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Training Topic (Closed)

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Samaruo Uchiha
Samaruo Uchiha
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Training Topic (Closed)  - Page 3 Empty Re: Training Topic (Closed)

Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:32 pm
It was that day, the day that Samaruo would solely devote himself to train, hone his his skills as a shinobi. It was keep for him, for all shinobi, to keep their skills up one hundred percent, you never know when you are call to handle an important task. Well today, he decided to increase his chakra sensing skills, a skill that would greatly come in handy. In fact, he made a promise to himself to work on that particular skill, ever since he got back from his recent A rank mission. The two missing ninja that he had to fend off by himself, was really a challenge for him. Especially the sensory type ninja that he had to go up against, such a difficult task it was. But, with no missions or patrol duties assigned for him today, it was all the more reason to work on his faults, who knows, Samaruo might indeed correct his problem all in on day. While thinking about this, he had just woken up from a deep slumber, making his way to the shower, readying himself for today.
What was he going to where today, he looked over to the bed, she was still sleeping. He walked over to the closet, drying his hair off from his recent shower. Opening the door, he would grab his chuunin gear, the gear that he was always accustomed to wearing. After he grabbed his stuff, he would reach fro his black leaf head band, with the leaf village emblem branded on a small silver plate, which was attached to the middle of the black cloth. He brought the band to his forehead, securing it by making a knot with the ends, he was ready tor train.
Before he would make his way out of the door, he would notice his custom sword was not with him, probably left it in the room somewhere, he didn't need it, for he was not doing anything hectic today, so he walked out of his cousins house, making his way towards the training grounds.
When he finally got to the training grounds, Samaruo would place himself under a tree, with shade of course. He would sit down with his legs cross, both hands placed on top of each knee, and finally shut both of his eyes. He would take in the environment around him, branching out to his setting. He could feel the many essence of life around him, but only in a small limited area. That was why he was here, perhaps if he could increase his range a bit more, it would give him an edge on the battle field. It defiantly would have cut down the time it took to search for those two crime lords on his last mission. Realizing that he was not focusing hard enough, he would silence his thoughts, only focusing on branching out in his environment. He did not know how long this would take, but in the end it would all pay off, he would become a more effective shinobi of the village.
Time had passed since he arrived, the birds continued to chirp, all five of them, the moles and gofers continued to work on their underground kingdoms, all seven of them. His senses were now becoming attuned to his environment, he could feel his senses expanding a great many distance. Finally he thought, he could see a great many things. Samaruo would open his eyes, before him was a great plain, nothing in his path, no birds, or moles that he had felt. Where ere they, he thought? All of the creatures he felt, must have been a couple meter away from him, who knows. The skill was becoming stronger. Samaruo would now get up, placing himself back on his two feet, where would he go now, deep in the forest, or continue to sit down in the shade of the tree? Both options were fine since he would still be doing training like he planned to do today, but the first option was more favorable, since it required him to stretch his legs around a bit.
Training, Samaruo was so used to it no longer felt like training anymore, more like, a way of life. It kept one tip toe in shape, a health life style. Then, his mood began to drop, because of one single thought. While walking in the large forest of the leaf village, using his chakra senses to sense the many creatures and chakra sources within the area, his team came to mind. Why couldn't they be here, Samaruo wished they were. Irou, he some how blamed the whole problem on himself, Samaruo. But what's done is done, you cant undo what's been done. Perhaps there was a reason to why Irou's fate was so, why Samaruo's fate was so. He shook his head a she continued to use his chakra senses to find many creatures still nested within the trees. He wondered if he could find any possible villager or shinobi out here, training. He used to find them out here all the time when he w as a genin, the old days sure were interesting. Funny he would think of things like so, when Samaruo wasn't even a day over 20, he was still apart of the youth league. After wondering on aimlessly, he sensed someone east of him, he wondered who that could be? With a change of stance Samaruo bolted towards the unknown person, only to find out if it was a friend or foe.
While running towards the signature, he finally found the said person, a little girl by the looks of it. She had been crying, crying tears of disappear and worry, would she ever get out of the forest that she lost herself in, yes she would. Samaruo would walk up to her, she lifted her head towards him as she wiped the tears from her face, "Are you lost, would you like some help getting back home?" The girl would extend her head, and Samaruo would as well. Once he took hold of her hand, Samaruo would make his way towards the village direction, the girl in hand, his training could be put off for a moment, but his skill did grow from today.
[My word count is 1048, 5 stats, 10 jp, and Chakra Senses level 1 unlocked.]
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Training Topic (Closed)  - Page 3 Empty Re: Training Topic (Closed)

Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:21 pm
Samaruo Uchiha
Samaruo Uchiha
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Training Topic (Closed)  - Page 3 Empty Re: Training Topic (Closed)

Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:51 pm
A while had passed since Samaruo arrived to the training grounds, where he would hone his skills in the art of sensing others with chakra. Everything seemed to go just fine, his senses were welled trained, he was even able to tell how many moving moles their were underground. But, a certain individual would catch his attention, a little girl that he found in the forest, she had lost her way somehow. It was now up to Samaruo to guide her back to her home, once they would get out of this maze like forest. His hand was gripped by the girl at all times, she wouldn't let go. Samaruo was fine with it though, he felt kind of, mature.

As they continued to walk throughout the forest, Samaruo's chakra senses remained active, he found that strange. He kept being alerted of all the animals that was within his natural area, strange. Normally he would have too focus in order to sense them, but not anymore. It would seem that samaruo had indeed attained a new heighten Chakra sense, he smiled at the thought. He would then feel a tug on his right arm, he looked down at the girl, "What is it?" He asked in a caring tone, to make the girl feel safe. "Um, are we almost there, my tummy hurts...", Samaruo would stop. While holding her hand, he would reach into his left pocket with his right hand, only to pull out a snack that he bought on his way here, he never managed to get at it. His stomach made a slight sound, his stomach. Nevertheless, he handed it over to the girl, it was only right to give it to her, "Here, help yourself." After which he would continue walking, the girl would much on the wrapped snack as they walked, Samaruo felt good inside. Nightshade talked about their child, Samaruo would be seeing her soon, Essme. Just a little while longer, he would get too meet her soon.

Moments later, the two would arrive out in the open of the training ground, where samaruo was original at, before he made his way into the forest. Samaruo would then note the two birds that were nested over in the tree, 50 meter away, not bad he thought. Then, he would notice two other chakra signatures, big enough to be human. they source came from west of their location. When he turned towards the direction, he would here shouts and pants, yelling a name, Sophia. The girl that was holding his hand would run towards them, they were clearly her parents, Samaruo's grip was no more. Once the girl would hug the two, she had told them what happened, the parents looked up and nodded towards Samaruo, giving their gratitude for finding their daughter. Samaruo nodded back, he could someone sympathies to what it would feel like to lose the one you loved, in fact, Samaruo could indeed so. Before the family would leave, Samaruo would see the girl walk towards him yet again, what could she want he thought. She would extend her hand out, giving him something, it was the same snack that he had given her, she spoke in a tired out tone. "Here, help yourself", Samaruo smiled as he would take the snack, and eat it in front of her, he was indeed very hungry. The girl, and her parents, made their way out of the grounds else where, leaving Samaruo alone. What was their to do know, the sun was still out which only meant one thing, train. Samaruo did promise himself a day of complete training, and nothing more, the girl was just a emergency. with that, Samaruo would ponder on how he could further his chakra sense abilities.

Samaruo would look up into the sky, what now he thought, his chakra senses were now always active for some reason, what would be a challenge for him now? Samaruo would look back down to the ground, surveying the field until he found a ant pile, it was worth a shot. Samaruo closed his eyes as he focused his mind on the ant pile, seeing if he would figure out how many ants their were in the pile. At first he felt nothing, this was probably a extremely difficult task to do, then he felt the tingle, 657, six hundred and fifty-seven ants he sensed. He didn't know if he was right, but he wasn't about to dig into the pile and get bitten up to find out, so, he took his own word for it and moved on. He then got an idea, why not test his abilities within the village market district, there was plenty of things tom try out with his new ability. Perhaps he would get to see more than he expected, Samaruo would make his way over to the market area, ready to further his chakra abilities to the limit.

Upon his arrival to the village market district, Samaruo's senses went wild, which was totally unexpected. He was becoming known of everyone's presence, even the village guards that were posted in each section of the village, he could count them all. Samaruo continued his walk, amazed at his new ability, under the counter of the barber stall, a cat made its home, behind the barter's cabin, two kids were there, trying to break in, it was all know. Samaruo would then focus harder, and harder, till finally he would notice a change, the amount a people he was sensing grew to ridiculous proportions. The range at which Samaruo could sense chakra had grew, at his guess, he was sensing people that were more than 80 meters away from him, amazing. Samaruo would leap onto the roof tops, and continued so till eh would finally reach the top of a high building, there he would let his sense roam free, Nightshade, she was still home, Prim, she was walking around the Uchiha district, Viper, he could not sense him for some reason. Anyway, Samaruo was happy that he came across this ability.

At last the time had come, the sun was going down, and the many villagers and shinobi were heading to their homes. It was indeed time for Samaruo to do the same, perhaps he could mess around with Nightshade tonight, which he indeed looked forwarded too. Samaruo would make his way down off the roof top, back on top the hard ground floor. Samaruo would make his way home, while continuing to sense other effortlessly. Almost home Samaruo managed to sense another chakra signature nearby, it wasn't moving like the rest if them. What made this more concerning was that he sensed this person around a back alley corner, Samaruo made his way their to investigate. When he got there he would look down to see yet another abandoned child, twice in one day. Samaruo really felt concerned for this village's safety, there were too many children left unattended. Samaruo would reach down towards the kid, placing his left hand on his left shoulder, asking him if he was alright, "Are you alright, are you lost?" The kid replied, "I'm not lost, but my cat is, I miss her." The boys cried a bit for he really did miss his cat. A cat? Samaruo did indeed remembering sensing a cat in the village market district, right under the barber's stall, it was the kid's lucky day. "It your lucky day, I remember seeing a cat near the market district, if we hurry, we could catch it and bring it back home to you." The boy would stand up quickly, begging Samaruo to come along with him to the market district, to fetch the cat, "Come on mister, we haven't got all day", The boy would sprint all the way over to the market, along with Samaruo trailing behind.

When the two would finally get there, the kid would wonder off towards each stall looking under it to see if the cat was their or not. Samaruo, would casually make his way over to the barber's closed stall, only to look under the stall to see. when he would get on both knees and bend down, he lift the curtains to find a white cat, still curled up against it. Samaruo called the boy over, telling him the cat was here, "Hey kid, its over here." The kid would dash right over, grabbing the cat that was a little against going back home with him, but could not say much with he strength difference being so high, it favored the boy. The boy would thank Samaruo as he made his way back home, with that at in hand, finally it was over.

Samaruo would too head back home, his chakra sense were way over developed, meaning he had done his job today. Samaruo could sense anything he wanted, meaning it would be quite rare fro anyone to startle him now. "Till next time", Samaruo said, as he made his way home, wondering about what he could do next time.

[My word count is 1513, 7 stats, 15 jp, and Chakra Senses mastered.]
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
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Training Topic (Closed)  - Page 3 Empty Re: Training Topic (Closed)

Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:58 pm
Samaruo Uchiha
Samaruo Uchiha
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Training Topic (Closed)  - Page 3 Empty Re: Training Topic (Closed)

Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:04 pm
It had been while for the Uchiha, he walked with purpose in his steps. The purpose being to become stronger, in the ways of ninjutsu, to use more combat related techniques other than jutsu. Yes Samaruo new a few techniques in the class of ninjutus, but he was not skilled enough to use higher class of ninjutsu. He would need to accomplish this if he wanted to become like Viper Uchiha. His skilled ability to command fire as if it was an extention of his body was truly amazing. Samaruo wished to aquire this ability for himself, incase he too would need use of this ability. Using powerful ninjutsu like that is a plus for a genjutsu user like him self. If he was able to use power genjutsu and ninjutsu, Samaruo would indeed become a powerful hybrid. A shinobi both skilled in the art of ninjutsu and genjutsu, one without weakness in both fields, Samaruo smiled at the thought. Samaruo was dressed in his normal villages clothes, no need to wear his special combat equipment for he wasn’t going out on any missions today. No, it was a training regiment he wanted to undergo. His village head band was secured tight to his forehead, the metal section shining due to the sun’s rays. The day was young too as well, not even lose to the afternoon, ye not to earlier in the mourning, the perfect time to train. He did of course keep a few weapons on him, all secured in a small little pouch he held strapped to his back side. His clothes being all black, the high collered shirt which every Uchiha seemed to wear no a days. Really, it only seemed to be Samaruo, maybe it was because of old school ways. No matter, he preferred the traditional ways, it was more simple. No Samaruo was not fond of change, but keeping traditions alive was a sign of respect to his ancestors. Samaruo just couldn’t wait to get the day started with his training, the urge to become just like Viper was pulsating. Then a sudden thought entered Samaruo’s head, Johnny, what was he up to now. Samaruo would have been more than happy to train Johnny this day, that was if he would have showed up. It would have been a great chance to help hone his skills, to help challenge him to become the shinobi he aspired to be, like his parents. Samaruo had a duty to help the boy become strong, he did wipe his memory, well suppress it. For now, Johnny was Samaruo’s adopted little brother, till the time would come where Johnny would be able to handle the truth, that he was responsible for not only destroying a section of his own district, but must bare the horror of knowing his true parents died in action during a secret covert mission. Samaruo then looked up in front of him, seeing the gates of the training grounds, it was time to get started.

Once Samaruo arrived to to the training grounds, the richly grass plains that stretched from miles, he wondered a bit to secure a good spot to train. Ninjutsu, how was he going to do it? Then, Samaruo looked around his surroundings, till finally deciding to target a tree, that would be used for a target. With sudden flicks and tricks of his hands, the nessecary hand signs would be formed. Then, Samaruo inhaled, kneeing all the chakra inside his core area, only to release it through his mouth while he held the seal of confrontation to it with his right hand. When he released it, a giant orb begun to form, an orb of fire. The orb grew even bigger, gaining more and more power, till finally Samaruo released. As he released it, the orb was sent flying towards the tree, only to crash into it. The would echoed deep with the forest behind where the tree once stood. As the smoke cleared, that was made from the attack, all that was left was a charred tree that was knocked down by Samaruo. With that, Samaruo sighed at his feat, he would n eed to do more than this to become more powerful. It was always more, more, more, more. Nothing was ever accomplished on the first try, you always had to push yourself to the limits, nothing came easy. Samaruo had always know this, but he figured that was there a way to be bless by the fates, to be simply handed something, nothing was that good to be true. Samaruo paced around a bit, readying himself for his next attack. And so it happened again With sudden flicks and tricks of his hands, the nessecary hand signs would be formed. Then, Samaruo inhaled, kneeing all the chakra inside his core area, only to release it through his mouth while he held the seal of confrontation to it with his right hand. When he released it, a giant orb begun to form, an orb of fire. The orb grew even bigger, gaining more and more power, till finally Samaruo released. As he released it, the orb was sent flying towards the tree, only to crash into it. The would echoed deep with the forest behind where the tree once stood. As the smoke cleared, that was made from the attack, all that was left was a charred tree that was knocked down by Samaruo. Samaruo then had enough of this game, and decided to move on to a more different task. No way was he going to do this over and over again, like some simple drone. There had to be more to training than this, Samaruo, with a blast, jolted into the forest, in search of finding something more challenging to do. Yes blasting fire balls at trees was testing him slightly, but he needed something, well, something more. Samaruo smiled a bit at his statement. Not to long ago was he talking to himself about wanting more and more.

As his form glided through the forest, with each step he brushed off the branches of the trees, carrying onwards and onward to yet an unknown destination. What was he to do now, As he took a step he then decieded to use his other fire ball variant, what else was he to do? Perhaps he could increase his chakra reserves, that’s if he could. Samaruo, was born with an unbelievable amount of chakra reserves. The tests and studies show that he could cast over 100 fire balls from his mouth a day, and still have enough chakra to do some more. Most jounin level shinobi could only dream of doing such. However, there is a flaw in Samaruo’s ability. You see, samaruo was also born with below average stamina, yes he had the ability to cast over 100 fire balls, but he couldn’t physically do it without passing out. Such a thorn he had at his side. Samaruo, coming back from his train of thought, decided to carryout what he had planned to do today, the mastering of ninjutsu. Samaruo weaved a few handsigns at a good speed, once he did so, Samaruo then leaped from the lst log he stepped on, his form twirling in mid air like a free bird, expelling countless miniature fireballs from his mouth, hitting tree after tree. Of course, he would not hit the tree where he would land on. Once he landed, his eyes would not be the same. His sharingan was revealed. His three tomoe sharingan was activated the moment he leaped from the branch. With it, Samaruo was able to track and pin point everything around his person , allowing him to hit the trees with out fail. Samaruo then deactivated his eyes, returning them back to the coal black eyes that he was accustomed to show to the public. The trees were set ablaze, that they all formed a rng like pattern, forming all the way back to Saaruo were he stood. Yes, this was the results he wanted. He felt like he could do it again, amd come to thing of it, He deiced to do so. With this much practice, mastering the art of ninjutsu would be soon within his reach, no longer the simply wanting of mastery of ninjutsu, he was now within reach of it, doing so that he could become a master of ninjutsu. Samaruo then formed another set of hand signs, that he would use to blow fire from hs mouth in the form of a flamethrower, which he did. He did this so that he could burn another ring of fire around the already set flames, so that the two would burn each other out. Samaruo didn’t want to burn the whole forest down. After that, Samaruo then left the area, his form traveling like before so that he could find another area that was free to use. After a few moments of traveling, he finally reached a perfect area. Samaruo weaved a few handsigns at a good speed, once he did so, Samaruo then leaped from the lst log he stepped on, his form twirling in mid air like a free bird, expelling countless miniature fireballs from his mouth, hitting tree after tree. Of course, he would not hit the tree where he would landed on. Fter his repeated attempted, Samaruo also repeated the same steps he did in order to put the fire out. Samaruo felt different after that action, he flet more refined, more stronger. The ability to master the arts of ninjutsu, was now his. The many uses of fireballs allowed him to summon more flames, more flames to control. Samaruo knew this becauses the max amount of fireballs he could produce all at once was 6, just now he made a little over double that, 15. It was that clue that Samaruo was growing more powerful in the ways of ninjutsu.

After doing such for a long time, Samaruo then leaped away from the forest, planning to head back from which he came. He figured that now he had done what he had wanted to do and gained what he wanted, it was time to leave. Samaruo was proud of himself for doing this, becoming more stronger and more adept to the ways of ninjutsu. As he leaped from tree to tree, his thoughts came back to Johnny, where was he wondered. This would have bene the perfect chance for him, to learn like his brother did, to take on the world together. Thinking like that made im wonder how has he already grown so attached to Johnny? He had only known him for a while, but ever since then he could only grow more to him. It was almost as if that day, when they met at the juice stand, that they were somehow destined to be together, as brothers. Well, Samaruo would make sure that he would stand by him, protecting him no matter what, he would not share the same fate as Irou, that was a promise he made. Once Samaruo was free of the forest, he pause for a moment to look up at the sky, to see what time it was. It wasn’t really that late, infact it seemed as if it was not he mid day. Samaruo didn’t realize that he had done so much in such little time. With that, Samaruo casually walked towards the gate entrance of the training grounds, he figured why no get some rest in before he would set out to find Johnny, he was in need of some training. And as his big brother, slacking off was not allowed. Also, the thought of prim occurred as well, where was she, he hadn’t seen her in a while as well. Her and Nightshade, where the hell were they anyway? Samaruo made plans to go and see evry single one of these missing people, to see if they were all right. The Uchiha would then disappear into the oncoming crowd, a mastery of ninjutsu.

[My word count is 2010, 500 ryo, 20 JP, and Ninjutsu specialty unlocked.]
Samaruo Uchiha
Samaruo Uchiha
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Training Topic (Closed)  - Page 3 Empty Re: Training Topic (Closed)

Fri Dec 27, 2013 12:11 pm
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Training Topic (Closed)  - Page 3 Empty Re: Training Topic (Closed)

Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:44 am
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