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Kyosuke Uchiha
Kyosuke Uchiha
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Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE] Empty Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE]

Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:09 pm
Anko would find himself now lying in the Training Grounds of Sunagakure no Sato. So much history still rested here as Anko could look back just weeks ago when he was a mere Academy Student. Such a fortunate person he was, born with extraordinary intelligence and being able to live in a wealthy community, treated to the highest class possible. It was only a matter of time before Anko would find himself at the top in this community. He now found himself training alone for the time being as his Sensei had passed away only a few days ago. It was said he single-handedly fought off the largest of brigades wishing to destroy the village of Sunagakure no Sato. Times were tough for him though as his constant fighting caused him to lose a ton of oxygen each day. It was probably lung cancer that was responsible for his death, but that did not matter now. Anko now had to write a story of his own.

Anko would soar through the trees with his decently fast speed as he would go hunting. Rumor has it there are still those of evil roaming these streets, but are also told to be the easiest of the sinister shinobi to annihilate. That is probably why they were granted their entries. Sunagakure had the finest staff. The elders were gifts to Anko as they were very rewardant and kind. They were one of the only people Anko would actually talk to, for Anko was a perfectionist. Therefore, he would set very high standards and rulings for others that would approach him. Possibly an unkind act but a great one of reasoning. Shinobi in this world all had one common goal, and that was to stand out, not act like someone's slave for their entire life. For someone to gain Anko's trust, they would have to have the same traits as him, be loyal, and a guardian to their village just like Anko himself. That is the beginning of the story that Anko would wish to start off with, along with having it as the ending. Enough was said for that tale. Anko now had other things to attend to.

Anko as an Uchiha realized he would have to go through some painful things to succeed in his bloodline. The Sharingan he possessed would only grow through pain, self-esteem, and self-consciousness. However, it was a great treasure for Anko to hold. It represented family. He could remember his father having to go through the process. He would have to take action in performing lots of things a normal human being should not do, including killing the one most closest to him. At this moment, Anko now realized something. He could remember his father's excitement just before his family disappeared, and he did not remember ever seeing his mother leave his sight at the point where he was kidnapped right in front of his family. Anko's father actually killed the one most closest to him, his wife, Anko's mother, to gain the ultimate powers of the Sharingan. Anko would now remember a small fraction of his twin sister. She would constantly go out and night to be with the one she loved, Itachi. Anko did not like that man, for if he were really determined to her, then he would be here, with her, at this very moment. But now, Anko did not know where either one was. All he knew was that his travels had made him an emotionless man of silence, and Amane would be in this very village waiting for Anko's arrival. He could see it as he smiled for a brief moment, having pulled out the note of gratitude signed "Aniki."

Anko would spot some shinobi on the ground as he would run through the tree branches, running fast enough so none of them would hit him in the face or stun him. He would stand there, on a large tree branch as he would easedrop over these shinobi, for they would be huddled in a group. He could hear tiny whispers as he could only hear a few words, some of which were key. "Suna...village...destroy" These were the words that Anko would elaborate upon. He would jump down, still with a straight face as he would begin to speak. "You're caught! Run off and never return or face the consequences!" The shinobi would smile as the leader would walk a couple feet towards Anko. Anko would put his body in a fighting-style like gesture as the leader would chuckle. "Who are you to tell us what to do?" he laughed, "You're just a kid! We are an army of veteran missing-nin! What the hell kind of damage are you gonna do if we don't cooperate?!" Anko would still keep a straight face as nothing these folks would say would tamper with his mind, nor his attitude. "Let my skills do the talking..." Anko would pull two Heaven's Sorrow Ninjato from his weapon pouches as he would place his hand upon the blade of the one resting in his right hand, then use it to touch the ninjato blade resting in his left side. White flames would shroud around the two ninjato blades as Anko Uchiha was about to make his Jounin debut on these fools. He did not contain the power to release any element, but for now would allow the laws of physics and matter to aid him in this battle. Two shinobi would confront him as Anko Uchiha would spin in circles, while vertically make circular swings with his two ninjatos, causing the heavy air in the training grounds release a large sphere of fire upon the two shinobi facing him. The two would be knocked over as Anko would steady himself, the sand swirling around him as his movements had caused a mini tornado of sand to occur. As more shinobi marched, Anko would manipulate the mini tornado by quickly throwing the remaining three Heaven's Sorrow ninjato into the air. He would catch the handle of one of the three of the ninjato in his mouth with the ninjato pointing horizontally as he would catch the other two in the back of his legs, where his joints were. Anko Uchiha would perform a naturally created technique known as Inferno's Storm as he would use the ninjato to quickly move him through the area while spinning in circles. He would spin in tons of directions, creating different cycles of fire. Heat would rush through the opposing shinobi as the dance merged with the heating tornado of sand would create a gigantic spiral of fire, with a huge pulse of flames at the bottom, the pulse circling around Anko safely. Anko would jump in the air and swing with all blades, using his natural intelligence to release the heavy spiral and gigantic ball of flames at the brigade of shinobi. Anko would turn back as an explosion would occur behind him, blowing sandy trees into very far distances as Anko could see blood fall on the sand near him. Anko had accomplished a quick victory. One he would need as this was only the beginning of his tale. He would go through his textbook of ninja tools as he would go to the page of the ninjato. He would write the number "1" on the top left corner of the page, meaning it was now a favorited weapon. Anko would sure go through much more weapons in the future, for his love for weaponry was very great. He would walk further into the training grounds, lurking for another ordeal.

1270 words

6 JP, 5 Speed, and 1 Chakra
The Robin Hood
The Robin Hood
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Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE] Empty Re: Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE]

Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:29 am
Kyosuke Uchiha
Kyosuke Uchiha
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Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE] Empty Re: Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE]

Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:52 am

A flock of birds would rush through the sky after the big explosion that occurred, Anko Uchiha quickly disappearing into another area to avoid attention. Tons of trees would tear from there roots, bursting into the heavens as they would break into tiny pieces of wood, while others would bend from the extreme impact, keeping them firm in that odd position. Anko could feel a rush of adrenaline flow through him as his energy had pumped up. He could feel it in his legs as he had seen himself run faster, excluding the tactic he had made with the five ninjato. He would take the ninjato, all into a single hand as he would put them into his weapon pouch. The sand would rush into the air as it would splatter on Anko's face. He was disgusted as he would rub it off, then take a white cloth which he would hold over his mouth, light enough to still maintain good breathing as the sand storms became heavier.

Anko would think more about himself and his sister every moment. He would look into a small puddle of water, strangely located in this sort of environment, and probably suited for wanderers who couldn't afford beverages. He could see a reflection of himself as he would see his Sharingan, no tomoe on it. He knew he could progress with these eyes. However, in order to do so, sooner or later he would have to kill the one closest to him. He did not want to have to kill his sister, for although they haven't seen each other much, he still recognized her as a very bright person. Then a thought came to him. One of which would not involve his sister whatsoever, but rather someone else. Anko would foresee what he wanted to. He would make a good friend as a distraction from his sister, a best friend that he would always venture with, then kill him on the spot to obtain the Mangekyo Sharingan, not having to worry about it again. Very painful things would occur before Anko's eyes in the future, but he could handle it, for he was an Uchiha. There was even more to it than that. He would succeed in mastering the Sharingan overall, and use the power of his ancestors to stand out in the world.

Many shinobi would suddenly charge into the area that Anko settled in. Anko Uchiha would immediately put himself in preparation for battle as these men would charge. Again, Anko would perform the Inferno Storm Dance. He would throw all five Heaven's Sorrow Ninjato he contained into the air, catching two on the back of the leg joints, one in his mouth, and the remaining two in both hands, all handled safely. He would then use the ninjato to guide him as he would add a little boost to the dance this time. He would advance the tactic as he would channel more lightning and chakra into it. The flames would cause smoke to rise into the air, creating thunder clouds as it would only power the lightning shroud three of the five ninjato Anko Uchiha held. As the lightning got stronger, he would channel more fire into the lightning ninjato in order to create mixtures, causing a very light, electrifying heat wave that would launch itself at the shinobi. It would knock them out like bowling pins as Anko Uchiha would use the ninjato to leap himself off of the ground along with his blades, grasping them all into his two palms, placing them back into his weapon pouches as he would descend back to the ground.

Anko found the dangers of these training grounds much easier than expected. He would continue walking, still thinking about his Sharingan. What painful moments would he have to go through? This was yet to be discovered. Anko Uchiha would walk through the several pathways of the sandy training grounds, courtesy of Sunagakure no Sato. Something was up as Anko Uchiha would look up high into the trees. Surrounding him at every tree branch he saw were shinobi, starring him down but not making a single form of movement. As he would stare off into space he would hear a sudden "AARRGGHHH!" as he would quickly turn his head forward, see a man charging at him, then use his Substitution technique to avoid the attack. "Who are you?" Anko asked, looking into the face of the man whom had just attempted to kill him. The man would laugh, covering his eyes as he would start to reveal his identity. With his middle two fingers, he would open them, revealing one eye he contained. "Mangekyo...SHARINGAN...father?" Anko stood back, becoming angry as he was facing the man responsible for killing his mother. Recognizing the skill of this form of the Sharingan, Anko realized the several unique capabilities his father had, standing before him. However, there was one flaw he noticed with the Sharingan, and that was body reaction. The Sharingan is great for perception. However, although the Sharingan user can see the attack, they cannot always react quick enough to dodge the attacks they encounter firsthand. It had been several years, but his father looked like he was already an elder. However, Anko would not allow that to change his game. "If you don't remember my name, which you probably don't considering how much time you spent outside other than with your family, but it's Hagane." There it was, the key to remembering all about this man. There was a reason why Anko never wanted to be with his family, other than Amane. His mother always seemed frightened, not of him but how the family was running. It was unfortunate she did not know what was going on. Anko would make a fist as she looked just like Amane, but Anko wasn't brave enough to see that his father, Hagane, wanted to kill her out of all people for power. "You bastard!" Anko shouted, "You could've cheated on my mother to kill someone for that Mangekyo for all I care! My mother meant something to me! But you just treated her like a doll! She is probably looking down on you right now, still holding a grudge, just like the rest of your family! Amane is gone, I'm protecting her from your evil at this very moment! It's time I avenge my mother, and kill you!" Hagane would continue to laugh until Anko would quickly make a swords dance with the ninjato, then stab him in the left shoulder, then backflip away. "That should shut you up!" Anko shouted. He had never felt this much pain before. He would cover his left eye as he did not realize what was going on with him at the current moment. He was a man of silence. "Your mother was useless!" Hagane chuckled, "I NEVER loved her. I needed power, she loved me, advantages right?" Anko would tear up hearing these words. "My mother was not useless! She is the one I pray to every night, and why? Because she is a saint. I know her history. She saved many lives, worked and only worked for a living. When she finally had the opportunity, she found someone she thought she loved. Unfortunately for her, she had to be with a monster like you! Now look at me! Amane and I were born as your kids, but do not wish to be anymore. That's why I have a guardian by my side, not someone messed up like you! I swear to God, no matter how much power you have, at this very moment, I will come out victorious, for I have something to protect!" As Anko was saying this, his father along with a slew of Shadow Clones would come after him. The speed of both Hagane and his clones were quick. With his great perception, Anko was able to fight off the Shadow Clones, but as they would fade away, more would come. Anko would eventually fight all but three off, two piercing him in each hand, then one on the left foot before Anko would kill them. "AAAARRRGGHH!" Anko would shout as blood would drip quickly from his hands and his foot. "That is enough! I am going to kill you, here and now!" As he would shout this, he would hear his own words come slowly to his ears as he could feel his vision change. He would look back down at the puddle of water. He would see his Sharingan, this time with one tomoe as he was now ready to finish this off before treatment. Quickly with his Ninjato, he would perform the same dance, purposely, knowing his father would counter. His father would make a sinister smile as he would quickly attempt to decapicate Anko through his dance. However, as he would make the swing, using the swords to guide his movements, he would quickly swing himself back, keeping his grip within the swords into the ground, thereby forming a reversing arch with his body, then come back up to swing two blades he was holding onto into the chest of his father. Blood would run down his father Hagane's mouth as he could not believe what just happened. "I...I...I..T-TOLD...YOU!" Anko shouted, "I...WIN!" Anko would finish the fight off as he would pull the ninjato out of his father's chest, then decapicate him with the same ninjato. With blood still dripping down his hands and his left foot, he would begin to quickly leap to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

1606 words

8 JP, 8 Speed

Requesting approval for 1st tomoe

[Exiting for now due character's to painful injuries, but returning]
Kino R. Kyodo
Kino R. Kyodo
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Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE] Empty Re: Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE]

Sun Aug 05, 2012 1:58 pm
Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE] Untitl16 Unless approved
Kyosuke Uchiha
Kyosuke Uchiha
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Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE] Empty Re: Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE]

Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:27 pm

Now with his arms wrapped with healing utilized white cloth, and his left foot slightly numb, Anko Uchiha was back on his travels to becoming the best shinobi he could be. To see his father still standing after seeing him kill his own wife, Anko's mother, depressed him deeply, but like always, would not be shown on the outside. Only when he gained his first tomoe, which was only mere moments ago, did he ever show emotion. Also, to show that he did not care for Anko's mother at all as he was married to her was a disgrace. Although Anko Uchiha only saw her through a fantasy, he knew it was at least similar to her personality. He would always keep her in his thoughts as he now had two suns; Amane Uchiha and his mother. Both of these family members he would care for from now on, especially Amane as she had taken the appearance of their mother.

As his father would be bleeding heavily on the ground, dead miles away from Anko Uchiha, he would proceed to his next tasks. His personality would slightly change now as seeing that his father had the Mangekyo Sharingan, Anko Uchiha would quickly grow as a shinobi, ensuring he would be not only at that stage, but better in skill as he did not even know how to release jutsu yet, only channel it into his attacks. Anko Uchiha would begin running down the forest. He would need to learn that reacting to pain only makes you look weak, and gives the opponent an advantage. Luckily, his opponent was too old to accomplish that. As Anko was running, faster and faster, he could see many shadows lying ahead. He would pause as he would see every single one of them had crimson eyes, and there were four of them, two tomoe each. Although the Mangekyo Sharingan was stronger, these people were Anko's age. Anko would begin to recognize them. He would see one hiding back as he would point her out. "You aunt!" Anko would remember something about her. He could remember hearing her voice constantly, but for what? Oh yes, it was for treats. She was a very kind aunt. Her name was Luji. A weird name for a lady, but she was very the time. He could remember the constant gifts she would give to him. It was almost as if she was donating his inheritance to him. But why? Anko now remembered something else. He could remember being trapped in a sealed box, with only a few breathing holes on a helicopter. He could remember commands from someone who seemed to have a really bad voice. He would listen to his aunt as she pretended she wasn't there. "TALK TO ME!" Anko Uchiha shouted. "W-WHA?" She replied, realizing she had just given away something very important. Anko Uchiha was startled as he could not believe it. His aunt was disguising her voice back on the chopper to the stranded island. For a lady that would give him constant gifts, why would he have him sent to a stranded island, only to know he was being watched to be taken to the Ninja Academy years later? Before he could speak, she would.

"You are not supposed to be where you are right now. I gave you everything you wanted so you would be in agony at the very end, for those who start off spoiled are the ones with the most pain when they are left with nothing! My job was to make a gifted child look like trash. You weren't supposed to become a shinobi. Also notice how much pain you went through as a child. All you did was study, with my gifts standing next to you. Do you know why that happened? Because security was standing by. I stole everything, put your life in pain, was responsible for turning your father's life around, was responsible for teaching him the curse that got his wife killed, and was responsible for making you alone. That was my duty. To make the best out of a child, then give him pure pain. Unfortunately, you gained your powers too quickly, so I have more reason to kill you now!" Anko simply made a smirk to the long speech his aunt offered. He could see she differed from everyone else. Her Mangekyo Sharingan, and the group of four other shinobi with two tomoe each. They four shinobi that stood before her strangely looked the exact same. Are they clones?! What is going on?!

Anko was now in his second battle with a family member, this time one even worse than his father. He would look at the four shinobi before him, slowly approaching him. All of their eyes would suddenly gain a third tomoe as Anko Uchiha knew exactly what was happening from this point on. The third tomoe on the Sharingan meant that one could copy another's abilities, except for their Kekke Genkai. This did not matter however to the other shinobi, for they did not wish to copy Anko's one tomoe Sharingan, that would only weaken them in perception. Each one would suddenly channel chakra into their hands, forming small orbs of bright flames in their palms. They would throw them as they would stick to the ground. Anko could feel himself become numb as heat rose dramatically. He had no idea what the hell was happening. He would quickly perform a quick dance with his ninjato, carefully avoiding the flames as steam would still rush through his body. Anko would struggle as his heart was racing inside, but Anko could maintain it. He would quickly recover as one of the three tomoe shinobi would charge at him. Anko would dive at him with his ninjato, spinning in the air as flames would rush through the tips of the blades, creating a large ambush of flames that would rifle right through the shinobi, the speed not very fast but the intensity too much to handle and avoid. As the air would cause the flames to cool, a quick spark would launch off of the first ninjato Anko pulled out, stunning another enemy. Before other shinobi could approach, Anko would quickly throw one of his ninjato at the stunned shinobi, killing him, meaning there were now two down. Surprisingly enough, Anko was maintaining himself easily, too easily for that matter. As he would suddenly smell smoke, he would see flames run through the sand, making the area blazing hot as the one who used the shinobi would kill himself in the process, hoping to create a suicidal technique from the majorly intense heat. Anko would be hit ruthlessly with heat as he would quickly throw his cloak onto a tree branch of a sandy tree nearby. As he could not move with his feet, he would use his ninjato to move for him. Maintaining his balance upside down, he would have his ninjato guide him towards the enemy as the remaining two before his aunt did not have much to do. Once Anko would reach the cooler area, his bandages now completely burnt away but luckily absorbant enough to not keep any flames on Anko's skin, he would throw his ninjato along with himself off the ground, then raise his arms as he would slice through both shinobi unexpectedly, throwing two ninjato into the air in order to kill the two who had nearly burnt him alive.

The match was not over. Anko would quickly retrieve all of the ninjato he threw before his aunt would start attacking him. Her quick speed would surpass Anko as quick, small bursts of heat would rush through him, causing him to suddenly feel burning in his inner core, his adrenaline rushing. Anko would become burnt constantly, his skin turning bright red. He would smile as he would begin to realize how stupid this technique was. The constant flames from his aunt's techniques would cause thunder clouds to appear. As this would occur, Anko would quickly raise a ninjato, creating connectivity with the thunder clouds as lightning would flash over the land, revealing Anko's aunt's location quickly. Anko would slide his leg, tripping his aunt over as he would feel her body become boiling hot. Anko's right leg would become numb as the heat would cause the entire leg to numb up. Anko would quickly finish her off as he would sustain the heat, stabbing his hand in the back as she would scream. "Nightmares..always...vanish...." Anko Uchiha would grin as he would stand back up, using his left leg to guide him as he needed time to cool off his right leg. He could feel his eyes pump once more as a new tomoe would appear. Pain through the inner core and challenging one family member whom always caused Anko pain secretly, the only family member who Anko thought would never do a bad deed caused him to receive his second tomoe. He would laugh as his family issues should be over now, or at least he thought.

1522 words

8 JP, 8 Strength

Requesting Claiming of Second Tomoe
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE] Empty Re: Anko Uchiha's Training Topic [PRIVATE]

Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:09 pm
You don't get stats and JP for Sharingan activating. So remove the stats and JP you gained from first Tomoe

Approved Second Tomoe, no stats or JP gained though.
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