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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Training After Class (Private ask first no kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Training After Class (Private ask first no kill)

Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:35 am
Akina munched on her onigiri slowly. She looked at Seth and realized he was blushing. She promptly and politely looked away. The song that the birds and the trees was sweet and soothing. The girl closed her eyes and lowered her body down to the earth. She had to make a decision about how Seth was treating her.

The girl looked up at Seth for a moment, and smiled. "It's ok." she said finally, watching him take a bite of the rice ball. The girl quickly finished her rice ball and searched her obento for the rest of the food. She pulled out her small bag of candy and set it between her and Seth. Her fingers began poking each other awkwardly as she became lost in thought as to why her Byakugan wasn't working properly, but her thoughts soon wandered back to Seth and what he told her the first time they met.

The truth was, Seth was making her a little annoyed and confused. She had noticed that her friend was like a puzzle she could find or put the pieces together to. Her eyes narrowed slightly. "Seth," she asked nervously, "Is there something you're having a...problem with?"

I don't want you to leave without me...I wonder if I asked you to, would you wait for me? Or, would I spend my life chasing after you? her thoughts only aggravated her more.

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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Training After Class (Private ask first no kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Training After Class (Private ask first no kill)

Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:09 am
Akina's hands opened the bag of candy, and reached in and pulled out a small handful of sweets. Some of the candies were chocolatey, while others were salty and wrapped in dried seaweed. The Hyuga sat up sluggishly. She unwrapped a piece of candy slowly and placed it into her mouth. She was happy, since chocolate slowly started to melt in her mouth.

She was not quite sure what she should do in reaction to what Seth was saying. "Sure, I remember that day..." her voice was slightly shaky, and her heartbeat started to quicken. Her cheeks reddened, and her eyes were suddenly drawn to the birds in the trees. They sang a little sorrowful, and yet cheerful song. Sweat started to form anew along her brow, and not from the heat of the day. She looked at Seth nervously.

I feel like I see through you all the time, but I'm afraid that you won't let me, I don't know much about boys. Aunt always discouraged me from conversing with them. I want to know how I feel deep down.

She found herself staring into Seth's eyes. "I promise as a friend to not leave you." The girl thought the answer was suffice, since she was still confused by what she meant. She slid over closer to Seth and shifted easily to her knees. "I do not wish to waist the rest of this day. Would you please train with me?" her language was quite formal.

"I'm sorry, I'm a little confused and need to figure out my feelings..."

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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Training After Class (Private ask first no kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Training After Class (Private ask first no kill)

Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:42 pm
Seth was standing in front of Akina.
He was holding out his hand gently. She lightly touched his hand and
rose from the ground slowly. She looked
away from the boy for a moment, blushing slightly. She could not tell if she had hurt him or
not. He still spoke kindly to her, so
she offered him a gentle smile. Once she was on her feet, she backed away from
Seth slowly, leaving the bag of candy between them. She figured she was about three feet away
from him. Her head still hurt a little
from the time she had tried to activate her Kekkei Genkai, but the pain had
dulled significantly. Her eyes still
held some of their determination, but she was still uncertain about her plans.

She looked at Seth and began making the hand signs to realease Byakugan
again, but before she did the release sign, she spoke. “Seth, I need you to help me release these abilities,
but I also need to keep these things a secret.”
She did the release sign, and forced her sluggish chakra back to her
head. Pain was reawakened and almost
made her lose her control, but she held on. “I need you to test my limits while
I’m like this…run around me, use chakra, I don’t care what you do, but please,
do not go easy on me just because we are friends. If I am to be by your side, then I have to
complete my mission…”

She inhaled a little and waited for Seth to move as she watched her
world become a little grayer, and she saw Seth become a little mistier and his
veins became a little more pronounced. She knew that she was nowhere near unlocking
her bloodline’s ability, but she knew she was getting closer little by little
to activating the ability. She carefully
watched the world around her in its newfound lack of color, and she nodded at
Seth to begin his onslaught.

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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Training After Class (Private ask first no kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Training After Class (Private ask first no kill)

Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:20 am
Akina tried to not to gape as Seth began his kunai onslaught. To make things more difficult, he had
summoned a clone. She had to ready her
stance and be prepared to take the pain in stride. The pain in her head flared drastically as
she pushed herself past what she thought she was capable of doing. Her vision became deeper bit by bit and
sharper than before by a little. She could begin to see past her peripheral
vision slightly. She began to count the
kunai in her head when one of them reached her and embedded itself in her
leg. The searing pain brought her back
to her senses as she realized more kunai were about to touch her.

She began to focus more on moving her body around, trying to avoid some
more of the kunai. More sank into her
arms and one sank into her knee. Her
vision was sharpening more, but not quite enough to begin perceiving their
presence in time to dodge them completely.
Akina was noticing that her vision was starting to cover more than just
the sides. It was something that was new
and strange to her. The kunai kept
coming, but now at least, more were missing her. As her vision sharpened, she noticed that she
could see more gray and a little beneath the veins on Seth. I’m
getting there, slowly but surely…

Akina gritted her teeth as a kunai sank into her hand from an attempt
to keep a kunai from plunging into her chest.
A few stuck out of her back, and her head began pounding with more pain
as she pushed herself further with her vision.
She was barely able to see the faint chakra flowing through Seth and his
clone, and she was beginning to see to the left and right behind her by a
hair. The pain was horrid as she pushed
her chakra harder, and mixed with the kunai that kept digging into her legs,
arms and back, she was almost done in.
Her movements were now only effective enough to glance off her skin, leaving light scratches
on her body. Her vision had sharpened
just a bit more, and she was now able to better see the chakra flow through
both Seth and his clone, but it was nothing to celebrate about. At least her vision was a little better than
before, but the pain was finally too bad.
She called out to Seth, hoping he would stop, and then quickly fell to
the ground, feeling colder than normal.
Her smile was weak, and her hands gripped a head that was pounding with
intense pain.

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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Training After Class (Private ask first no kill) - Page 2 Empty Re: Training After Class (Private ask first no kill)

Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:17 am
Akina cried out unconsciously.
The pain, mixed with watching Seth hover over her, dripping his blood
onto hers, pushed her over the edge.
Willpower caused her to nod briefly as she watched Seth fall. Looking at herself, she saw four kunai in her
arms, four in her legs and one in her hand.
It felt like four had landed in her back, and three were sunk into the
ground. She was lucky to be alive, but
that was not what was worrying her at the moment. She looked at Seth carefully before wiping
his blood from her cheek, leaving a smear on her hand. She quickly assessed her current
situation. She realized she was hurt
pretty well, but she was also from the Leaf, it would be simple enough for her
to walk into a hospital and be taken care of, but Seth was an outsider. Sure, she could try dragging him to a
hospital, but what if the nurses wouldn’t accept him?

Looking down at her kimono, she sighed.
It’s already in shambles… Gingerly,
she tore the already torn parts of her kimono into strips. Time was of the essence. As quickly as she could, she wrapped the
strips over Seth’s wounds and began applying pressure to them. It will
have to be good enough.
She spotted the candy bag and limped over to it
shakily and placed it in her kimono pocket.
She looked back over to Seth and limped back to him, pulling out the
kunai that was stuck in her with a grimace, as a new burning overtook her every
time a kunai released its steely grip from her.
She tore more of her kimono, and once she reached Seth again, she
bandaged herself.

Akina groaned as she hefted Seth over her shoulder and began dragging
him to her village’s hospital. She stopped quickly, and set him down
carefully. She managed to untie his
headband knot and stuffed his headband in her kimono pocket. She picked Seth back up gently and began
walking to the hospital. Seeing the
hospital some moments later made her smile weakly and her step seemed lighter
than normal. Opening the hospital doors,
Akina limped in and tried to quickly explain her situation to the nurse.

The nurse looked from the girl to Seth and rushed them into a hospital
room on separate beds. Upon her insistence
to take off Akina’s kimono, Akina refused and insisted to take it off
herself. The nurse began attending to
Seth, making the girl worry less. She settled onto the bed before the nurse
came back in and began washing out her wounds.
The nurse bandages her wounds properly and left, shaking her head

After the nurse left, Akina dug through her kimono and found the bag of
candy and the headband. Carefully, she
walked over to Seth’s room and placed the headband in the drawer of the stand
next to his bed. She carefully placed
the candy on his bandaged chest. She
smiled slowly and sat in the chair next to him.

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