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Dawn of a New Beginning [PRIVATE] Empty Dawn of a New Beginning [PRIVATE]

Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:49 pm
Word has crossed the village that the Kazekage has been absent for quite some time. No evidence was provided of where she went nor her purpose of leaving. With this being said, Azaiyo had to do something; something very important for the village, no, the nation to know about. He would settle in his room located in the newly designed Kazekage Chambers, sitting in his leather chair with a sheet of paper upon the desk before him as he would begin to write a note. While writing the note he would remind himself that he was the Deputy Kazekage, meaning much importance needed to be included in this message as Azaiyo would temporarily take the position of the village leader for the time being:

Dear Citizens of the Fire Nation,

The dawn of a new beginning has arrived. With this new nation being formed, a bigger threat comes to the stand. I keep the details of this threat small as I do not want anyone to be harmed before his identity. Keep in mind that however that the Fire Nation consists of an alliance between Konohagakure no Sato, Sunagakure no Sato, along with ownerships over the Volcano, Igloo, and Underwater Village. With this being said, I advise you to be very precautionary when entering even a small location outside of his nation. Your lives matter more to than you can believe. I advise you to be strong, healthy, and selfless when this threat arrives, for there is no doubt he will come. Please do not allow this letter to extract fear in your soul, but rather allow this letter to reveal an image of great virtues and potential. I say this because I know with a sign of hope and greatness, we can conquer this darkness that will soon notify us of its entry. We all deserve the best as we are best, so show that from this point on. Thank you for your appreciation.

P.S. With the Fire Nation created, we ask there be more stability throughout the nation. Therefore, cooperating with the threat in any way will result in death.


The Deputy Kazekage

As this message would finally be completed, Azaiyo would move to the floor where the Kazekage's room was located, several copies of the note prepared as it was meant to be read by many. Giving his identity out to the ANBU guards, he would pass them the note as he would see the messenger hawk resting on Amane's desk. Looking to his left, he would also see his dog Cooper. It had seemed as though he had left him there to be nurtured by what Amane had to offer for her dog as well. Slightly guilty, he would also hand several copies of the letter to the messenger hawk, watching it fly out of the room as Azaiyo's skills of communicating with nature seemed to have a great impact with this young creature. Come to think of it, Azaiyo had encountered and was blessed by many other birds before, so he supposed this one would not make much of a difference. There were a few people of which Azaiyo really needed the note to be given to. However, Azaiyo would expect only the best results possible as he would wait, giving the ANBU guards a signal of support as Azaiyo would dash happily to his next destination.

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