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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Training After Class (Private ask first no kill) Empty Training After Class (Private ask first no kill)

Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:50 pm
Akina Hyuga stood in front of the three posts of Konoha's training grounds. She had a ready stance and a determined look etched on her face. She let her chakra flow through her body, but she didn't release any of it, at least not yet. She was measuring the flow of it as it moved through her, trying to make the flow smoother and more refined. The control was there, for a moment, before it wavered and then dissipated quickly.

The girl sighed a little and then concentrated again. This time, she managed to release some of the chakra through her arm. A blue glow surrounded her palm, and a small smile spread across her lips. She released some of her chakra into her other palm until it glowed blue as well.

"First movement!" Her right palm srtuck at the air first, and then her left. Her chakra wavered momentarily, as she was not too confident in herself for some reason. "Second movement!" She spun in a circle slowly, striking around her in a rapid motion. As she completed the movement, there was a ying-yang with one dot beneath her. As she completed the last dot, her chakra dissipated. She panted lightly, but her eyes still held their determination.

"Again!" She gathered her chakra once more, but her body swayed from slight exhaustion. There was a strange shift in the wind.

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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Training After Class (Private ask first no kill) Empty Re: Training After Class (Private ask first no kill)

Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:39 pm
Akina stopped and looked up in the direction that the voice
came from, and the image of Seth was shadowed by the shade of the tree. His figure looked more surreal in the shadows, but Akina did not really mind that.

He was watching her, and she had been wondering how long he had been
spying on her. The girl looked away from the boy momentarily, focusing her mindset again. Her determination would not fail her thistime. Her hands were poised in front of
her gracefully as she concentrated on her chakra flow once more.

This time, the chakra flowed through her almost violently through her body. The feeling was almost a burning sensation, but with the pain came a sensation of life. When she opened her eyes, silver shone with blue, and the girl was having trouble controlling the flow of this magnitude. She found as she calmed her
emotions and focused on the flow, it became slowly more refined and
thinner. She worked on whittling down the chakra into thin, yet strong threads.
As she did this, she focused her sight on Seth, and then began moving the chakra to her palms again.

The light that glowed from her palms this time was silvery
blue and pulsing through the Hyuga girl strongly. There was no wavering in the flow this time. As she moved, the light from her chakra moved with her, and the ying-yang symbol beneath her seemed to glow like her chakra was. The girl thought the light looked pretty, but she could also sense its destructive power. Something within her feared this power, and as if in a response, her thin threads of chakra began to waver.

Not giving it up again. Second movement.
Her teeth gritted in resolve. She started to flow through the second movement gracefully. She danced elegantly
with her feet, and her hands struck out in powerful attacks directed at the air. The air seemed to crackle as Akina redrew the ying-yang symbol. The crackles seemed to
amplify as she neared completion of the second dot. Her foot stamped triumphantly down, completing the second dot as she thrust both of her hands out toward what would be an attacker’s chest. The chakra flow rushed through her toes to her arms and burst out in a silvery blue line. The air boomed and the chakra roared as Akina released her hold on the chakra. Her body slumped forward slightly.

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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Training After Class (Private ask first no kill) Empty Re: Training After Class (Private ask first no kill)

Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:53 pm
The Hyuga girl was breathing somewhat heavily. The air around her seemed to be charged with electricity,
causing her hairs to stand on end. She
looked at Seth and nodded somewhat curtly.
He was right, and somewhere, deep down she knew that, but also,
somewhere deeper down, the girl wondered if he was trying to spy on her family’s
Kekkei Genkai. Her head shook slowly,
trying to erase the thought as quickly as possible. She could not afford to think like that about
someone who was her friend, that much she knew was true.

Regardless, Akina steadied her stance and slowly eased her
way onto the ground. She carefully
crossed her legs, forming a lotus style of sitting. Silvery eyes flicked to Seth and moved to a
spot beside her. She was intending to
rest for a brief moment by not controlling her chakra so harshly, but she would
allow the chakra to flow easily through her.
She found the act calming, and it was just what she would need for what
she planned to do next. She had always
wondered about the Byakugan, the Hyuga clan’s Kekkei Genkai. There were very few times where she had been
able to activate it at all, and those times were very fickle to tract down the
reason as to why it may have happened in the first place.

The sun had risen since she had been out training, and the
heat it delivered to the land threatened to turn the slight sheen of sweat over
her body into a torrent. She breathed in
once, taking in the scenery around her as carefully as possible. The way the grass was flowing with the wind,
and the way the insects slowly crawled in the soil. She watched the birds hopping in the
trees. Her breath flowed out of her in a
steady river. As she inhaled again, she
allowed her chakra to flow through her steadily, as though she was becoming one
with the nature around her. While the
flow came, it started to come slower than normal, so Akina would soon have to
push herself to call on it again.
However, she planned on remaining still and trying something new for
once. If Seth was right, and she was to
unlock the secrets of the Hyuga, then she must train herself harder than she
ever had before. The wind shifted
directions slowly as the girl continued to clear her mind.

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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Training After Class (Private ask first no kill) Empty Re: Training After Class (Private ask first no kill)

Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:43 pm
Akina held her forefinger up to her lips. “I’m simply allowing my chakra to flow. It calms me quite a bit, even if it is rather
wasteful.” Her voice seemed very distant, and she spoke slower than normal. It was time.
Her eyes closed tranquilly and she began to murmur softly to herself, as
her hands began to make seals of the twelve animals from the zodiac. Of course, only certain hand signs were used,
and then only in a specific order. Her
hands shook slightly, partly from fatigue and partly from nervousness. Somewhere along the way, her hands stopped
shaking as she began to form the “release” sign.

Something strange happened next. Akina felt calmer than usual, and her focus
seemed to sharpen a little from what it normally was. She felt her temples stiffen as her veins
around that area seemed to be pumping with a steady amount of chakra. She opened her eyes, and the colors of the
grass looked a little duller than normal. The grass looked gray-green, and the
insects that bobbed to and fro as they walked seemed to be more transparent
than solid. She looked over to Seth and
noticed that she could see a few of his veins, and that his skin looked misty
rather than real.

Suddenly, the pumping of chakra slowed a lot, as Akina
started squinting to see if she could refine her current ability. She could feel her chakra flow waver and then
it vanished, leaving her empty and almost saddened. Her eyes closed painfully as her head began
to throb with a slow, increasing, steady pain.
Her body leaned to the side slightly as she cupped her head in her
hands. It seemed that every time this
happened, she wasn’t coming any closer to releasing her Kekkei Genkai. Sometimes, she wondered if she really was a
Hyuga at all, but at least this time, she had come a little bit closer than
what she could do before.

She gritted past the pain and swiveled her head to look at
Seth. She did not want to worry him unnecessarily,
but she knew that to try controlling her chakra again with the headache she had
would not be terribly wise, so she decided to grab her obento she had left next
to a tree. After food, she would begin
the tedious process again, unless Seth had some other thing in mind that would
help her with her training.

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Akina Hyuga
Akina Hyuga
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Training After Class (Private ask first no kill) Empty Re: Training After Class (Private ask first no kill)

Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:54 am
Akina looked wistfully at her obento box, but she refrained from making her intentions known. She nearly bumped into Seth, not realizing he was right in front of her, as she was still holding her head in her hands. She brought her head up briefly to look at Seth. Her eyes were icy and cold. She had so many secrets that she couldn't tell him, but she nodded sincerely.

"We can talk." she smiled at Seth while walking back to her ying-yang symbol. She sat down slowly, the fatigue setting in a little bit more. She flipped open her obento and looked at Seth quizzically. "Guess you don't have a lunch, huh?" her voice was softer than it had been lately.

She took out one of her onigiri and handed it to Seth. She smiled a little and explained that the rice balls were salty on the outside, but sweet on the inside. She exclaimed itadakimasu quite loudly and bit into the rice ball, letting the sweet flavor absorb her taste buds.

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