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Damballa's Chakra Training Empty Damballa's Chakra Training

Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:36 am
Damballa awoke early in their morning again for some chakra training exercise. He had learned some new jutsu, and he wanted to learn some more. Damballa awoke early in the morning and wanted to head down to the training grounds. “Everyone thinks I’m a weak idiot” Damballa said. Damballa wanted to show them wrong very badly. Damballa ate a large bowl or ramen, and a large glass of milk. Damballa then put on all his gear, and put on his ninja head band. Damballa looked out at the village today, and it looked just as beautiful as ever. Damballa got his shoes on, and then exited the apartments to go down to the fields. Damballa felt the wind on his face, and started perking up. Damballa summoned some speed, and started running down to the training grounds. When Damballa arrived, he started meditating. Damballa still wanted to increase his chakra supply, so he could learn and perform even more powerful jutsus. He had a few in mind that he wanted to add to his arsenal. Damballa started by going over to the new and replaced training dummy and starting the hand signs for Raptor Swarm Assault. Damballa took in a deep breath, and thrust his hands out in front of him, and started to blow out. A circular wind formed around the training dummy, and started slashing it up. The light green raptors looked so graceful as their wings slashed at the dummy. After a few more runs, the light green raptor birds disappeared. Damballa walked over to the dummy to see the damage that he had done. It looked like someone had taken a sword and slashed the dummy multiple times at many different angles. Damballa then deciding that he wouldn’t want to break the dummy again, so he decided that he would try to use suffocation prison. This technique was very powerful, and would cause death to the person trapped inside the prison. Damballa started by forming the hand signs for another Raptor Swarm assault. As the bright green raptor birds sprung from the wind to attack the dummy yet again, they started their rampage of slashing runs on the dummy. With that, Damballa started the suffocation prison technique. The green birds were extinguished, and the other technique stopped. Damballa concentrated on the target and keeping the target inside the prison, and then focused on solely the dummy. From afar, it looked like there was a giant bubble around the dummy, but if one looked closer, one could see wind moving at high speeds outside of the prison. Damballa looking at the dummy to see what was happening, and he was astonished to see that there were insects inside the dummy. There was a bees nest inside of the training dummy. Damballa saw as the angry insects were desperately trying to get out of the prison, but to no avail, in a matter of a few seconds, dead bees littered the grounds around where the training dummy was. Damballa remembered that these insects are the scourge of the village in summer time. They breed like crazy, and their stings are quite more potent and dangerous to that of their other counterparts. Damballa after that saw for how long he could hold the prison. He could hold the prison for about 1 minute, and he needed to increase his time. Damballa started focusing more on more on pouring more chakra through his network, to be able to keep up this death prison for longer. Damballa looked around for another thing to train on. Damballa saw the solid brick wall right in front of him, and he had an idea. Damballa walked over to where the brick wall was, and took a deep breath. Damballa exhaled and started spinning around causing the Vacum Wave jutsu to be released. The wind cut into the brick wall, like someone was assaulting it with a knife. As Damballa stopped the technique, he saw that the brick wall had a long gash in it. “If this can do this to brick, I can’t imagine what it would do to human flesh.” Damballa exclaimed. Damballa decided that he was going to practice with the first technique he had ever learned. Damballa lined up in front of the dummy and started throwing arcs at it. Damballa looked graceful in the air, as he was spinning around throwing arcs down at different angles and inclines. Damballa was able to throw as many arcs as he wanted in rapid succession until his arms got tired and he stopped. “I have to go past the point of pain, and keep moving forward.” Damballa said. Damballa continued throwing arcs at the dummy, and the sound that the dummy produced when struck by the arc jutsu was like someone ripping a piece of paper very quickly. Damballa stopped the technique and looked up at the dummy. The new dummy, had been cut everywhere on its body, and he giggled to himself to see what he had done. Damballa heard footsteps running behind him and looked around to see what it was. There was an academy teacher right before Damballa’s eyes, and he sputtered out to Damballa, “So you’re the one who keeps destroying all our training equipment.” The Academy teacher said. “I don’t mean to destroy the stuff; I just don’t have anything else to practice my jutsu on.” The Academy teacher looked at Damballa and said something “We need you to run a little errand genin.” “This errand is quite dangerous however, and it involves getting back some plans from some thieves.” Damballa asked them what he had stolen, and the Academy teacher told him that it involved a type of indestructible training dummy, that would be disastrous if given to another shinobi nation. Damballa asked the academy teacher where they had gone, and the academy teacher told him that the thieves were still in the village somewhere. The academy teacher told Damballa that these thieves wore blue cloaks with a star on the back, and that they are armed. “For how quick you destroy these dummies, I think it would be a sin for us not to get those plans back, right?” Damballa quickly nodded to the academy teacher and took to the roofs of the village. Damballa was sprinting amongst the roofs of the village and started looking down into the streets below. Damballa looked down and saw all manner of people poor, rich, middle class, ninja, and street peddlers. “Where would I go if I had secret plans were no one would expect me.” Damballa asked himself. Damballa decided that it would be a place where no one would expect him to go to. Damballa thought about places where he would go if he was a thief trying to find somewhere to go. Damballa thought of many possible places like the elderly district, the bad part of the village, where missing nin might go, and or around a place with children. Damballa started by going to the elderly part of town and arrived at an elaborate nursing home constructed of sand. Right before Damballa entered the building, someone tapped him on the back. Damballa spun around to see nothing at all. “That was a little weird” Damballa told himself. Damballa entered the nursing home and went up to the young looking nurse who was working the front desk as a receptionist. “Hello, have you seen anyone wearing blue cloaks strolling around here recently” Damballa asked. The young nurse responded that she had not seen anyone, but I might want to check around the surrounding area. Damballa thanked the young nurse and left the nursing home. Damballa opened the door, and was met by a gust of warm air. Damballa decided that he should check around the bad part of town to see if he could get any tips on these thieves location. Damballa walked a little ways until he got into the part of town where the buildings were dilapidated and boarded up. Damballa could see one building in the distance that was kept nicely, and had a large banner on the front. Damballa walked up to the door of the building, and was met by a fat looking bouncer. “Who are you and what is your business for coming here?” asked the fat man. Damballa replied “I require information, and I heard that you guys are the best in information.” “Damn right we are, and alright you can go in.” The large wooded door opened, and inside, he saw a multitude of people. Damballa looked around and saw all sorts of different people, from all walks of life. Transactions were happening, and debt brokers send loan sharks to get the debt back. Damballa looked around when something had caught his eye. Damballa saw a blue cloaked man with a star on his cloak. Damballa quickly formulated a plan in his head. Damballa hid behind a bookshelf, and listened in onto the conversation. The man in the blue cloak had a very gruff voice, and he spoke with a funny accent. The other man he was talking to was quite nervous sounding and had an urgency to his tone. “We have to get out of the village now, they already have ninja that are out for us and what we’re carrying!” the nervous man exclaimed. ”I know that already, we need to get out of the village, and sell these plans as quick as possible. There are a lot of people who would pay a lot of money to get their dirty hands on these.” The blue cloaked man said. Damballa thought that he would confront the men and if a conflict arose, he would knock them into submission. Damballa looked around, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw the academy teacher’s face hiding amongst the gamblers. He nodded his head with a smirk, and Damballa got up. Damballa walked toward the two men and said “Gentlemen I believe you have something that belongs to Sunagakure, I would like for you to return this before something bad happens.” The gruff man laughed and said “Now the village sends children to do their dirty work.” The gruff man pulled something out of his holster that was gleaming, and said “See this sonny, you better run off and get a lollipop before something bad happens.” The idiocy of this thief made Damballa incredibly angry and a rage surged within him. Damballa formed suffocation prison and a razor wind was summoned and wrapped around the man. “Wait what’s happening”. With that, the man was caught in the suffocation prison, and was slowly choking and weeding out. His face was turning purple, and he was cursing Damballa using every known curse in the world. For about three minutes Damballa had kept up this prison. With that, the academy teacher walked over to Damballa and told him “Don’t kill him, let him rot in prison.” Damballa slowly watched as the man slowly went unconscious and passed out on the floor. Damballa then released the prison, and allowed the academy teacher to grab the plans off of him. The nervous man looked like he was about to cry, when he ran out of the building screaming. The academy teacher thanked Damballa and said “You have done your village a great service genin, and I am quite surprised that you could keep up that suffocation prison for that long. Damballa with a smirk said that it was no problem and that he was happy to help out. Damballa then went back to his apartment building and layed down for a nice long nap. Before Damballa fell asleep, he felt a little funny, but stronger. Damballa was incredibly happy that he could keep the suffocation prison for that long, and was very proud of his progress. It seemed this anger that Damballa felt strengthened him and allowed him to let more chakra come through. With that notion in mind, Damballa fell asleep to the sound of wind.

2005/2000 Words +10 Chakra +20 JP
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Damballa's Chakra Training Empty Re: Damballa's Chakra Training

Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:37 am
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