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Her heart and soul.{Private, closed.} Empty Her heart and soul.{Private, closed.}

Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:59 pm
Amane watched frustratingly from her window. Where was he? Odin hadn't been home for hours. It wasn't like him. Amane looked longingly out of her window. She was unwell, and had been for a week. Doctors said it was just a passing thing, and that there was nothing to worry about. Amane called her wolf again, whistling through her teeth, a sound so high pitched that only Odin could hear it. She whistled like his for five minutes, but it was growing dark, the sun just beginning to disappear behind Sunagakure's wall. Amane paced the room, fretting about what could have happened. Soon though, before she collapsed with her illness, a distant sound filled her ears. Amane would know that sound anywhere. It was him, Odin, howling. This wasn't any howl, this was his distress howl. He was in danger. Amane whistled a series of long and short notes in her high-pitched language, asking him where he was and if he was okay. The sound that came back shocked her. That was, before she saw a canine figure scrambling at the edge of a cliff.

Odin grasped the edge with all his might, but the sand only fell loose beneath his weight. He whined, calling for Amane. He had just taken a walk, when the ground gave way from underneath him and now he was clinging to life at the edge of what seemed to be a very long way down. His hind paws scratched the cliff for a good grip, but nothing seemed to be done. He continued to whine for Amane, but it was obvious she couldn't do much being as she was very ill and couldn't look after herself. Odin continued to try and scramble his way up, his heavy body weighing him down the side.

Amane cried out as she fell to the floor, dizziness overtaking her. She didn't care. Amane scrambled for the window, unable to whistle through her teeth. "Odin!" She screamed, as loud as she possibly could. ANBU burst through her door, along with a medic holding a rather large box of medicines. Amane gasped. "M..MY WOLF!" She pointed a shaking hand at the area where he was. She felt so hopeless. she couldn't help her best friend. Then, something awakened deep inside of her, and she felt her sharingan change. the ANBU darted out the window and the medic crouched over her, her body becoming weaker and weaker... until all was black.


Amane woke up the next day in a bed that was not hers. In a white room with white bedsheets. Amane sighed deeply, her vision becoming clearer. Her eyes widened and she sat up straight, remembering what had happened. "Odin!" Amane spoke loudly. "where is h---" Suddenly her door opened and someone stepped in. "Please Kazekage-sama, your wolf is being treated for his wounds. Don't worry, he will be fine." He said kindly. Amane shakily got out of bed. "Please, please let me see him.." The man opened his mouth to disapprove but shook his head. "Of course. I'll get a nurse to help you down."

Amane walked through a corridor lined with cages. Each was big and looked comfortable. One held a mother labrador and her puppies. another held two sand eagles, one with a bandage wrapped around it's leg and another with a cast on it's wing. She passed cats with bandages around their paws and more birds with similar injuries to the eagles'. Soon, her and her nurse reached a large cage. The nurse gestured towards it and Amane walked towards the bars. A bundle of silver fur was curled up in the corner. The food and water put down for him had not been touched. "Odin?" Amane whispered, but he did not reply. She whistled through her teeth, and two white fluffy ears perked up. Odin raised his head and frantically got to his feet, limping over to her. One paw was bandaged, but other than that, he seemed fine. He licked through the bars and she crouched down, cuddling him. The nurse opened a door and he bounded out, cuddling up to Amane. "I missed you too, boy. Don't ever go off like that again, understand?" She looked into his eyes sternly before hugging him. "I was so worried." Amane stood, and the nurse grabbed her arm to make sure she didn't fall. The three walked back to the Kazekage chambers and soon Amane and Odin were left alone again.
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Her heart and soul.{Private, closed.} Empty Re: Her heart and soul.{Private, closed.}

Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:05 am
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