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Navi's Specialty Training  Empty Navi's Specialty Training

Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:10 pm
It was within him all along. The Navagan was a unique hybrid of Sharingan and Byakugan, but many of the original abilities still resided in his eyes. The Byakugan was all seeing, and the Sharingan was related to chakra discovery and power. However, those with the higher levels of Sharingan mastery notably had impressive Genjutsu abilities as well as other unique jutsu. Navi wasn't privy to the Sharingan bloodline, and was unable to unlock the specific jutsu behind them, but there was no doubt that the eyes carried with them a potential to be skilled and efficient at Genjutsu. Navi sat on the training field in the middle of the clearing, contemplating the powers his eyes possessed. Recently he had maximized the raw potential that the eyes could reach, having unlocked the third stage and granting himself thermal vision to his already all seeing eyes. This was just the beginning though, another technique could be unlocked, and Navi could feel it. Just as the Navagan was unique to him, the powers of this genjutsu would also be unique to him. Navi had recently already learned the demonic illusion: Hell Viewing technique, which was a particularly weak genjutsu, but fairly useful for getting information or probing weaker minds. However, Navi aimed for a much more ambitious goal this time, now aiming to achieve a level of genjutsu that would grip the target so hard, that even the powerful “Genjutsu Release” wouldn't be able to break it. Navi would summon forth all of the potential for this in his eyes, just to perform this single powerful technique. He even imagined that the power would derive directly from his fire element and the sharingan part of his eyes themselves, creating an illusionary jutsu so powerful that the Sharingan itself would struggle to break through it. Navi had always relied on his ninjutsu abilities so much, and was to blind to literally use his own eyes. His eyes had powers far beyond that of ninjutsu, and if he was able to use them, he might have a dojutsu technique within them that could rival even his Great Blaze Ball. The power would be magnificent, and allow Navi to easily subdue nearly any opponent. Without further delay Navi decided to get to work in creating his special new technique.

The start of the technique would come with learning how to cast it. This was an obvious enough question and dilema to deal with, the Sharingan itself was able to cast and break genjutsu with the eyes, so Navi should be able to cast his own unique genjutsu through eye contact as well. However, such a powerful genjutsu through the eyes would probably need a much closer range, Navi estimated he would be able to successfully perform a genjutsu of such magnitude if he cast the jutsu within 10 meters of the target. Getting eye contact would be a simple enough task, as most people always looked eachother in the eye. In battle it might prove slightly more difficult but in any social situation Navi would instantly be able to completely dominate an unsuspecting person with such a powerful jutsu. Navi decided to head to the academy again to link up with his old friend Mr. Uchigawa. The academy had a vast library of knowledgeable books which Navi intended to study, all about genjutsu studies, history and casting. When Navi entered his old mentors room he was surprised to see him. Navi had grown to an ANBU since he had last seen him which was quite a leap. Although, this wouldn't be apparent as Navi's identity was a secret, he would however be dressed in Jounin attire, and this would be surprise enough. Mr. Uchigawa embraced Navi as he walked in, happy to see that an old student of his had made Jounin at such a young age. Navi thanked him for his kind words, before inquiring about genjutsu powers. He described his situation to Mr. Uchigawa, explaining briefly how he got his Navagan eyes.

While Navi was a survivor of the Yamaki clan massacre when the Hyuga attacked, he was still in critical condition when found at the site by a medical ninja of the Uchiha. Navi desperately needed several blood transfusions if he was to survive long enough to be hospitalized. Fortunately several freshly dead members of the Hyuga clan lay around him, which were utilized in conjunction with the Uchiha's own blood to keep him alive. Both of these clans have powerful dojutsu bloodlines. After the transfusion a unique hybrid (kekkei genkai) like dojutsu lay dormant within him. This gives Navi the power and ability to awaken this special ocular jutsu. Navi finished explaining his story and then activated his Navagan for a few moments, showing Mr. Uchigawa his ocular technique. He was surprised for awhile, before realizing what Navi was asking of him. It was well known throughout the leaf village that the Sharingan possessed remarkable abilities including that of Genjutsu, and with that being the case a hybrid including Sharingan should also include that trait. Navi already knew much about Genjutsu, being able to release them and cast as a ninja already. However, unlocking the potential of the eyes would create a genjutsu that not even the Kage would be able to dissipate easily. It could also be useful for subduing jinchuriki or powerful opponents. Even more importantly, Navi would be able to subdue those he didn't want to hurt without causing permanent or serious damage to them. The power would be incredible, but use up a vast portion of his chakra supply accordingly. Mr. Uchigawa pulled a few books out of a drawer, marked a few pages, and told Navi what he should read and study to advance his expertise in Genjutsu. Navi thanked him and went to work studying immediately, sitting down in one of the small desks in the classroom. Most of what he read was review at first, basic ways that genjutsu is able to interfere with brainwaves and chakra is able to block signals to the brain to allow the user to place his own image and induce his own reality on the unfortunate target. Navi was able to discern where exactly he could concentrate his own unique chakra barriers in special areas of the brain causing different nerve systems to spasm accordingly. Navi was fascinated when he read the types of things he could manipulate inside of the targets brain. Not only illusions, but things others could physically touch, pain they could feel, emotions he could force, all of it was possible with genjutsu as the user had free reign over the targets brain. Navi wrote down and sketched a few diagrams, then memorized important facts as they came to him. After leafing through the first textbook, Navi placed it aside and started through the next one, this one talking and addressing Sharingan style genjutsu immediately. Something in the Sharingan eye allowed the user to puncture those chakra barriers that a genjutsu user would set up, allowing a Sharingan eye to literally see through genjutsu and dissipate them accordingly. The secret was then lie in the ability to strengthen each particular chakra barrier being set in the brain, so that it couldn't be easily punctured, even with the strength of the Sharingan eye. It would be a difficult task, because it would require making each particular chakra barrier exceptionally dense, but also would require the user of the genjutsu to be able to manipulate the technique and cause the illusion while still maintaining a powerful and near unbreakable hold on the opponent. Navi set this book aside now, noting how the Sharingan was specifically able to puncture barriers, and the patterns of dense chakra he would need to strengthen in order to stop his jutsu from being dissipated by just any Uchiha user. Furthermore, Navi needed to learn how to stop anyone with a genjutsu release technique from learning how to dissipate the jutsu. Navi picked up the next book, which fortunately addressed just that. Navi noticed how activating the release technique was like activating a small burst of chakra which surged through your brain and spinal cord, causing any genjutsu users chakra barrier to be immediately shattered and the illusion and control of the targets body would completely dissipate. This also pointed towards the need of reinforced chakra barriers, meaning one of the first keys to genjutsu would be knowing where to place the chakra barriers, and how to make them as dense as possible so they would not be easy to break. After all of those prerequesites were completed, then Navi would be able to focus on the more fun part, what the illusion and genjutsu itself would manipulate and consist of. All Navi knew is that he wanted to make it near unbreakable, everthing else would come second to that priority.

The preferred route would be first to create an illusion that involved fire or heat of some sort, as Navi was most familiar with that sight. As long as fire was involved, he could overload the target's nerve system with thinking it was on fire, causing an immense and horrible pain along with spasms across every muscle in the targets body. Navi might even be able to make the target think that the only way to get rid of the flames was to attack another comrade, or manipulate something insane in that regard. Otherwise, Navi would opt for a much more drastic approach, the complete manipulation of the world around them. The sky would become engulfed in fire and the terrain around them would fade into an ocean of lava. The target would slowly sink into the lava as they felt their entire body be consumed by the flames. Once the lava closed in around them there vision would go black and the illusion would end, but the pain would stay for a long time. Navi could then replay this experience over and over in the targets mind, allowing them to experience the same pain, he could even alter time so that doing it a hundred times would only last the span of a single second. The possibilities were endless, but instead Navi thanked Mr. Uchigawa and left, now being knowledgeable in the art of Genjutsu.

It was time to start heading home, he was already bounding across building where he lived and it wasn't too far away. The dark clouds covered up the moon and let no light through to show his path. Navi opened his door and groggily walked inside, sitting on his bed and yawning shallowly to himself. He had contemplated his career all day and had an exhausting time training hard. The window shone dimly with a crescent moon outside floating in the sea of ominous clouds. It was a tiny gleaming sliver that lit up a small area of the sky. Navi starred at it for a long time before even getting tired, his eyes beginning to close as he blinked them frequently and small bags and moisture began to accumulate under his tired eyes. His whole body would ache from the intense training he had accomplished and powerful skills he had sharpened and learned. It only hurt more reminding himself that soon he would have to begin a new regiment , sharpen a new set of skills to help him on his path to being a better shinobi. One or two more regiments would be all he needed to perfect his skills as a powerful ninja. Every time he spent a full day training his power would jump to a whole another league in that area. He was a strong ninja because he dedicated so much time and hardwork towards training to be one. He couldn't let anything stand in his path to becoming a better and he reminded himself to always stay on the path to becoming a stronger shinobi of the village hidden in the leaves. With all of the overthinking and flashback thoughts out of the way, Navi dropped his head against the covers and softened his pillow. His eyes ached and his blood felt like it was boiling from exerting himself so much. Every day of training he felt like he had just come back from a raging battle. This time his eyes felt strained with a small sense of victory and satisfaction everytime. Navi took a deep breath and got up quickly before heading off to sleep. He had opened a window so that a gentle breeze could get through and fill his room, cooling his warm and tired body. His whole body drooped in bed and his mind ached, He would turn over on his the side of his head and slowly drift off to sleep. His Navagan skill had grown today, and he was now a specialist in Genjutsu.

[WC: 2140/2000
Genjutsu Specialty Unlocked]
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Navi's Specialty Training  Empty Re: Navi's Specialty Training

Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:56 pm
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