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Sachiko's Medical Ninjutsu Training (Private) Empty Sachiko's Medical Ninjutsu Training (Private)

Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:58 am
It was a beautiful morning in the village of Konohagakure. The sun was shining brightly throughout the azure blue sky, not a cloud in sight, the birds were singing pretty little melodies, and the temperature was cool; not too hot and not too cold. A young girl with fiery red hair and bright sky blue eyes named Sachiko could be seen skipping merrily throughout the bustling little village towards the training grounds, a thick book with a variety of colors on closed at her side. Today she would be training her medical ninjutsu skills, so she could heal her teamates and allies when on missions. She had quite a bit of chakra, so her control wasn't the greatest, but the determined young girl didn't mind. She was a ninjutsu and a self- proclaimed traps specialist (and possibly kenjutsu specialist), so she really didn't need to be the best at it, just enough to where she could help out. After all, her team didn't have someone who specialized in medical ninjutsu, so this would greatly benefit them.

The girl was brought out of her musings when she noticed that she had reached the lush, spacious training grounds, and grinned happily. It was showtime! Hopping over to a large oak tree five meters away from her, the girl then promptly dropped down to the ground, her legs criss- crossed, and took the thick, colorful book from out underneath her arm and opened it up to the first page, smiling all the while. This particular book was one she bought yesterday to learn more about medical ninjutsu. It had cost quite a bit of money, but was worth every ryo spent. At this thought, the girl then began to read the book.

Hours passed when the young Konohagakure genin finally finished the book, exhausted. Man, Sachiko thought to herself, who knew medical ninjutsu was so complicated?! Oh well, the greater the challenge the better the reward is when you finally complete it! the girl thought to herself, licking her lips. Now, it's time to practice! the young girl thought, taking out a small shruiken and making a small cut on her arm, causing it to drip blood out. The girl was unfazed by the slight stinging, as she had been though worse, but couldn't help the way her grin transformed into a grimace. Ok, let's do this! Sachiko thought to herself determinedly, closing her sky blue eyes and holding out her other hand toward the wound. The young girl focused on the chakra flowing throughout her chakra network, and attempted to manipulate her chakra towards the palm of her hand. Seconds ticked by until she was finally successful, making her snap open her eyes. Much to her surprise, her cut was healing at a rapid pace and her hand was glowing emerald green.

When she was finished with her task, the girl felt exhausted and shut her eyes in content. She had taken the first two steps toward learning medical ninjutsu.

(Medical Ninjutsu Training: Healing Bruises & Cuts and Broken Bones; 513 Words)
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