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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) Empty Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:23 am
Navi took a break from his training on the field, he had invited a fellow student from the academy to come spar with him. Maybe they could be friends, who knows. He sat down in the middle of the field and took a deep breath, the wind was gentle and the grass was swaying back and forth. He ran over the grass with his hands and patiently waited.

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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:33 pm
Akina had received a very strange invitation from an Academy Student from Konoha. The invitation asked if the girl would like to train, which the Hyuga girl could not easily turn down. Even though she had just become a Genin, she had very little time to relax.

Akina slowly walked out of her house, stifling a yawn. She began walking to the training grounds, renewed with energy and motivation. The girl was excited to be meeting someone new, and she wondered what exactly that person was interested in and what he or she hoped to do after becoming a Genin. Her hands carefully tied her headband around her neck loosely, as she could not find a position on her head that looked good on her.

As she came to the training ground, she saw someone pacing back and forth somewhat impatiently. Akina walked up to the person and bowed politely and smiled shyly, waiting for the person to speak.
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:25 pm
Navi had all but given up waiting for the girl from the Hyuga clan she invited. He was pacing back and forth and had used most of the leftover time training. Finally the girl had entered the clearing. He watched as she approached, taking special notice in the headband tied loosely around her neck. She had become a Genin before him? Navi was silently angry at himself for a moment. His sulk was broken by the girl when she politely bowed and smiled at him. There was an awkward moment of silence before he realized she was waiting for him to speak.

"Right... I'm glad your here" he stammered. Navi took a deep breath and regained his composition. "I'm pleased to meet you Akina" he said while taking a small bow. "My name is Navi and I invited you here because I need a talented partner to spar."

Navi shifted his weight and crossed his arms. "If we fight, we will be training partners. No using lethal force or any tools like shuriken or kunai." The wind blew across the field and rustled the grass around their feet. Navi sighed again, this time his eyes met Akina's and he smiled.

"I would be honored if you would accept my invitation".
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:41 pm
Akina smiled gently as the boy began stammering a little. She understood that her silence would be a little off-setting, and the thought of that made her blush slightly. The girl returned Navi's slight bow with one of her own, as she rose back to an upright position, she spoke. "My name is Hyuga Akina, and it's nice to meet you. I hope things will go well between us," her voice was somewhat quiet.

As the girl listened to the boy, she nodded her head gracefully. "I understand, Navi-san. This will probably sound like common knowledge, but it is not in my family's style to use weaponry." Her feet and arms slid gracefully into the standard fighting stance for a Hyuga. Silvery eyes met Navi's, filled with gentle determination. I will help you to the best of my ability, she thought as a small smile parted her lips.

"I accept your invitation humbly."
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:22 am
Navi couldn't stop his mind from racing. Being raised by a Uchiha family meant thinking quickly with an observant mind. He may not have been born into the clan, but he had learned their tricks and skills.

"Akina Hyuga" he thought to himself. As with most shinobi in the Hyuga clan she most certainly would be using the gentle fist style. She may not have mastered or learned the style itself, but her taijutsu would certainly reflect the stance and movement. There was more to this girl though, she carried a subtle hint of pain. Navi had spent a couple years in an orphanage and instantly recognized that look of anguish. From the look in her silvery white eyes Navi could tell Akina had lost her parents as he did. He was certain that Akina shared in his agony. That experience shaped who they were as ninja. She would surely share his ambition and determination.

As expected Akina slipped into the famous Hyuga fighting stance. Navi walked backwards casually until he was a couple feet away from a nearby bush. He smiled when he heard her say she accepted his invitation. In that case... *

*Spoiler: In the blink of an eye Navi replaced his body with a clone and hid behind the bushes. The clone is a perfect illusionary copy, not a solid replicate.

"They say the Hyuga clan produce powerful shinobi that are the pride of the Leaf village. I want to see if those rumors are true." Navi struck a combat stance, his palm outstretched and a fist held close to his chest. If she uses her Byakugan she will see through my trap he thought to himself. I need to lure her into attacking me before she uses it. His next move would be to surprise her and draw her close with an outburst. "Prove that you are worthy of your parent's sacrifice!"

Navi crouched low behind the bushes ready to pounce, hopefully he had successfully baited her into attacking. This would give him the opening he needed to land the first move.

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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:43 am
Akina smiled slightly as she watched Navi back away from
her. Her stance lowered quickly, and her
eyes never left the man in question. She
saw him disappear from her view and groaned quietly. There was a moment where the wind shifted
again, but the girl did not allow it to bother her. She was already very carefully preparing her
chakra. It began to flow through her
calmly, and she shifted her stance slightly.
Her chakra continued to flow through her steadily as she began to
whittle it down and compound its energy.
Of course, she would not really know where to land her strikes on the
boy, but it was high time she began practicing her family’s traits more
seriously. Akina’s thoughts shifted to
her mother and father and to her aunt and uncle. They were counting on her to become the light
for the future of Konoha, and she could not let them down.

“If you want to discover the truth behind the rumors of my
clan, that is fine, but I don’t intend to go easy on you,” her voice echoed
calmly in the air. Akina saw the boy
ready his stance, but there was something about him that seemed off about
him. Though his intentions seemed
sincere, he was a very arrogant young boy from the way he talked of her parent’s
sacrifice, as though he knew what he was talking about. Akina found her teeth gritting and her jaw
setting in a firm line, but she also felt the need to control her
emotions. Sure, this guy might be a
little annoying, but the girl could not afford to be hasty. She slowed her breathing a little, allowing
herself to get lost in the flow of the world around her, and the flow of her
own chakra. The girl thought about
activating Byakugan, even though hers was not complete, so it would not exactly
help her determine if there was a clone present or not, but she decided that
such a notion at this time may be careless.
However, Akina was in quite a dilemma, as she did not want to blatantly
rush her opponent head on.

Instead, her stance shifted yet again as she completed the
hand signs for the clone jutsu. A clone
appeared beside her in a puff of smoke.
She nodded to the clone, and they both advanced forward, but Akina was
hiding in the trees and biding her time, though she was also rushing forward and said "What would you know of my parents?" She threw an open palm in front of her as though she was going to strike out at the air.
The clone also rushed forward recklessly as it prepared to strike
out at the boy, saying, “What would you know of my parents?” Its eyes glowed fiercely.

As it was attacking, the real Akina had found her way
through the trees, sticking to the shady sides of them as much as possible, to
where the boy seemed to be hiding. Akina held a fighting stance on the branch, waiting for the time to strike. The clone mirrored her movements. Her movements were risky, but she hoped they worked.
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:00 pm
Navi smiled to himself. She was fast and calculated. His plan might work if he baited her a little more.

Navi watched as Akina created a clone and dashed away to hide. Her clone attacked his copy and Navi's clone disappeared in a puff of smoke. He wouldn't waste chakra fighting a clone vs. clone battle. He needed to get her angrier to bait her into a head-on attack. She's hiding somewhere, behind a bush or in some trees. I need to make her think the real me is sitting close to her and unaware. Navi created another clone that pretended to hide behind a tree in the clearing. If Akina had a sharp eye, she would see the clone and maybe even be baited to sneak up and attack it.

"What would you know of my parents" Akina said fiercely and bitterly. All he needed to do now was to stop her from thinking calmly. "I know that you are a weak and pampered Hyuga that thinks she's special for losing her parents". It felt horrible saying this to Akina, it was a lie and he knew it. Baiting and deception are just like any other ninja tool, Navi reassured himself I need to learn to utilize them.

Navi crouched entirely concealed from view. "I'm sorry" he whispered to himself.

Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:25 am
Akina remained in her tree, crouching down close to the
branch after dismissing her clone. She
kept a close eye on her surroundings and noticed Navi appear in a nearby tree,
but she remained fairly calm. Both
people, after all, seemed to be biding their time and testing the water, so to
speak. The girl closed her eyes and
allowed the chakra to flow through her serenely and calmly before she began to
make the chakra thinner and more condensed.
The final step would be to allow the chakra to flow out through her
hands. She contemplated activating her

She paused for a moment to think, because she had a feeling
that the boy was not in the tree, like he seemed to want Akina to think that he
was. If she used her Kekkei Genkai, as
incomplete as it was, would show her what was really going on. The only problem was Akina did not think it
would be very fair toward Navi. There
was another problem though, because Navi was also taunting her fairly
harshly. Her eyebrow twitched in irritation,
but what good would it do if she blatantly attacked the boy outright and
because of her anger? The girl bit her
lip. If he was going to play unfairly,
maybe she could as well, but it didn’t feel right to do that to him.

Still, what else is it
that I can do?
She had just started
doing the hand seals for Byakugan, when she heard what Navi had said about her
and her clan. Her hands began to shake
and the irritation flowed through her violently, causing her chakra to torrent
through its network. She began to inhale
and exhale slowly, trying to bring calm to her body. Her chakra flow slowed enough for her to
correctly divert a portion of her chakra to her eyes. The veins on her temples enlarged as blood
and chakra pumped through them powerfully.
The world around her became grayer and living objects looked misty and
their chakra networks were revealed to the Hyuga girl faintly, though a little
more focused than it was the other times she had tried the jutsu before. Her eyes revealed to her that there was
indeed something living in the tree near her, but she did not jump out and
attack it right away. As she looked
around, Akina saw another life form in the bushes. She released Byakugan, feeling the pain
settle into her head as she diverted her chakra flow from her head to her hands
as she jumped down from the tree branch and headed for the bushes.

She spotted the boy and rushed at him, releasing the strict
chakra flow in her hands, causing them to glow with a very bright blue
hue. Her rage had returned to the surface
of her mind, and she began striking out at the boy as though he was a punching
bag. “I am not just a pampered Hyuga who
thinks she’s special just because she lost her parents! I’ve worked hard to get where I’m at
now! I don’t try to deceive people
either!” her voice was harsh, and her eyes glowed with an intense flame.
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:02 pm
Navi was easily discouraged, he had insulted Akina to bait her into a trap that might not even work. He watched as she leapt out of the tree. He clenched his fist and watched intently. Why isn't she attacking? Navi stopped cold. She had used her byakugan. It would only be a matter of time before she saw where he was hiding.

His heart sank. He hadn't meant to hurt her feelings, but now he had an angry Hyuga girl determined to beat him down. Her byakugan meant that he couldn't use any more simple tricks, he would need to fight her head on. She had a significant advantage in speed, but he had a slight edge in chakra and strength.
As expected she was rushing his position head-on. He stepped out of the bush into the clearing.

"I am not just a pampered Hyuga who thinks she’s special just because she lost her parents! I’ve worked hard to get where I’m at now! I don’t try to deceive people either!"

Navi sighed to himself. "Please don't be offended, deception is a tool of a ninja, as a Genin I'm sure you realize that". Navi looked closer as she sped towards him. Her hands were... glowing blue. There was no way she could hold that much chakra power in her hands and be using the Byakugan. I cant let her hit me while she has this much power, but if I keep trying to dodge her speed will catch up to me. He hadn't any more time to think, in an instant she was upon him. Akina released her Byakugan and struck out with such force that he felt she would destroy him.

Navi leapt backwards, narrowly dodging her fierce blow. Her eyes were intense and he really hoped she didn't harbor too much hatred for him. He related to her in many ways. "I didn't just lose my parents Akina, I lost my whole family. You had an entire clan to raise and teach you. You were even blessed with kekkei genkai."

Maybe she would listen, or maybe she still boiled with anger. Navi slipped into a fighting stance with an outstretched palm and a fist held close to his chest.
Then he rested his eyes on her and watched carefully.

Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill) Empty Re: Navi vs. Akina Sparring Session (No Kill)

Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:49 am
Akina realized her hand had almost struck at the boy. Even with her nintaijutsu still in training,
the girl realized that it would have been a harsh punishment for someone who
was being fairly apologetic. Her eyes
calmed slightly, but she turned her body gracefully to face the boy. Her hands began attacking the boy’s pressure
points with a slightly less intense motive.
“I don’t care what you’ve been told!” her voice held an edge of
harshness. Her eyes took in the boy’s
figure quietly. “I’m sorry that you lost
your clan, Navi, but the truth is, mine only taught me the beginning of what I
need to know, and I’ve been sheltered all my life.”

As her attack finished, she held a strong stance and waited
for the boy to move with a counter, she smirked a little. “It’s not what’s been done to you in this
life…it’s what you do with the life you’ve been given. Tell yourself that deception is just a tool
all you want, but I’m not going to use it.
If I fight with someone, my intentions are true.” Her voice was serious
and cold. Her stance shifted just
slightly, but she would be ready to guard herself against any attacks the boy
might try and throw at her. The glow
from her hands diminished a little, as the Hyuga girl was not really looking to
injure the boy too badly if he chose to attack her. I’m
sorry that I am being so harsh…everyone has their own Nindo, and yours makes
more sense in this crazy world…but still…if you keep deceiving everyone, you
may just end up deceiving yourself, and I don’t want to watch you do that.

Akina managed to smile while her body tensed. “I think you are a good child, with a good
heart, so it doesn’t make sense for you to be using such lame measures on
yourself and others. Come at me with
intent and show me what you are really capable of. If you are serious about becoming a Genin,
you will have to find your own way in the world of Shinobi. The path won’t be easy. This is what I was told in life.” Her voice
sounded slightly remorseful as she took a breath after releasing a sigh from
her lips. I think you have the fighting spirit down inside you, and I want to see
if I’m right.
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