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Umtari’s Training  Empty Umtari’s Training

Sun Jul 29, 2012 2:16 pm
Umtari was a man who was keen on hiding, not allowing anyone to quite work out where he was for as long as possible. This would make it easier for him to position himself for and ambush, a well-placed shot or make it easier to stalk people. Plus, should things go wrong, making it difficult for the enemy to quite pin you down would make it easier to slip away. There were an array of techniques and skills that could help Umtari achieve this. For the moment though he was going to focus on just one such technique. The Chakra Suppression Technique was a D ranked jutsu but one that seemed essential. If Umtari could pull it off then he would be able to completely supress his chakra, making him almost impossible to sniff out as it were. Combining this with his natural affinity for sneaking about and his camouflaged clothing and he would become very difficult to spot. Now he just had to work out how to do it.

His first stop was an old mainstay of his, the library. Searching through the archives and dusty shelves Umtari eventually hit upon a text which lay out the basic theory behind this technique. It was as Umtari suspected it would be. Simply attempting to stop the chakra flowing out of the various points on your body through which it naturally flowed would be insufficient. It would be like trying to plug a leak in a dam with a cork, your body just made too much. The real talent lay in suspending the creation of chakra as much as was possible and slowing the flow of what chakra was still created down to glacial speeds. This was a surprisingly hard ask, Umtari and his fellow shinobi had spent years making their chakra flow well and naturally, to suddenly put a halt to what had become instinct would be difficult. Thinking on the problem Umtari decided the first step, though arguably the hardest, would be to prevent his physical and spiritual energy mixing as much as was possible. The problem was that this was a natural process that occurred in all people, even children.

Umtari had however, been taught to amplify this process, make it more efficient. Logically if he reversed this enhancement techniques or suspended them he should at least be able to slow production down if not stop it all together. Sitting on the cold library floor Umtari closed his eyes and remembered his lessons. Finding his centre was easy, once he had found it he could acutely feel the energies swilling and blending like two rivers coming together. This ended up creating a constant regular spiral of chakra which could be fed out to the chakra circulatory system. Concentrating hard Umtari tried to fed his spiritual energy into the spiral in such away as that it would go against the flow, either slowing the spiral or throwing it into chaos. It took a while to do, Umtari had become so a tuned to feeding the energy in efficiently that to do otherwise was unnatural.

Eventually though he managed to do it, the outside of the spiral was thrown into disarray and only the core kept on spinning. Umtari’s body did not react well to this, he suddenly felt quite unwell, like a man who had eaten bad food. His head ached slightly, this was not something his body was supposed to be doing. He could only keep it up for a while before he was forced to relax, like a man breathing after holding his breath for far too long. The flow of chakra returned to normal and Umtari slumped forward, taking a moment to recover. It was an encouraging first step but he needed to be able to do that without the adverse physical reaction. He decided the best way to overcome this problem was through brute force repetition, slowly increasing the time he had to hold until his body became used to the sensation.

Remaining in the library this was exactly what he did, time after time but he was pushing himself to fast. After a while he was breaking out into cold sweats and he felt like he was going to vomit. Deciding not to be in the library when either of those things happened he stalked over to his quarters and collapsed on his bed with a sigh. Thankfully the vomiting never came but he lay there for a while, just in case, letting his head sort itself out. But he was not done yet, as soon as he felt able he sat upon the floor and returned to his training. Leaving longer pauses now between attempts he noticed he was becoming noticeably less nauseated and his head was clearer. Umtari had an unfortunate habit of getting obsessed over things though, particularly when he felt he was behind target. As a result he ended up working quite late into the night but he got there eventually, he was able to radically reduce his chakra production without feeling ill. Tomorrow he would have to learn to stop what little he was making from coming out of his body.

The next day Umtari awoke feeling refreshed, invigorated and encouraged. He had made good progress yesterday, even if it had taken its toll, and he felt the lion’s share of the work was done. Now he simply needed to add the finishing touches. With chakra production having sharply fallen the chakra coils, which settled alongside the major organs and were used to store chakra until ready for use, would be able to store energy for much longer before they reached capacity. This was simple to achieve, the coils should do that by themselves without any concentrated effort. But even they were not perfect and keeping in energy, no system ever was, some would leak out and try to flow out through the chakra points. These chakra points needed to be sealed, the problem was how.

Umtari had always thought of them like sweat pores, the stuff just flowed out and you did what you could with it when it arrived. Perhaps this approach was no longer helpful, it locked Umtari into a way of thinking which was quite helpless. Perhaps thinking of them as tiny doors, or better yet valves, to be opened and closed to varying degrees was better. The problem then was he had to work out how to open and close them. He knew it was possible, doing so was a regular matter for the Hyuga clan, but he was no Hyuga. He quickly dismissed the idea of issuing individual orders to each point, that was well beyond him for now. Instead a blanket command would be easier. He sat there, willing them to just shut but nothing happened….. nothing continued to happen.

Just willing it to happen was not going to work, Umtari had to find a different method. Locating his centre once more Umtari felt out from his near inactive core and followed the tiny trickles of chakra along their pathways. Once they had passed the storage coils he pictured them to be running along a dark tunnel with a light at the end, a light into the wider open world. With that image clear in his mind Umtari started to force the image to change, the tunnel entrance started to close as if a boulder were rolling over it, the tunnel got darker and darker until eventually it fell into pitch black. Suddenly Umtari felt different somehow, had he done it? Something had changed but he did not quite know what. He needed to test this ability, see if it was working.

Thankfully in this village there was no shortage of test subjects. But before he went about stalking various people he decided simply to ask someone. Relaxing his ability for the moment Umtari stalked over to the academy, just for a short while. Class would be breaking about now and his old teachers would either still be hanging about or just leaving. Pushing his way past the small throng of pupils glad to be free he found an old teacher of his. He was an old man, an experienced shinobi in his own right but age was getting the better of him now, his mind was still sharp but his muscles just couldn’t keep up anymore. Anyway, Umtari walked over to the man and, after exchange pleasantries, demonstrated the suppression technique thus far and asked how it was coming along. His old instructor took a few moments to ponder that question before nodding slightly and saying.

“It’s good Umtari, It’s good but not perfect. In a town like this with busy people bustling about you may be able to slink by unnoticed but out there, in the open, a keen observer will spot you. Every now and again a tiny spurt of chakra escapes. It’s like you have closed it in but there are random cracks. Practice will solve that though.”

Umtari nodded his agreement, he understood the problem and what to do about it. Thanking the man he retired to his chambers and resumed his practice. Shutting the chakra points time after time he would then focus and try to identify where the cracks were appearing. After a while Umtari realised the cracks were not as random as his instructor had at first believed. They were appearing in his feet and the backs of his knees. Reflecting on how he was thinking of his body when visualising closing all chakra points he realised the bottom of his feet and the backs of his knees went neglected. Why went unexplained but it did not matter, he knew the problem now and had an idea as to how to fix it. All he would have to do would be to concentrate a little more on those areas when first closing down his chakra points, then all should be well.

He spent the next few hours doing this, checking he was indeed closing down all points but also working on doing it faster every time. Visualising the whole process took a few seconds and he might have to do it instantly one day. After a while though he was at last happy with his progress and retired for the evening. The next day he would put his newly learned talents to the test, stalking more experienced shinobi and hoping to go unnoticed.

When the next day came Umtari had to confess to a slight sense of unease. He was about to intentionally muck around with senior ranking men who were significantly more powerful than he was. Heaven only knows what would happen if he was caught and the man who caught him happened to have no sense of humour. Still though, it was a risk worth taking. Heading out to the rooftops he decided to pick his victim. He had immediately ruled out anyone on official business, he did not want to interfere with their important and perhaps vital tasks. Instead he would pick a man who was off duty but who was none the less moving around.

After some time searching the perfect opportunity presented itself, one of the wall guards was just coming off duty and was walking into town. Lying low on the rooftops Umtari concentrated for a moment and commenced the chakra suppression technique. Then, he began to stalk the guard. All seemed to go well, the man stopped at one point to buy groceries and seemed utterly unaware of Umtari. Indeed, no one else was paying him any attention either. Continuing his tailing he followed the man to the ramen bar and then eventually home. It had been a successful test but mindful of the academy instructor’s word he wanted to make sure that someone who was actively looking for him could not find him.

Gathering grit and small stones from the roof Umtari waited a while before throwing them at the man’s window. It was not enough to break it but it was enough to make a racket and cause the annoyed man to come and see what was going on. Opening the window the guard looked about, down at the street checking for kids and even scanning the rooftops knowing some students and young shinobi liked to play games up there. He was giving the area an intense sweep and presumably looking for chakra as well as a simple body. But after a minuite or two the guard simply shook his head saying.

“Gah, I must be going mad.”

Before closing the window and returning to his business. A broad grin crossed Umtari’s face. It had worked.

((Word count for this post 2111))
Gnome King Zack
Gnome King Zack
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Umtari’s Training  Empty Re: Umtari’s Training

Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:03 pm
Is this okay for me to check?
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Umtari’s Training  Empty Re: Umtari’s Training

Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:39 pm
Oh of course it is. I did not know I had to flag it up for checking. It should all be up to code, enough to train the jutsu. If not I'm happy to do what I must.
Kashou Terumi
Kashou Terumi
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Umtari’s Training  Empty Re: Umtari’s Training

Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:10 pm
(Just sayin, no jutsu training required.) 10 chakra, ten JP
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Umtari’s Training  Empty Re: Umtari’s Training

Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:58 pm
Umtari had allways known that speed was important, if not vital. Armies lost or won whole campaigns not based on the number of men or quality of troops but on how fast they could march, the same was true of shinobi. He had to be able to outmanoeuvre and evade his foes, especially since Umtari had a near religious objection to straight fights. More importantly though his aim had to keep up with them. True enough, for now he could quite reliably put a bolt in almost any target moving at almost any speed he was likely to encounter, but that might not last. So, Umtari needed to find a way to improve both his movement speed and his reaction time. He thought for a while on how to do it when the idea hit him, kunai catching. To be fair it did not have to be kunai, it could be any kind of projectile, a stone, a piece of chalk, anything.

Someone would stand to the side of Umtari and at random intervals throw items downfield, items Umtari would have to catch. This would force the man to run fast in order to catch the items but his reactions would have to be honed as well, go to late and the item would be half way to the ground before Umtari had taken a step.

As was often the case Umtari needed help, specifically he needed someone to throw the items, and as almost as often the case Umtari conscripted a local boy into the job. With his assistant in place it was the work of a moment to find a few suitable starting projectile, lumps of wood were a good start, they could fly fast enough to make Umtari work but not so fast as to make it impossible. Dragging the boy out to some nearby fields the two then set about scavenging for a few suitably sized pieces before they began.

When they eventually started work the boy was a little grumpy and keen to spite Umtari so he threw the wood as hard as he could, thankfully he was just a child and so that was not very hard. Still though, the wood flew fast enough to make Umtari work for it, indeed the first time the wood thunk into the ground a few moments before Umtari got to the spot. Cursing his own sluggish reaction he picked back up the wood and returned to the boy, tossing the projectile to him casually before retaking his place. They boy was actively trying to get Umtari to do false starts, faking that he was throwing the wood and then pulling it back at the last moment. The kid was taking pleasure in making Umtari lurch forward and almost fall but Umtari’s patience was somewhat more limited with this pranking child, eventually prompting him to cry out.

“Just throw out the damn thing!”

This the child did immediately, catching Umtari on the back foot once more and causing Umtari to be slower than desired once again. Retrieving the wood Umtari placed it in the boy’s hands with an odd smile.

“You’re a trickster.” Umtari commented. “I can respect that, it is an incredibly useful skill to have. But learn how and when to apply it. This scenario calls for straight playing, so play it straight. This is quite a trivial scenario, no major consequence but you act like that in a more important occasion that demands straight playing and things are going to backfire massively on you kid. So keep it under control.”

The child remained silent, but complied for now. He was still throwing the log at random intervals but he was not actively fooling Umtari anymore. This time when the boy threw the wood Umtari was fast off the mark, his bow training had given him good reactions, but he was slower to close the gap. Umtari just missed the catch, indeed it was so close the wood fell on Umtari’s foot but Umtari’s thick and durable boots made the sensation negligible. Still though, the boy got a little giggle out of it but Umtari, straight faced as ever, just returned the wood and readied to go again. Come the second attempt Umtari had better fortune, sprinting forward he just got to the wood in time and managed to catch it, the catch was a bit of a fumble though. The wood bounced between his fingers and he almost dropped it, so much so that Umtari had to throw himself to the floor to catch the wood, but it was a catch none the less.

Still though, this was an unacceptably small margin of error, so returning to the child Umtari repeated the exercise. Every time he did so he improved slightly, catching the wood more and more comfortably. This process lasted a while and by the end Umtari was quite tired, he needed a rest. Walking over to the boy he lightly tapped him around the back of the head saying.

“All right kid, of you go. Come back here tomorrow, same time.”

The boy began to walk away, grumbling and clearly with no intention of coming back, noting this Umtari called out after him.

“Hey kid, you keep coming back and I might teach you something valuable!”

Only time would tell if this attempt at persuasion would end successfully. Thankfully though it was, and the boy returned, grumpy and a little doubtful that there would be any reward but he returned. This time around Umtari had brought something a little more aerodynamic than a small log, he had managed to scrounge a small ball about the size of a tennis ball from somewhere and tossed it towards the boy.

“Use this one today.” Umtari instructed before setting to work. The increase in difficulty was instantly noticeable The ball moved much faster. Again, Umtari’s reaction time was not the problem, he could likely shoot stuff like this out of the air. It was his running speed that posed the real problem. There was no real way to solve this other than sheer brute force repetition. At first it was a highly demoralising task. As fast off the line as he was he was simply coming nowhere near the ball, even when he started diving at the very last moment he would routinely fall short. Umtari knew of ways to improve his speed with chakra but that was a simple no go. He needed to be able to do this organically, in order to preserve his reserves of chakra for when they were really needed. Aside from the embarrassing failures and Umtari’s face becoming much too familiar with the dirt nothing much happened that day. Returning to his lodgings, frustrated and disappointed, Umtari arranged to repeat the process again tomorrow.

Showing up at the field Umtari repeated the process, today he was making improvements and on some isolated occasions even managed to get a finger or two on the ball before it hit the earth. Again progress was occurring but far too slowly for Umtari’s tastes. He wondered how others did it so effortlessly. Was he missing a trick here or had other put in as much effort as he was going to have to? If so how did they reach the giddy heights they now enjoyed? There was only so much the human body was capable of and people his age were sometimes moving so fast the eye could barely keep up. Motivated by a cocktail of frustration and jealously Umtari rose to his feet and barked out.

“Again boy!”

The young lad was a little intimidated by Umtari’s voice. He had seen the man a little wound up or frustrated before now but this time Umtari was angry, and with that came the implied threat of violence. Throwing the ball Umtari went after it, aggression powering his legs more than muscle or adrenalin. This time he got there, this time he caught the ball. Rather than gently toss the ball back to the boy Umtari overarm hurled it, causing the lad to flinch rather than catch and as such get hit square in the chest.

“Pity’s sake boy! Can’t take a man throwing a ball at you? If you are the future heaven help us. Again!”

Again the boy threw and again Umtari caught it. Throwing the ball back Umtari kept ordering the boy to throw it again and again and now, at last, Umtari was reliably catching the thing. After sometime however, Umtari realised something. He was catching a child’s ball, thrown by a child and until now it had posed genuine difficulty. Holding the ball in his hand Umtari stared at the thing before throwing it up in the air as hard as he could, bringing his cross bow up from the strap on which it hang and putting a bolt square through the centre before it hit the ground. Leaving it there on the earth Umtari paced around a little bit before turning on the boy and pointing at him.

“You. You go away and you find kunai, beg borrow or steal I don’t care just get them. Then come back here tomorrow. I’ll make good on my offer of payment then. Now go!”

The boy, grateful for an excuse to be free of the angry man with the lethal weapon, streaked off into the village under the fading sun whilst Umtari returned home, kicking the odd inanimate object on the way.

The next day the boy showed up like a goodun, Umtari was not about to apologise to the young lad for his behaviour the previous day. If the boy was upset he would just have to grow a thicker skin because for all his frustration Umtari was treating the kid better than 99% of the world ever would. Umtari however, would make good on his promise. Beckonig the young lad over Umtari squatted down next to him and said.

“Right kid, not for your payment.”

Umtari proceeded to teach the young boy the basics of kunai use, specifically throwing. Throwing it was easy, throwing it with accuracy and power required a slight knack. But the young boy was a fast learner and the knowledge imparted Umtari went about taping up the sides of the kunai, rendering them blunt.

“Okay kid. Same as before.” Umtari ordered and the exercise began. As Umtari had been expecting he started off being vastly out classed, the kunai cut through the air effortlessly but Umtari had to practically rip his legs apart with effort to get anywhere close. Again his reaction time was not the issue, as Umtari proved to himself by shooting one or two out of the air, it was his ground speed. All he could do was keep trying, keep finding little reserves of energy and effort which had as yet gone untapped and summoning them into his legs. He was sprinting every time and it began to wear him out fast. After every fifteen odd attempts he would have to stop and rest, panting like a dog locked in a car on a hot day.

But progress was being made, slow progress but progress none the less. Every time Umtari was getting closer to the kunai, he was still a way off but he was getting closer certainly. The ground underfoot was by now churned up, making the surface prone to shifting and unreliable, adding to the difficulty of the task. But this served only to improve Umtari’s satisfaction and moral when he continued to improve. Still though he was short, well short.

He continued to slog away with seer brute force repetition until towards the end of the day, as the sun dipped out if sight the lad threw a kunai. Umtari streaked after it like a greyhound, diving in an effort to catch it. But it was not to be, Umtari fell face forward whilst the kunai dug into the mud, landing just at Umtari’s fingertips. He had never gotten this close before, maybe there was hope for him after all.

(( 2013 words of speed training ready to be reviewed and approved, thank you.))
The Robin Hood
The Robin Hood
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Umtari’s Training  Empty Re: Umtari’s Training

Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:19 pm

10 speed and JP
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Umtari’s Training  Empty Re: Umtari’s Training

Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:53 am
Umtari had learnt a number of valuable lessons from his recent bout with Navi, one of his peers. In the fight Umtari had been confined to a single tree, and risked being swiftly defeated if he was flushed out. Of course fire did eventually force Umtari out of his hiding place and in to the open where he was at a distinct disadvantage. Things did not go as badly as they could have done but that was only due to some quick thinking and Umtari still had to visit a hospital afterwards to check his broken nose and his heat injuries. This was not a situation he could afford to let happen twice, particularly in anything more lethal than a training exercise. So he had sat and thought about what he would need to do in order to find away around this problem.

Simple things like substitution and body flicker were unacceptable, they still involved conventional movement all be it really fast. As such they could be detected, even stopped and intercepted if the opponent was fast enough. Umtari needed something which would allow him to simply slip away unnoticed and reappear equally unnoticed and a long way away. Teleportation was, for the moment, along way beyond Umtari. He was forced to turn to slightly more traditional solutions. Rummaging through the books of the library Umtari failed to find a solution to his problem. That was before he decided to turn to the history section. Not as much of the old world had survived as Umtari would have liked but as he picked his way through tales of the greatest ninja of old he came across mention of one man Orochimaru. A vile man by all accounts but with a certain ruthless intelligence, devious intuition and great skill and power all of which Umtari could easily respect. But the man himself was not Umtari’s concern for the moment, he consigned that to reading in his spare time, what Umtari was after today were techniques and there were intermittent mentions of the old snake using something which had been christened the attack prevention technique. Reports were sparse but it seemed the man could simply melt away into any piece of terrain he was touching before reappearing somewhere else, having moved at a speed well beyond what was normal. This was what Umtari needed. There was no mention of how it was done but to even know it was possible was an excellent start.

Umtari decided to start with what he believed would be the simplest terrain type, an open field of grass. Making his way to the location in question Umtari started to sit down in the gentle breeze and theorize. He needed to somehow turn himself into the earth beneath him, disassembling his body but retaining his chakra and his mind, then somehow swim through the earth and reassemble himself elsewhere. Umtari would be the first to admit it was a daunting prospect. Both technically difficult and potentially lethal, what if the technique fell apart whilst he was half submerged and he ended up stuck as this half formed monstrosity forever, or worse yet what if his mind fell apart under the earth and he died down there? He could not allow himself to become distracted by these thoughts. Instead he would just have to steel himself and press on.

Concentrating on the earth beneath him Umtari did his best to understand it. Those attuned to the earth did this all the time just as Umtari did with the wind. But whilst they could bend it to their will Umtari had to do no such thing today he just had to blend into it. Umtari’s initial attempts all ended in failure, though not the gory failure that could have happened. Umtari just kept on moving the earth away, making holes he would drop down into. It was nice to know he had the power to make an instant trench but this was in no way what he was after.

Thinking on the issue further Umtari tried to work out what was going wrong. His mind grappled with the issue for a few minutes before an idea hit him. He could only adequately express it through a metaphor however. The ground was rocks and Umtari himself was a rock, trying to bludgeon himself a hole through the ground, shoving other rocks out the way and ultimately getting nowhere. If however, Umtari could somehow be like water and trickle around the rocks, flowing freely, then he might be able to get somewhere. The idea did not seem like a particularly good one. After all if Umtari could not properly express it and had to resort to lazy imagery how reliable could it be? But he was running out of options.

Rising to his feet once more Umtari stood in the field and tried to picture the image, nothing happened, nothing continued to happen. It was going to take a little more than pretty picture to get this done. Running with the same core idea Umtari put some chakra into his feet and imagined it flowing gently into the earth, taking tiny, microscopic bits of him with it. After a while picturing this Umtari began willing it to happen, pushing the chakra down out of his feet. His feet started to feel funny, like the ghost of a tickle. Keeping this up Umtari began to feel strange all over, it started like a tickle but now it felt like his body was golden syrup, melting into the ground. His mind was on the edge of panic but Umtari kept it in check by not allowing himself to think about what was happening but instead focus on the sensation. He had expected it to hurt, as each of his organs disintegrated, but it felt oddly pleasant.

Before he knew it he was beneath the earth and he could see! Umtari had expected to be either entirely blind or at best be seeing nothing but the dirt in pitch black. But instead Umtari could see the world above. It was a strange sight, like a negative outline image. If he thought about it for too long it threatened to hurt so instead Umtari just went with it. He instinctively knew which was up and which was down, where the ground was, the sky from a tree. It all made glorious simple sense down here, he could get used to this. Fixing on a nearby point Umtari started to drift towards it. He felt like he was passing through nothing at all, the earth had less resistance than water when he went swimming. Still though, baby steps. Umtari was not about to risk everything collapsing by going too fast to soon and he wanted to get out of here just to know he could.

When he reached his destination he envisaged his chakra flowing up, out of his head, taking tiny bits of him with it just as before. Then he started to make it happen. Coming together felt just as strange as falling apart. The shift from underground vision back to normal sight was particularly jarring but he dealt with it and kept rising until he was eventually entirely materialised. Looking about him slowly Umtari stood like a man shocked. It took him a few seconds before reality seemed to catch up with him, whereupon Umtari rapidly started tapping all his limbs just to make sure they were really all there. Satisfied that he was indeed whole Umtari fell freely onto his back and lay in the grass, chuckling slightly and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

He was a little amazed that he was still alive, but he was not going to question it too hard. After having composed himself he drifted into the earth again and moved faster this time, faster than he had even moved conventionally. It was like he was flying, only not. He twisted and turned, rose and fell, curved around. It was fantastic. He eventually emerged some distance away, gliding up with an easy confidence. It was easier now, so much easier.

Walking over to the nearest tree Umtari lent against it and started to repeat the process. It felt different this time, but he had been expecting that. This was due to the different nature of the terrain he was blending into. The outer surface was denser, much harder to mould with and the grain of the wood presented some additional difficulties, it kept trying to syphon him away prematurely. As such it was difficult to just fall into the wood as he had with the earth. He had to push a little harder this time. Returning to his metaphor of water and rocks it was like blasting the water in at high pressure, not enough to move or crack the rocks but enough to take advantage of tiny fissure and pre-existing weal points. This required more effort on the part of Umtari but sure enough he began to sink into the bark and eventually slide completely out of view. Once beneath the wood movement was as easy as ever and after rocketing about for a few moments he manifested himself once more.

This done Umtari decided to progress to what he believed would be the hardest type of terrain of all to mix into, solid rock. After having blended into a tree however, it proved surprisingly easy. Rock was similarly resistant only more so, and so Umtari reasoned that all he would have to do would be apply the same methods as earlier but with yet more force. At first Umtari was a little overzealous with his application of chakra and the problem he had in the first place started to repeat, which caused him to shatter the rock beneath. Moving to a fresh rock Umtari repeated the process, only now with a little more control. It took some time and a lot of trial and error but eventually Umtari managed to find the perfect amount of effort and force to apply, whereupon he sunk down into the rock just as he had done with the other surfaces. Again, moving through the rock was easy, almost too easy. Umtari continued to be amazed at the speeds he could achieve when passing through solid matter and amazed at his perception.

All of this done Umtari decided to put the jutsu through some live testing. After materialising he headed into the heart of the village, lots of people, lots of ninja, lots of things to catch him. Heading into a restaurant Umtari just strolled into the bathroom and eased slowly into the floor. He discovered he could see people as well as terrain down here, even hear them speaking but it was a strange distortion that would seem maddening if you thought to hard about it. Just as with sight down here you had to relax and you would instinctively understand the truly alien nature of this place. Drifting around under people’s very feet Umtari went unnoticed. He slithered his way down the street, again drifting under many people some of whom were fully qualified shinobi. Umtari eventually rematerialized in the back room of a shop nearby, feeling please with himself. He stalked out in his customary manner, confusing the shop owner no end, indeed the shop keep was so startled that he could not even form words to protest at what Umtari was doing.

This was all well and good but Umtari wanted to run more test, he wanted to go where security was high, or at least skirt near it. He was not stupid enough to wander straight into an area where he may be killed on sight but he did want to see if the guards in such an area could spot him as he approached. For this he chose the village walls. Relocating to outside the village he again submerged himself and drifted rapidly towards the village defences. Umtari was stunned, even slightly appalled at just how close he could get. He was able to brush right up against the outer wall, he was confident he could have drifted up it and over had he so pleased but he was not about to run that risk. Instead, happy with this final test, Umtari just drifted away and rematerialized safely out of view before striding back into the village normally. He had done it, this doubtless prove highly useful.

((words 2072. This thread was to fulfil the jutsu training requirement for the attack prevention technique. I don’t know if I get JP or stat points for this as well but If I do that would be much appreciated. Thank you.))
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