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Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Habee's Jutsu Training Empty Habee's Jutsu Training

Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:38 pm
Habee got up early & decided to get an early start to train & practise his knew Jutsus. He sun rising brightly. Today looked like a nice perfect day to Train. He put on his Training clothes & left his house. He jogged at a medium pace, greeting everyone he jogged past, till he reached the Training Grounds. He entered the Training grounds and looked around trying to find a good spot to train. He found a place that hard not to much sun but jus enough shade & a cool breeze. He walked over to that place and did some stretches & breathing exercises to start up & get warmed up.
"Now time to see what my two new Jutsus can do" Habee said to himself.
"First up..." Habee took a few short breathes then aimed at a tree about 5 meters away. " Wind style: Wind Shuriken!"
After saying that Habee blasted out a shuriken that flew half way before dissolving away.
"Aaarrrggg Shucks! Fail!" Habee shouted in Disappointment & frustration. After resting for awhile and preparing mentally Habee stood up & approached the tree once more at the same distance (2 Meters.) " Wind Style: Wind Shuriken!!" Habee shouted this time with a lot more confidence
Out came the Shuriken Flying extremely fast and sliced into the tree leaving a mark about 10cm deep.
Habee screamed with joy. Success at last.
He went to go drink some water & then started again this time 4 meters away. "Wind style: wind Shuriken"
Again successful the Shuriken blasted away and cut into another spot about 20cm into the tree. Habee then moved up to 6meters and tried his jutsu one more time. Again this time it cut 25cm into the tree. Habee being very Happy about his success, decided to take a break. Habee cooled down & relaxed looking now as the sun has already fully risen the Day has already begun.
After 10 minutes he went back to training. Every time going 2 meters more back & every time his wind shuriken cut deeper than before into tree. After about 2 hours of Solid hard training he got to 15 meters away (the max distance) and now it was time to put his Jutsu & training to the ultimate test. "Wind Style: Wind Shuriken!" The shuriken Blasted till few centimetres away from the tree before dissolving. Habee was so disappointed being so close and yet not close enough. After doing this for 5 more times it kept on failing unable to hit the tree. After that Habee took a break & collapsed down on the grass with disappointment.
30 minutes later he was a lot more determine. He got up & was ready. He launched out the Shuriken and this time it flew with the utmost of speed and sliced straight through the left half of the tree causing the tree to lean down nearly falling over. Habee was very happy and full of joy on his achievement and decided to call it enough for now & get back home for major breakfast and then a well deserved nap.

Word Count: 521
Stat: Chakra
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Site Administrator
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Habee's Jutsu Training Empty Re: Habee's Jutsu Training

Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:22 pm
Approved, 2 chakra, 2 JP.
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Habee's Jutsu Training Empty Re: Habee's Jutsu Training

Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:29 pm
Habees Jutsu Training Day 2:
Habee awoke early again for the second day of his Jutsu Training. Today is a bit more Chillier than the last one. Yesterday he was very successful with his few hours in training his Wind Style: Wind Shuriken. After a good night sleep Habee was fully energised and ready to hit the training once more. Habee got up from his warm bed put on his normal clothes except today he Wore his favourite black Hoddie jacket & his red & black half gloves. He covered his head and left his house. Again he warmed up by Jogging till he got to the training ground. He went to his now "Main Spot" where he trained Yesterday. After warming his hands he did the usual warm ups and stretched his muscles ready for a more intense and physical training today.
Habee decided today he'll First today some Target practise with his Kunais. He marked on Several Trees (About 10 of them which were in a line) with a "x" on it. Awrighty, let's get to work!" Habee said with lots of courage and determination. He stood a few meters away and threw his kunai and the target hitting off target. Again he took his second one and this time it wjust a little of target. Then the took the third one and hit Bullseye on the spot!
He then took out his kunais and stood even further away throwing all his kunais at the tree only the last 3 hit the target. Next he decided to run across all the trees and throw the kunais and see how well is his aim. So he started. He ran to the first tree, stopped and threw his kunai den ran to the second tree threw his kunai and proceeded like this till he was out of kunais.
He looked at his results- he was a bit off at many places while getting very close at some places. He then redid this procedure 10 more times till finally he hit all the targets on the bullseye.
"Wheewww! Finally, took me long enough!" Habee said, with a happiness with a lot of perspiration.
After an Hour Break Habee decided to put his Kunai throwing to the ultimate test. He ran past all the trees & threw his Kunais while running hoping to hit the targets. Unfortunately he failed and missed all of them. He then re did the test and this time some of them hit the tree. After 15 tries he finally got all to hit x targets on all 7 trees.
Habee decided that was a lot of work for now so he took another hour of rest.
Again fully energised and ready to go again he decided now it was time for jutsu training.
He stood up stretched out his arms and was ready to go.
He put a pile of logs (11 of them) in a row with about a 5 meters space between them. He then steadied himself. "Wind style: Arc!" And out came the Arc about about a meter long and it curved right into the log number 1 cutting it slightly open.
Habee tried it once more and this time the Wind arc cut/ sliced right through the log. Habee was very happy on his Accomplishment then decided to do it again and this time a Vertical Punch through he second log. he punched but sadly the arc came out and then withered away. "Scrap. Lemmi try once more" He did a vertical punch again but this time it work and out came the Arc and it sliced through Log number 2.
"Now for a Horizontal Punch Arc"
He aimed at the log 3 and punched out a horizontal Arc which cut through log number 3. He then went to Number 4 and hit a normal Arc at the max Distance and it blasted right through the log. Then he Proceeded to Log number 5 and Did a Vertical punch Arc and again successful, it cut the log in 2 Pieces. He Then went to Log number 6 and did a Horizontal punch. First time it neva work but second time it cut through. Habee took a break to replenish his chakra and rest for awhile then went back to Training. He Proceeded to Log number 7 and this time went all out a Normal Arc, Horizontal punch Arc and a Vertical Punch Arc cutting the Log into 5 Pieces. He Then went to the logs number 8, 9 and 10 and then did one major Long Horizontal Arc cutting all three equally in half.
Habee was very happy and pleased about his second jutsu training. He Decided to go over board and went to last Log, faced backwards and pulled out all his Kunais holding 3 in his left hand and 4 in his right hand. Then sharpishly turned around quickly and threw all 7 of them at the log, denting it badly. Then he did simultaneous vertical and horizontal Arcs blasting the log in pieces flying everywhere. He picked out his Kunais and with a big smirk quite happy with himself walked off. Another Day of hard, potent training. He went home for a nice refreshing shower and a majorly major breakfast....
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Habee's Jutsu Training Empty Re: Habee's Jutsu Training

Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:36 pm
+ 3 more JP for previous one.

8 JP
4 chakra
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Habee's Jutsu Training Empty Re: Habee's Jutsu Training

Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:33 pm
Habees Jutsu Trainin: Day 3:

Habee decided to go for another Hard tough day of training.
He planned to go train every day like this: Get up early at Sun rise and then
head to the training grounds for a few hours of training. Today was just a cool
day not too hot and not too cold. SO he decided to go with his Hoddie Jacket
and Red and black Gloves. He was getting ready to awaken his Sharingan very
soon but he wanted first to train his jutsus out a bit more.

He got out of his house and walked slowed while dragging his
shoes on the sand and kicking any stones passing him. He wasn’t in the mood to
jog till the training gorunds. He remembered the Tough Training he had
yesterday and was ready for some more. “Whatever it takes to become Stronger…”
Habee thought as he was nearly there. H
e went o his usual place and saw the site of the destruction he cased
yesterday. H e laughed as he walk past to get some more Logs to train with.

He put some logs in a line , about 10 of them. then he marked a man on each of them as dummies for
target. He then pulled out 3 Kunais in both hands and threqw them at the 6
Targets hitting all Bulls-eyes in the head and some in the chest. he then Made
his hand signs and shouting ‘lets gooo again… Wind Style Suriken:” 6 times and
blastedall of the Targets with again bullseyes. Just as the logs began t o tilt
he quickly reacted with his Wind style: Arc and thwooshed off and sliced all
the 6 logs in half. Being very much proud of himself he laid down on the grass
thinking of what can do next. Just as he sat up he saw a giant tree in front of
him. He had that look on his face saying “ another victim” with an evil laugh.

He stood up and then he pulled out his 3 Shurikens and threw
them at the three. then attacked it with his Horizontal Arc and cutting a wide
slit in the tree. He then did and vertical Arc at the poor tree causing it to
come crashing down in pieces. He then Pulled up the few big pieces left then
practised some kicks and punches then did another Horizontal Arc causing all of
to Break into plenty pieces.

He took a 1 hour break then did some more training. he took
some rocks and now wen t to the next level. To see how well his Jutsu are
against Rocks. He aligned a 1 meter big Rock and did hios vertical arc. first
time it never penetrate the rock. he tried one more time but it just merely cut
the rock about 3cm in. He then tried for a third time and his time it cut the
rock half way. He then tried a gain till it cut the rock a bit more. Then again
he did it cracking slowly until finally the 5th time the rock sliced
neatly in half. He then went to the second Rock this one being slightly bigger
than the one before maybe only about 5 to 10cm more. He did his Jutsu again on
it this time Horizontal ones. he did five and just as it was about to fall down
he did 5 Vertical very quick Arcs which caused the rock to sliced apart in 4
equal quarters. ‘Hey im pretty good at his! And even very accurate” Habee said cockishly
to himself.

to really test out his Jutsu he first decided to take about
an hour break and go drink some water be cause he was very thirsty. After he
aws all up and ready he simply walked to the next rock and put all his Chakra
into His Jutsu. WiTH utmost determination he shouted out “Wind style: ARC!!”
and blasted massively big Arc. The massive Arc sliced straight through the rock
and hit into the tree 2 meters away. Habees mouth dropped wide open. He was
shocked at what he just did and how much power and chakra he put into it. As he
stood there mouth at the rock after3 seconds it blew up into pieces . Habee was
just staring there and the crumpled rock for about a minute before he got some
sense into him and saw what he did. After that although very exhausted he whipped
his forehead and walked away happy with his training for today. Being Dog tired
theres nothing else better to do then go home, take an awesome shower and have
a massive gigantic breakfast and take a nap till the afternoon. SO as he was
about t leave he looked one more time and what he accomplished today and made
his usual smirk and walked off…

[Word Count = 812 words, 8JP, 4 stats]

Last edited by Habee007 on Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:17 am; edited 3 times in total
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Habee's Jutsu Training Empty Re: Habee's Jutsu Training

Sat Sep 22, 2012 3:39 pm
Approved for +4stats, and +8JP.
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Habee's Jutsu Training Empty Re: Habee's Jutsu Training

Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:33 pm
Habee day 4 Training:
Habee awoke on another bright and sunny day. Another day means another day of Training and most importantly, today was the Day he was going to Create his a new element jutsu he wanted to learn and couldn't wait to.
He got out of bed, fresh and wide awake. He put on his clothes and wore his usual signature gloves. Today he never wore his Hoddied Jacket because it was such a hot day.
After that he decided to eat breakfast first because he was so hungry when he just woke up. He ate some energy cereal and then walked out of the house. He strolled through town looking around and the empty streets being its only just past sun rise.
When he reached the training grounds he went to his usual spot and got stretching and loosened quickly because h e was so anxious to learn that Jutsu. Since being part of the Uchiha clan meant have their clan Element. Their clan element is Fire so Habee decided to learn a Fire Jutsu since fire is superior to his wind, if he ever faced a Fire style user like Shuuhei he will be ready.
He's legs still a bit bruised from the Fire ball Jutsu. So that's the Jutsu he decided to learn. " Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu"
Once he was ready he began practising the hand signs for the jutsu. Trying to make them as fast as possible and as well as as effective and perfect as possible. After he had mastered the the hand signs he decided to try and blow the fire out of his mouth. He practised the hand signs then put his hand to his mouth just as it suppose to be and he blew as hard as he could trying to use the Chakra and transform it into fire. At First there was nothing. He began to do this for 2 hours straight hoping to see some difference. As he tried more he could feel something happening he could feel his Chakra warming up and getting hotter. When he blew this time he saw some fire sparks come out. Habee was over joy ed since he made some progress. After some more countless attempts some fire did seem to come out (about 5cm long tiny flames). Habee grew anger, frustrated and agitated with what position he's in.. He put all his Chakra into it and tried his best in change of Chakra form and did the hand signs then shouted " let's hope this works... Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!!!" And blew his all using all of his Chakra as well and this time a Flame about 50cm big came out and burnt with a steady flame for about 10seconds before it dissolved away coz Habee depleted all his Chakra. Habee den dropped his head on the floor and panted heavily. After taking an hour of rest and restoring his Chakra Habee went on to do more practise so he did the handsigns again and blew it out again but this time used only quarter of his Chakra. The Flame Ball came out about a little bigger than before. After restoring his Chakra he did it once more and his time used also a Quarter but due to having more practice it came out bigger. A Third time he did it with half his Chakra and it came out about a meter big and burning steadily and vigorously for about a whole minute. The last time he used up all his Chakra and put all his effort into his Fire ball.
"Fire style: Fire Ball Jutsu!!" Shouted Habee as he blew out a majorly big fire ball about 2 Meters big and kept it steady for 2 minutes.
Habee full of joy on his fire ball jutsu training. He was sure that it was complete now so he decided to call it a day. Besides which he had no Chakra left and he was completely finished out. So he got up and walked slowly out of the training ground and went back home although still with that limb on his left leg...
Habee decided that tomorrow he will come again and practice his wind style jutsus as well as this new one of his because he will really need a lot of practise before he can master properly

[Word Count = 730, 7JP, 3 Stats]

Last edited by Habee007 on Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:16 am; edited 1 time in total
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Habee's Jutsu Training Empty Re: Habee's Jutsu Training

Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:03 am
Habee- Jutsu training Day 5:

Habee woke up to another day of Training that awaits. He got
up of bed and looked out the window. The sky was cloudy and it looked like
another gloomy, raining and sulky day ahead. He rolled his eyes and got changed
into is usual clothes and wore his gloves and and Hoddied top. He walked out of
the house, slipped on his Hoddie and walked through the street. Today looked
like the perfect day to stay at home and sleep. But not for Habee, he only had
one thing mind and that's to train so that what's he's going to do.
When he reached the Training Grounds, instead of going to his usual spot he did
something different today. He loosen and stretched his muscles and then decided
to do some sprinting to warm up his muscles. So he took off sprinting at a fast
pace till his spot den sprinted back to the entrance. He did this five times
and then stopped by his spot and rested for a while. After he rested he was now
ready to start his training. He stood up and went to a nearby tree. It was
quite massive a bout 3 meters wide and very tall at least 10 meters tall. He
faced the tree and ran towards it from a distance of about 10 meters. As he ran
he pulled out 3 Kunais in each hand and threw them a t the tree. Then when he
got closer he pulled out 2 Shiriken and hit them directly into the tree. Habee
got see that his accuracy is improving.
When he reached the tree he attacked with a punch and then kicked it at high
and low places on the left and right sides and few times then he jumped back
pulled out another Kunai and threw it directly into the tree
"That would have been a kill move" Laughed Habee.
After he threw that he ran away from the tree and took out 2 Kunais one in each
hand and then threw it behind him into the tree again "Yes Bullseye!"
He shouted as he looked back. He then turned around and and ran again to the
tree and did his hand signs very fast and shouted" Wind Style: Arc"
he did this 3 times very quickly at blasted 3 Arc (one vertical, one horizontal
and one diagonally) the Arc sliced right into the tree, Again he did another 2
Vertical Arcs as they sliced straight through the tree cutting nearly right
through the treem he then stopped and jumped 2 meters back. And did the hand signs
for this Wind Style: Wind Shuriken. Which send 5 Shurikens into the tree. The
then jumped forward and tried out his new Jutsu. He did the hand signs and then
shouted " Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!" and then blew a major Fire
Ball which was 4 meters big and about 2 meters long. He steadily kept the fire
ball burning on the tree for a whole minute until his Chakra was drained. When
he stopped he saw the tree had been very badly burnt. Habee was very happy and
confident of the power of his jutsu. He then stopped and dropped down on the
fall. "Yes that's was very good progress!" Sighed Habee with a
tiredness. "Weeeelll that's enough for one day!" Said Habee as he got
up and walked away. "Now for a nice shower to get cooled out" Habee
walked back home and couldn't wait for tomorrow another day of training. “Tomorrow
hopefully I want to create a new wind style Jutsu!” Thought Habee as he went

[Word count; 608, 6JP AND 3 STAT]
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Z Ne
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Habee's Jutsu Training Empty Re: Habee's Jutsu Training

Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:39 pm
Approved, 13jp 6 stats
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Habee's Jutsu Training Empty Re: Habee's Jutsu Training

Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:45 am
Habee’s Jutsu Training Day 6 and
Sharingan Awakening

“Another bright and sunny day!” Shouted Habee as he he got
up from his bed. “Today looks like another awesome day to train!” Said Habee
very Enthusiastic. He got up changed and went to have breakfast. He ate 3
slices toast, one omelette, a bowl of energy cereal plus a big bowl of rice and a chicken sand wich. After
that he took his equipment (His Shringan Blade also known as The Red Shimmer,
his Kunais and His shurikens0 then wore his Signature Gloves and then went out
of the house. “Why do you g o so every single day to train. its not like you a
Juunin or an ANBU or something that you must train so had every day!” Shouted
Habee’s mother. “You just became a Genin ony 1 or 2 months ago and now you acting
like you a Hokage or something. Your body won’t be able to take this intense
daily training.” Habees mother is cross with hi m that he trains so hard every
day. But Habee been very stubborn he continued and walked away waving an d
saying, “Sorry Mom this is what I got to do.”

“aaargg… You just as stubborn as your father only want to
train!” Wispered his mother back at him.

So Habee was off to the training grounds and this time he
never jog all the way because he had a big lunch and didn’t want to get a side
pain. So he slowly strolled t o the training grounds ready to begin his
training and try out his knew Jutsus. On his way he stopped at the Snack Shop
and bough some chocolates and some sweets for his sisters and bought a lot of
energy bars in all flavours as he was prepared that he was going to have an
intense training indeed. After that he walked till he reached the training
grounds. He weather was fine nice and hot although there were were some rain
clouds in the sky and rain was a definite chance possibly by by late afternoon
or so. He first went to his usual spot by the bunch of trees. He then did some
stretching exercises and lossened his arms and legs and his body was now ready.
He then took out his New Weapon which his father finally gave to him

Habee had a flash back
on what happened, “I know you still never awaken your sharingan yet and I told
you that once you do awaken it you will make me proud and I will pass down our
Family’s most prize possession which have been past down from generations. Our
Sharingan Blade and although its not the original Powerful Sharingan blade with
powers and all that like the others but it’s an expensive artefact which we
have treasured for all this time. That sword holds the blood of many that
killed with it or killed by it. Now since im really impressed with you that you
are training so hard to become a very good shinobi one day I will give it to
you now but still be very proud of you when you do awaken your sharingan” said
Habee’s father to him as he hands out the Sharingan Blade in its marvellous red
and black casing.”

“Don’t worry Father I wil make you proud and wont let you
down!” Thought Habee as he Pulled out the Katana Sharingan Blade and held with
strength and a powerful grip. He then took the blade and walked over to a 3
meter wide tree and striked it with his blade. the sword went right into the
tree. He then pulled out and held it by his left side. He then slowly lifted it
into the air and did a powerful strike right vertically into the tree. then
pulled it out and slashed the tree one way non stop for a bout half an hour.
Till he was completely tired and out of energy he dropped the sword next to him
on his right side and dropped first on his 2 knees then fell down on his front.
Turning his head to his side he said, “I wont let you down, Father!” Habee had
determination in his eyes and stood up slowly pulling him self up by his hands
and got up picked up the sword again and started slashing at the tree again.
After an hour of Slashing and swinging his arms just fell down and he sriked
the sword into the ground and panted hard. Habee then collapsed on the floor
and was out for about a whole hour until he finally go t up looking dazed and
not knowing what happened. H e then realised that collapsed out of exhaustion
because he really tired himself out. He arms were throbbing with pain and he
couldn’t even lift himself up or his arms even. He started to feel frustrated
and hopeless.

“How could I have been so weak so terrible and pathetic that
just from so little and puny training I collapsed!” Habee shouted to himself as
tears began to fall from his face. “I AM HABEE UCHIHA FROM THE POWERFUL UCHIHA
CANT!” cried out Habee tears just falling from his face as he realising how
weak he is. “I can’t even defend my self out against a foe!” “I can’t even
master Jutsus so properly, I train every day for such a little time but I get
so tired so quickly and yet even not accomplishing much” Habee crying now so
much his face is really wet. He is so sad that he is so hopeless

“I promised my father that I wont let him down and I will
train very hard and even awaken my Sjharigan but obviously that was a lie! I
vant even do one of those things!”

My father told me I must become as strong as him and even
better but I am not even any where close!”

Habee flashback to when he’s
father told him about this new Jutsu:

“I want to learn this
wind release Jutsu” said Habee’s father. “A WIND RELEASE JUTSU?!” said Habee
with a shock look on his face. “Yesss
it’s a Rank C Jutsu!” A rank C Jutsu??” Habee really surprised that his father
wants him to learn a Rank C jutsu “But I never even master the Shadow clone
Jutsu so properly yet! A nd even the Body flickerTechnique I am still getting use to it.” “Don’t worry
im sure that you will be able to learn as well as master this Jutsu” said Habee’s

“This Jutsu is called
‘Wind Release: Gale Palm” “Well what does it do Dad??” Anxiously Habee asked
his father not knowing what would this cause to him. “It’s a Jutsu that blasts
off a powerful Wind blast from you hand. It can knock over anyone and anything
including Giant trees. Also it can also be used when throwing weapons such as
your Kunais and Shirikens. it will increase their speed and power and also be
the Kunais and Shurikens can also deal a lot more damage and also be a lot more
effective when enhanced or boosted with this Wind Release: Gale Palm “

“Wow cool DAD so can
you teach it to me?” Habee asked “Wow there Son don’t get ove your self. I told
you about this Jutsu because I want you to learn by your self its to improve
your own skills and learning ability besides I cant teach it to you because you
know that my element is not wind so there is an obviously reason” “ahhh man!
Darn it now I have to learn it myself!” Habee said in disappointment. “Don’t
worry son go look over there” Said Habee’s father pointing at a casing in the
cabinet. Habee walked over and took it out. there after he opened it and saw a
scoll “That is the scroll which will teach you an d help you master Wind
Release: Gale Palm.” said Habee’s
father very hopefull and confident that Habee will master that Jutsu.

Habee then decided to practise his Jutsu and see if he can
master it. Although Habee’s Father gave it to him when he became a Genin Habee
read over and over the scroll butstill didn’t know how to master it. Now all of
sudden out the blue he decided to learn it. He put away his Sharingan Blade and
then did the Clap Hand sign. Still with tears in his eyes and a crying voice he
shouted: “Wind Release: Gale Palm!” But nothing came out although he focused
all his Chakra and did it just how the scroll said he must do it. He trie it
again- voice he shouted: “Wind Release: Gale Palm!” and this time same as
before nothing happened. Maybe It will be easier if I practise using Shadow
clones to enhance my training at a faster pace. Habee thought. “Shadown clone
Jutsu” making the shadow clone hand sign and shouting out but he couldn’t even
make a shadow clone. “AAAAAAAHHHH!” cried Habee. “One more time” making the
Shadow clone hand sign and shouting out “Shadown clone Jutsu” at least this
time he was able to make 3 shadow clones. One more time: “Shadown clone Jutsu”
And he made 2 more. so now all the 6 of them focusing and trying to perform the
Wind Release: Gale Palm Jutsu. He practised for one hour and still got no

He suddenly just stopped in his tracks and his clones disappeared.
He dropped on his knees and started crying, “I am just sooo hopeless I cant
even perform a slight bit of this Jutsu” Cried Habee in disappointment, “What
will my father think of me when he finds
out I could not master this Jutsu even 0.0001% of it” He cried to
himself. After that he dropped his head down and just gave up and resorted to
crying. Now the clouds were beginning to cover up the sky it appears it was
going to rain a lot sooner than he anticipated. He clouds were now covering the
entire sky and the sun went away. The bright sunny day turned to a cloudy
miserable rainy day just like how Habee was bright and sunny and now is
miserable and gloomy. After a loud Thunder and a flash of lightning it begin to
pour. The rain came down very heavily the ground quickly became wet and sobbing
in water. Puddles formed around Habee. His head
still down in sorrow and crying in sadness and disappointment. The rain
came down wetting Habee’s clothes sogging it and causing it lag down.

Suddenly Habee felt something happening. Hes eyes were
burning “Could it be the tears” Thought Habee. This blue eyes on the inside of
his eye lids were changing h e felt all over his body he began to get afraid
coz of not knowing what was happening,. He slowly opened his eyes but had his
head still down. He looked at his reflection in the puddle beneath his head. He
watched slowly as the blue eyes of his vanishing and changing. Shock filled
Habee’s whole body and he quickly closed his eyes being so afraid. HE realised
something happened as he opened them again and stared into the puddle of his
reflection. He slowly stood up still rain poruing all around him and on him.
When he had risen it was then he felt the change within and on the outer of
himself. He had awakened his Sharingan the first Tomoe. The Blue eyes are now
Bright red as he sauddenly felt determine and powerful as well as a lot more
courage within himself. He swiftly did his Shadown Clone Jutsu hand sign and in
a Soft Slow voice he said, “Shadown clone Jutsu” and with that he made 2 Shadow
clones and then All three of them Shouted out Loudly full of Determination
“Wind Release: GALE PAAALLMMM!!” and with that they blasted out a Powerful Gale
palm of wind blowing everything in its path and blowing over all the 5 trees in
front of him from their roots. and blew everything away.

After it had stopped Habee picked up his Sword put it in its
case and then slowly walked away with no expression on his face but actually
full of happiness and joy that he had finally performed the Wind Release: Gale
Palm and aslo most importantly he had Awaken his Sharingan. He slowly walked
home to tell his parents and friends of the Good Newz…

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