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Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Vretyel's Bo Staff Mastery Training Empty Vretyel's Bo Staff Mastery Training

Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:02 am
Bo Staff Mastery Training
Vretyel woke up early today to continue his mastery of the Bo Staff, he had already gained tons of mastery before from his constant Ten trees training, but today he decided not to do anything with the trees and just learn how to use the Bo staff with speed, strength, and efficiency. He woke up an hour before the sun rose up to the east, but for that hour he was thinking about everything that he had gone through so far, meeting Navi, the amazing Jounin, Primrose and Kochou, whom he did not respect, but he thought about how he became a Genin earlier this month and how he had gotten Crimson from his training, and this team that he was going to be on with both Sand and Leaf Ninja. He was happy and content with himself for doing all of that in such a short period of time, but today he was really going to become a master Bo wielder from his long days and nights of training. After the was out Vretyel got out of bed, took Crimson, and started walking towards the training grounds, he was going to try to use Crimson to defeat another genin that graduated from the academy same has him, just a little spar. Vretyel knew that he was part of the Uchiha clan; one of their many subjects, but that did not dissuade him from trying to defeat him. He got to the training grounds and saw the boy already there, laying down on the grass. Vretyel came up close to him and told him that he was ready to fight, it was an open field, but there would be no need for trees anyway for this spar.
Both the two genin went about 15 meters away from each other, and as soon at the other genin said start he immediately came running towards Vretyel with two clones right next to him, it was easy to see which one was the real one, as I real one left footmarks on the grass and others did not. Vretyel grinned and he also tried to use one a fireball on Vretyel as he ran towards him, the fireball, however was very slow and easy to be avoided as the genin had very little control over his fireball, so all Vretyel had to do was go just a few meters to the right to dodge. Is this the best that this Genin’s got, Vretyel thought to himself, I mean I thought that he was much better than this to get into the academy. As soon as the Boy got close enough Vretyel took crimson and with all of his force he slammed it into the Genin, basically hitting up like somebody would hit a ball with a bat, and this hit sent him flying at least ten meters back, but Vretyel really could not see, he was more amazed at the power that he just used on the Genin, and it proved to be too much for him. Vretyel had broken his right arm with the hit, there was no way this “spar” was going to continue, so the genin had to walk home, utterly humiliated. Vretyel was impressed with himself for ending the spar so quickly, but he knew that now it was time to really focus on using his Bo Staff more.
For a while Vretyel just looked at the clouds, thinking about his journey again, but only for a minute. Vretyel wanted to practice several techniques he had been mastering in his earlier training today. The first thing that he wanted to do is try to use the staff to catapult him up in the air and do a flying leaf whirlwind with the staff. This proved difficult as his staff Crimson was made of a very hard wood that did not easily bend. With a little help however he was able to bend it enough to successfully to a leaf whirlwind to a nearby tree, but this came at great cost to Crimson, he was warped the wood in the process. Vretyel knew what was coming, he was going to have to replace Crimson with something of his own design, using his masterful skills in experimentation he was going to make a staff that was able to absorb and use lightning to his advantage in close quarters combat. He decided that however that was for another time, and since he had destroyed his staff he was going to break it with honor, after all he had his own blood on it. He decided that for the night he was going to do a series lighting fast moves with the Bo Staff which would improve his technique. He used one handed spinning which would be used to block attacks, then using the Bo to Slam the ground with great force and power, something he would use against his enemies that he had put on the ground. He trained with Crimson all through the night, doing several techniques with his warped Bo Staff. After that he went over to tree number two, the one with all the bark chipped off of it but nothing else, he wanted to use the staff until it broke. He began hitting the tree with Crimson, chipping more and more of the tree off, but since it was warped, when Crimson hit, the tree warped Crimson. After a few hours of hitting the tree the staff almost looked like the shape of the crescent moon, red from the blood. Vretyel decided that Vretyel’s use of Crimson was over, so he decided to make a small fire, and burn his staff with honor. He had done justice to the staff just as the staff had done justice to it. Vretyel made a small fire in the forest right next to the grounds, glowing orange in the moonlight, and after the fire was big enough, he threw his staff into the fire, and watched it burn, as red smoke filled the night sky as his staff burned. “This is just the beginning” Vretyel said, “I will now make a new staff so this will NOT happen again.” Vretyel walked home, satisfied that he had honed his Bo Skills, but sad that he had lost his Weapon in the process.

[For Bo Staff Mastery, also Buying Crimson V.2 for 1500 Ryo]

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Vretyel's Bo Staff Mastery Training Empty Re: Vretyel's Bo Staff Mastery Training

Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:45 pm
Approving the training, you get +5 stats, and +10JP.

Approving the purchase of Crimson V.2.

Next time please purchase the weapon in the topic you registered it in, this allows us to keep track of things easier.
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Vretyel's Bo Staff Mastery Training Empty Re: Vretyel's Bo Staff Mastery Training

Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:56 pm
K thanks
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