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Training of the eyes (Byakugan training) Empty Training of the eyes (Byakugan training)

Sat Sep 29, 2012 10:55 am
Umarekuru woke up early in the morning thinking of a way to better his byakugan," i feel like my byakugan is weaker than it everyone elses, i have to find a way to make it better and surpass my father," he said witha long sigh. He got dressed and walked down stairs where his granny sitting the kitchen drinking tea and reading a book. " Hey granny, i have a question for you, how can i get better with my byakugan." She replied," By training of course, but it also takes determination and dedication." Umarekuru looked at her with fire in his silver eyes," Well if thats the case can you help me out today with my training, i know your old and all but i figured you could." She simply laughs and said," Well i can't say no to you now can i, but i will warn you i will not go easy on you since im old hehe, but first we shall do some running before we start ok." As he prepared to run, he noticed that he had never seen his own grandma run and wondered if she was actually fast. "so granny, how about a race, first one to the training grounds wins, but theirs a catch, the loser has to buy whatever kind of ramen the winner wants and also take them out for dinner the next day, does that sound fair?" As she was stretching all she said was," Ok, that sounds like a deal to me, so are you ready to lose?" Umarekuru could only smile as he thought," She really thinks shes going to beat me? She must not know how fast i really am." He started off the countdown, as soon as He hit the number one, granny had taken off, Surprisingly she was faster than he had anticipated but he activated his byakugan and darted off right behind her. He was barely behind her, but he could see all of the obstacles in front of him and took an alternate path through the alleyways. When he looked to she where she was she had already passed the grocery store," Just how fast is she, shes already past the quarter mark, at this rate, ill be broke." He flips onto the alley wall and runs straight up, taking to the roof tops to gain some ground and avoid any obstacals, now he could see that granny was going to get delayed by a toppled over fruit cart," this is just to perfect, now that will slow her down enough to put me in the lead, sorry granny it looks like you are going to be buying me some delicious pork and beef ramen." Umarekuru was gaining the lead until he saw her jump over the fruit stand completely and pick up speed. " Crap, i need to pick up the pace or else this is going to get bad fast.," he said with a grin. He quickly jumped off of the rooftops and hit the ground with a great thump as he sped off full speed out of the dust cloud." Granny, here i come prepare to lose," he said with the intent to win. " Haha, you still have not even caught up to me, how do you expect to win when you can not even catch up to an old lady," she said as she was laughing. Umarekuru quickly picked up his pace until he was neck and neck with her with the training ground coming into view," This is the final stretch old lady, prepare to lose and get me my ramen," he said as he ran." This race is not over yet and you have yet to pass me, so if you are going to win you better pick up the pace slowpoke." They both ran up the hill, and he had just barely won by a hair. As he pants, almost out of breathe," Yes, i won after all of that, but granny i did not know you were that fast." She replied," There are alot of things you don't know about me, but get some rest because your training has yet to begin. I noticed you were using you byakugan the whole race, but now can you use it to fight me if i am using mine?" Umarekuru stood up taking his stance," I will fight you with everything i have, no matter what!" She closed her eyes and used a stance i've only seen my father use before," Now let me show you what a Hyuuga can do with a byakugan at full power.", she said as she charges towards him. Umarekuru ran at her, as they traded blows, but when she had hit him he felt like his chakra points were being attacked instead. " As you already know the byakugan can see the chakra flow of people, their chakra points as well as their chakra circulation system. But we have a special form of taijutsu that when utilized, can hit the chakra points cutting them off from the system, thus disabling or impeding the flow of chakra, this style is known as the gentle fist," she said as she went back into her stance. " This is what i will be teaching you until you get this style down, or until you pass out from exhaustion," she said with a slight smile. Umarekuru simply smiled and stood beside her, " Alright granny lets do this, but remember you still owe me ramen and dinner." He stood there anxiously, thinking of the hot but delicious ramen he would be so fond of -- but then remembering what else would come first before the hot dinner. She nodded and said," ok i guess we can go now since you have the basics of it, your actually doing better than your father when he first tried." Umarekuru simplpy laughed and wondered if she actually meant that. With a smile she said," now lets go get you your ramen- pork and rice with extra noodles right?" He nodded, his eyes glowing with passion. " I'll race you there, granny this time no wagers just for fun plus i really want that ramen." She simply smiled and started running," You better start running before i leave you in my dust." Umarekuru thought," For a old woman, she sure has alot of energy in her, but im not going to let her pass me up." He said as he ran after her to the ramen shop. When he arrived there his bowl of ramen was already waiting on him, his mouth drooling, like he had not eaten in years. After the ramen, Umarekuru and his granny walked back to the house, for it was getting dark. Before he walked up to his room he hugged her and said," Thank you for helping me train granny i really appreciate it and good night." With a smile she replied," Your welcome and good night to you as well." He walked up the stairs and got in the bed and quickly fell asleep.

1175/1200 words
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Training of the eyes (Byakugan training) Empty Re: Training of the eyes (Byakugan training)

Sat Sep 29, 2012 1:26 pm
Only 25 words off, no biggie.

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