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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:33 pm
Navi sighed heavily to himself. "Every time you use a transformation, you lie about your appearance. Each time you use a clone jutsu you deceive your opponent on how many of you there are. Even when you use substitution, you are deceiving your opponent to think he's attacking you when you've really tricked him into attacking a log." Navi took a deep breath before continuing.

"Don't you see? All of these jutsu were taught to us at the academy. Even the academy taught us to deceive our foes. To ambush and outthink your opponent is the way of the ninja. Please understand I am no less honorable then you."

A smile parted his lips as he contemplated his next move. "Alright then, Akina".
Navi tensed his body and focused his chakra in preparation to attack. "I will show you I don't need a clan to be strong, defend yourself!" Navi leapt into the air at her and focused his chakra and power in his right hand. Let me prove to you that I have the fighting spirit of a true shinobi. Flying through the air at Akina, Navi came down with all the power he could muster in his chakra-infused right hand. He aimed for the top of her head with enough force to knock her senseless. If she was able to dodge he would lunge forward as soon as his feet touched the ground and aim a second blow at her stomach.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:29 pm
Akina thought about what Navi was saying. How was she to convince him that she really
wasn’t as bad as he thought? “It may be
that I’ve been taught the ways of deception by many, but that doesn’t mean I
like doing the things I do. I would much
rather fight with people face to face, if you understand.” Her voice was
quiet. All she could do was hope that he
understood what she was saying. Grant
it, she did find some challenge in fighting with some integrity, but it was
something she would be willing to try doing for the time being.

The girl was surprised that Navi actually took what she said
to heart and began to attack her seriously.
She watched the boy’s movements carefully before she jumped back a
little and barely missed his attack. As
he hit the ground gracefully, Akina was prepared for the blow to her stomach,
catching his wrist with hers. She
twisted her body just enough to slow his movement. As his hand touched her stomach, she
sidestepped quickly to the right and powered her hand with chakra before she
directed a similar blow to his stomach before switching her stance to one that
would allow her to move around more fluidly as she directed her attacks to his
pressure points on his shoulders. If she
was quick enough, Navi would be in something of a bind, but since she was being
a little more rigid than normal, the second attack should have been slightly
easier to avoid.

She switched her stance back to one meant for defense, but
it would also allow her to have a more fluid movement. Her hands were still glowing blue, but her
chakra flow was beginning to slow a little.
It didn’t really matter, though, since the girl knew giving up wasn’t an
option. Her eyes flickered with an
intense feeling. “I feel like I can
acknowledge you. Would you like to build
off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses?” It was a simple question, but
for the girl, it carried a lot of weight.
She was essentially asking the boy if after this they could be friends
and possibly sparring partners later.
Her body tensed slightly as she tried to anticipate the boy’s next move
as she tried to come up with a diagram of his weak areas and strong points as
she studied him carefully.
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:53 pm
Navi should have known a ninja of the Hyuga clan would be able to deflect such a predictable move. When she caught his wrist he lost all of his momentum and his attack was rendered useless. Fortunately he was prepared for her counter attack. He caught her wrist when she lunged back at him, stopping it just short of connecting with his stomach. Navi prepared to launch his next attack, but it was too late.

Akina had already switched stances way faster then Navi could react and had unleashed a flurry of attacks at his shoulders. He turned his body so should could only land attacks on his left side. As a result, his left arm went limp and he staggered backwards. She's fast, but at least she didn't block my chakra points. When Navi looked up she had gracefully slid into a defensive position.

“I feel like I can acknowledge you. Would you like to build off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses?” Navi still clutched his left arm and tried to regain feeling in it. "I would be honored to" giving Akina a slight bow, "but I'm still working on figuring out your weaknesses" Navi said half-jokingly.

She was studying him carefully from a defensive position. His left arm still throbbed and he clutched it with his right hand. I won't give up, I don't need arms to keep fighting. Navi jumped forward with a flying kick. If it landed she would be knocked backward with a small force, if she dodged it he prepared to land next to her and slide into a crouch for a low sweeping kick, followed by a flurry of weak but fast kicks with his other leg.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:57 am
Akina watched in horror as her attacks hit Navi’s
shoulders. She grimaced a little bit as
she realized that she had successfully hit his pressure points and thankfully
not his chakra points. She gritted her
teeth tightly as she realized that Navi was not quite ready to give up just yet. She realized that he was very good at kicking
with his feet and was caught off guard.
She moved and avoided being hit in the jaw, but the impact to her side
still sent her reeling backwards by a little bit. She grimaced as a fiery pain entered her side,
and she realized that her side would be fairly well bruised.

There was a smile on her face as she switched her stance to
a more substantial one for not being knocked back so easily. Her body was closer to the ground, and she
was now more prepared to deal with attacks that would come from her opponent’s
feet. “I’m glad you accept.” Her voice
was still confident, but her eyes lingered uneasily on Navi’s legs. It would take her a few hits and misses to
see just how well his foot work could withstand her attacks. She began striking
at Navi’s thighs and was prepared to block with her feet if necessary, though
that was one of her areas that needed a lot of work. She moved back as she finished her attack and
waited, bouncing back and forth on her legs slightly.

Akina was not really ready to unleash any of her secrets to
the boy, not when she was unaware of how well he may be able to attack her in
this new stance. It was a good thing
that she had found someone who might be able to help her learn some new
movements to add to her training regimen, but she needed to find a way through
this new trial first. If he comes at me again, I will try to flow
like the grass in the wind, and if that doesn’t work, then I will try, and
probably fail, to use force against him.
This is going to be a very interesting day. Very interesting indeed.

There was an easy smile on her face as she nodded her head
carefully. There was no reason to give
Navi the impression that she was going to give in either. There was a breeze that blew through the
grass and the trees.
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:32 am
The dynamic of the entire fight had changed. Akina wouldn't underestimate him again, she was fully invested in the fight. He handed landed his first hit and had bruised her side. As she reeled back Navi watched carefully. Akina had switched stances again, this time it was even more focused on defense and footwork. She would not be knocked down easily. Navi formulated a new strategy, to counter her new style he would need to focus on dealing damage to her upper body.

"I'm glad you accept" she said, her gaze never leaving his legs. She was serious and didn't bother returning his bow. It was good she was focused but if Navi was to be a good training partner he would need to fight her hard enough to force her to unearth new techniques. He needed to beat her into a last resort position to discover her true strength. Navi smiled broadly as the wind blew through his hair. Of course, that would be her goal for him too.

Akina began striking quickly at his thighs, Navi was poor at Taijutsu but had no trouble performing the footwork necessary to dodge her attacks. One of her final jabs had glanced his thigh and he winced, but fortunately she had missed his pressure point. She jumped back immediately, bounding between legs and remaining vigilant. Navi noticed that although her stance was solid, her footwork was poor. If he could get her to change stances, he could exploit that weakness.

Navi charged forward, aiming his kicks high for her head and neck, but without Akina even trying she had dodged them. Each kick he shot missed as Akina would effortlessly move to avoid them like grass flowing in the wind. Her stance had prepared her well for each of his attacks. Navi aimed at her neck with a last powerful high kick out of desperation. He could only hope his attack connected because he was thrown off balance and completely vulnerable.

Don't underestimate me Akina, use whatever advantage you have. This way I can train to be ready for it against our real foes.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:48 am
Akina was surprised at how well she was able to move out of
the way of Navi’s attacks. She noticed
that he had begun to attack at her feet.
So, it didn’t take you very
long. I guess I should be happy, since
that means you aren’t entirely dull.
She smiled gently, even in the heat of
battle, and she debated on how to make a good attack, since the boy was now off
balance. Her stance shifted once again
and she dug her foot down into the grass and forced most of her momentum and
body into one motion. She drove forward,
forcing the dwindling glow of her chakra back to life as she struck a major
blow at the boy’s thigh that was coming in for her neck. She had shifted her body, putting her within
a hair’s breadth of his leg, and she noted that he was now off balance because
of his desperate movement.

She diverted the chakra from her whole hand into her fore
and middle fingers on both hands. She
began to move around the boy and attack his other leg, hoping to cause him to
continue his motion down toward the ground.
She had poked there twice and moved rapidly to the boy’s kidneys, which
she had poked at ruthlessly. From there,
she quickly moved up to his chest, being careful to not turn off his chakra
points. Finally, the girl moved to his
other side and repeated the process. The
only difference that was present was the fact that she had also aimed for the
pressure point in his back on that side.
As she stopped, she bowed to him respectfully, before taking yet another
stance. Her eyes glowed with a cool
determination, and she was ready for the outcome of her actions.

She noticed her own sweat for a moment, as it beaded over
her brow, and she found a sigh escape from her lips suddenly. The sigh mimicked the gentle breeze in the
trees, who seemed to be sighing over the thought of two children fighting so
young. Akina was not sure what she was
going to do if Navi had the time to use a substitution jutsu. Her muscles were beginning to ache a little,
and she was finally starting to feel some fatigue, but she also refused to quit
unless Navi was the one who backed down first.
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:34 am
Navi cried out in pain as Akina's powerful blow struck his thigh. He staggered back and helplessly attempted to lift his arms in defense, but there was still no feeling in his left arm. She poked at his other leg, until his legs crumbled underneath him. As he fell towards the ground, Navi grabbed a hand full of dirt with his right hand and flung it at Akina's eyes in an attempt to blind her temporarily*. He had to hope his attack was at least effective enough that she had to close her eyes for a second.

It wouldn't stop her attack though, Akina ruthlessly attacked points on his kidneys, chest, and other key points of his body. Although she wasn't targeting chakra points, her attack would be deadly and accurate. All of this happened while Navi was in mid air, falling towards the ground. Akina backed away and slipped into another stance as Navi hit the ground hard. He couldn't move his body and lay helpless on the ground. A glazed look filled his eyes as he desperately tried to stand up and fell over on his stomach, coughing up blood. She may have struck harder then intended, but the speed of her attack was too much for his body to handle.
Akina had been merciless.

When Akina looked up from her bow she would see him lying there. "Akina..." Navi said through a spurt of blood that erupted from his mouth. She was a better partner then Navi could have ever dreamed. Every bit as powerful and graceful as the Hyuga clan claimed. He needed to show her he was special too. Navi took a deep breath and groaned through gritted teeth. "Remember what I told you?"

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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:06 am
Akina rose from her bow and noticed that Navi was lying flat
on the ground. He looked like he was in
pain, and when he spoke, blood sputtered out of his mouth. Her silvery eyes widened, and her hands
covered her mouth. “I didn’t mean to
hurt you too bad, Navi.” She walked over to him quickly, hoping that she could
do something to be able to help him. As
she knelt down next to him, she quickly took his pulse as she listened to him
speak. She looked at him in the eyes and
nodded. “I remember what you said, but I’m
sure that you need help right now. You
may be bleeding internally, and if you are, I would like to see that you get
all the aid you need.” Her voice was calm, but her emotions were internally
unstable. I need to get him to a hospital, probably fast…I wonder if he’s really
well enough to stand…
Her teeth sank into her lip softly, but if she
pressed much harder, her lip would start to bleed. Her hand started to shake a little as she
thought about what to do. “Are you well
enough to stand, Navi?” Her voice was quiet.

She sat down on the grass waiting for Navi to make his
decision. Her silvery eyes began to take
in the surroundings slowly as she noticed the dull ache in her head returning
from the time she had tried to use Byakugan.
Some more tiredness seemed to appear out of nowhere, as she realized
that the adrenaline that had been pulsing quickly through her body was slowing
down and things were returning to normal somewhat. Normal until she made the decision to run him
to the hospital and make sure he was properly cared for. There was something about this situation that
reminded her about her training session with Seth. She sighed at the thought that her second training
session might be ending in a similar way.
It was rather ironic, but she had hope that Navi would at least have a
little fight left in him.

The wind ruffled the girl’s hair playfully, and she was able
to watch the clouds move across the sky slowly.
Sighing, she stood to her feet and bowed to the fallen boy deeply. “I’m very sorry, fellow brother of
Konoha. I did not mean to harm you that
badly in my pursuit of the inheritance that is given to all who are born in
this village—the Will of Fire.” Her voice was formal and very respectful and
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:31 am
Navi refused to be taken to a hospital. "I won't be counted out just yet" he said through heavy panting.

"I remember what you said, but I’m sure that you need help right now. You may be bleeding internally, and if you are, I would like to see that you get all the aid you need.” Her voice sounded calm but her mind was racing.

Navi gritted his teeth as he spoke "No Akina... I told you to ambush and outthink you opponent...", then all of the pain vanished from his voice. "Is the way of the ninja". Navi burst into a cloud of smoke and was replaced with a log, as she may have suspected earlier, it was a substitution jutsu.

A ninja must be able to see through deception, for even if you refuse to use it, it will most certainly be used against you by our enemies. Akina must have been contemplating something because she seemed distracted. Now was the time to strike. Navi appeared behind Akina and whirled around, aiming a spinning backfist at the back of her head. If he missed he would press his attack with two powerful kicks to the center of her body.

"I threw dirt in your eyes earlier to distract you so you wouldn't see me performing the substitution. All of the attacks you landed after that was just wasted chakra." Navi still wasn't in good shape, his left arm was still out of commission and the strikes he took to the thigh before performing the substitution made him wince in pain. Still, Akina wouldn't be much better off either. She had to be worn out and low on chakra after that display. Both of them were getting exhausted and he wasn't sure how much longer this fight could last.

The wind blew over the field and chilled his body. His eyes studied Akina with a determination he hadn't felt before. You're skillful and talented Akina, I hope I have proven that I have the skill to fight at your side.
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:51 pm
Akina’s silvery eyes widened as she realized she had been
duped. Ah, so he can play by my own game, at least, when I feel like playing
the game…
A slight smirk was on her lips as she turned and watched him
coming at her with a spinning fist. Her
muscles were worn, and there was no point in wasting what little chakra she had
on another attack. The girl ducked under
the spinning motion, but she was a little slow.
Suffering from the pain from bring grazed on the head, her body twisted
to the right. Right now. If I strike right
now, there may be a chance I can win this…
Her left hand jabbed into Navi’s
kidney, while her right hand jabbed quickly into his right shoulder and the
pressure point on his back. She finished
this combo with a flick of her wrist to the back of his head.

Akina’s body turned to face Navi. Her movements had slowed by now, and her
breaths came in and out laboriously. Her
legs were shaking, and her head was pounding mercilessly. Her body started to sway back and forth
heavily. There would not be much more to
this fight, and if she failed with her attacks, then she may very well be the
one losing this spar. Her silvery eyes
steeled, and she gritted her teeth. She
still was not giving up on this fight until it was over for sure, even if it
meant she was the one who would be losing. It
isn’t about winning or losing though, it is about getting stronger through each
There was still a smirk on her face as she watched the orange orb
that was the sun slip under the tree lines, causing the light to be split up
into different sections that shone out in gold rays. The sight was very beautiful, but it was also
a reminder that she would eventually have to go back to the Hyuga clan’s
section of the village. Such a thought
made her shudder and grimace. Her aunt
worried about her when she got sent to the hospital the last time and almost
forbade her from training with ninja who weren’t Hyuga. She turned to face Navi again before she
smiled and bowed politely. “It’s getting
late, so we should probably be getting back to wherever it is we call home. If you would like somewhere nice to stay, I’m
sure my aunt and uncle wouldn’t mind not seeing me in the hospital because of
training.” Her voice was cheerful and polite.
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