
Vretyel, having already made Crimson V.2 already realized that he would have one problem, that if he did not have gloves to protect his hands that he would be constantly electrocuting himself and would die if he infused the staff Completely with his chakra, which would not be a good thing. Vretyel had already developed gloves that would ensure that when he touched the staff he would not get burned but now he wanted to have conductors on his gloves to not only enhance his chakra but also make the process of infusion easier. He developed these gloves after weeks of getting the supplies, but the one supply that he had to make himself was this special conductor. The Contuctor was not supposed to let lighting but just be a transfer from his lightning skin out. That took weeks of figuring out how to make that conductor work. He learned many things through his development about his lighting chakra. He found that if he was going to get his chakra from his hands to Crimson V.2 he would have to focus his chakra to the conductor, which seemed to him that that feat would be easy but he found it was something hard to master. Once he made the gloves with the lightning retarded cloth he tried to have the chakra become a ball on his hand before he had it touch Crimson V.2. At first he was able to get the chakra to envelope his whole hand, but not the ball that he needed in order to get it to the staffs’ conductor. It him a day, but when the day was almost over he finally figured out what he needed to do in order for the staff to work, he learned that if he just allowed the chakra to just flow through him instead of making it into the condensed ball the conductor that he had developed would do the rest. It would just make a ball for him. Vretyel needed to make sure that this theory worked before he used it on Crimson V.2 so he did it multiple times on both hands. By the end of the day he felt as though he had gotten the hang of it so he went to the training grounds to test it out. There was no person around training that late of hour so he was able to practice freely. Vretyel was nervous; he knew that if he did not do this correctly he could end up hurting himself bad. He allowed for his chakra to flow to his hands, and when it was there he picked up Crimson with his right hand, and it worked. The lighting was flowing through the staff and around Vretyel’s hands, the sensation was incredible. He had created a staff that could make his lighting chakra better, but he had also developed gloves that allowed for lighting to pass over it and onto the next conductor without him taking any damage at all. He was completed his goal with ease, so he stopped the flow of chakra to his hands, and after a few minutes the lighting chakra stopped flowing to through the staff. Satisfied with his training, he walked home and went to bed, ready for a new day of missions and training.

[Word Count: 551]
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Site Administrator
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Vretyel's Lightning Gloves Training Empty Re: Vretyel's Lightning Gloves Training

Sat Sep 29, 2012 5:24 pm

5 Stamina, etc, gloves learnt.
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Vretyel's Lightning Gloves Training Empty Re: Vretyel's Lightning Gloves Training

Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:12 pm
^ Voided.

+2stats, +5JP.
Approved glove training.
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