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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Akina's Genin exam Empty Akina's Genin exam

Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:45 pm
Akina sniffled slightly as chalk dust and wet chalkboard scent entered the air. This was a special day for her, and she was sweating a little. She swallowed and took a breath as she entered the classroom and waited for the teacher to enter.

What if I'm not good enough? What if I fail? I can't think like that! I have an exam to pass! Her silvery eyes became determined as she stared at the podium where the teacher normally stood. The whole room seemed nostalgic and surreal as she began to remember the times she spent with friends and the lessons she learned from the teacher. It's kind of sad to think about... she thought to herself with a sigh.
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Akina's Genin exam Empty Re: Akina's Genin exam

Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:47 pm
Tenka, the Genin Exam instructor was subbing in for the usual academy teacher that almost always taught this class of students every time. This however was not a normal situation, as this was the day that academy students had a chance to become genin and truly call themselves shinobi of their respective village. A few students were called to the front of the class and took the test in order to see if they could become genin today. After a few students finished, it was time for another student. "Akina Hyuuga" he called from the front of the class. "You're next. I want to see you use Clone Technique and Transformation Technique."

(OOC: 800 Words in one post. Succeed and you pass, fail and you well, fail.)
Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Akina's Genin exam Empty Re: Akina's Genin exam

Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:11 am
Akina slowly drummed her fingers against her old, wooden
desk in a sort of rhythmic pattern. When
the teacher entered, her heart began to beat slightly faster. He had a very serious look on his face, which
Akina supposed was good, since students should take their exams seriously, but
the girl did wonder if the sensei had to be so serious that he inspired fear in
the others around her. She admitted to
herself that she was slightly afraid too, but she was not fool enough to let
that stop her. Part of what she thought
could be enabling her determination and resolve was the fact that she had made
a promise to her friend, Seth. It may
have taken her two whole days of training, but this was the moment and the time
that she had worked so hard for, so she better make it worth all the effort she
put into it. She sat up a little
straighter in her chair as the first student was called. A boy from beside her stood up, shaking quite
a bit from nerves as he was called to go first.
The Hyuga girl held her breath as the boy tripped over the floorboards
and nearly fell. He turned red, and
bowed quickly and deeply, apologizing for his mistake, but that did not stop
the new teacher from scowling at him.
Akina thought the poor boy was going to be failed on the spot, but the
teacher just grunted slightly, though his eyes showed harshness that was new to

As the boy made hand seals, his fingers shook, and he had a
shaky stance. Akina found herself
shaking her head slightly, as the boy made his clone jutsu. Three of himself appeared before the class,
but it was easy to spot the clones, because a few of the boy’s colors were off
by a bit. He looked at the teacher nervously, but to his relief, the teacher
nodded his head. It was a slow nod that
was barely visible, though. The boy
sighed loudly and transformed with little difficulty. He grabbed a headband with a huge smile on
his face. As he walked out of the room,
the next student was called. She seemed
to be less nervous, and therefore, Akina found her not to be much of a
concern. She found her gaze drawn to the
outside, and saw that though the day had started out balmy and sunny, it had
turned into a torrent of rain. She found
the rain trickling on the roof to be calming, and she saw a blue bird flutter
past the tree with the rope swing just outside the Academy. The bird turned and rested on the window sill,
its feathers shone with little water droplets that it shook away from its body,
causing little sparkles to fly through the air.
The bird seemed to look at Akina for a moment before chirping and flying

The girl stifled a sigh as she shifted her attention back to
the stern-looking teacher and the new examee.
She did not shake at all. Her
demeanor was one of complete poise and confidence. She had her eyes lightly closed as she
preformed the hand seals for her transformation; the bird had caused Akina to
miss her clone display, though the girl could assume that it was well done,
because the student had moved onto transforming. Her transformation into the teacher at the
front of the room was very realistic, and it almost caused Akina to flinch
while the rest of the class gasped loudly.
The girl had a smirk of victory on her face as she nodded curtly to the
teacher and gripped her headband tightly.
Raising it in the air triumphantly, she turned to the rest of the class
and hollered a shout of victory before stepping out of the room. The rest of the class seemed to cheer for
her. A few followed her departure with
envious eyes, and still more seemed to mutter nervously under their breath
comments like “showoff”. Akina simply
smiled. After all, they were all here to
be tested to become Genin, so what was the point of bickering over how well one
person did compared to another one? The
irony of the situation made her snicker quietly. She covered her mouth with her left hand,
when the teacher gruffly called her name.
The girl stopped for a moment, sitting quietly, until she calmed down
enough to stand without shaking. Her
heart was still racing, but Akina was able to stand up and walk to the front of
the class. She bowed politely to the teacher and quickly made the hand seals
for the clone jutsu. She looked to her
left and right and was pleased to see near perfect clones next to her. Taking a breath, she prepared a
transformation jutsu. She was pleased to
hear a gasp from the class, so she took it to mean that she looked like the
teacher. She waited for permission
before leaving the room.
(Word count: 841)
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Akina's Genin exam Empty Re: Akina's Genin exam

Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:17 am
Tenka watched the girl, Akina Hyuuga seemed to perform the basic academy jutsu with a rather flawless amount of skill. It was clear that the girl was ready to finally become a genin of Konohagkure no Sato. "You pass, make Konohagakure proud." he said, simply handing a shiny and brand new metal plated Konohagakure no Sato headband to the girl, Akina. "You are now a true shinobi of Konohagakure and hold the rank of Genin."

(Short, not in a good mood; Approved as Genin.)
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