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Asukari Yamaki
Asukari Yamaki
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Asukari's Training Empty Asukari's Training

Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:13 am
Agility Practice

Asukari was sitting in the kitchen one morning pondering over things while eating his least favorite cereal (because there was no other cereal), he was dressed in a black shirt with a skull on it and a white pants. He was bored, he couldn't really participate in missions due to the requirement of a team, which he didn't have. Asukari sat up and thought to himself, " since I don't have anything to do I shall pass the time with training." He then stood up and stretched, picked up the bowl and placed it in the sink, he then turned around and walked out the door grabbing supplies on the way out, such as kunai, shuriken stars and nunchucks.


Asukari took a deep breath as he clutched the kunai in his hands. In front of him he had hung up targets on the tree branches to throw at while running, at the same time he had also asked someone to throw kunai and shuriken stars at him while he tried to hit the targets with his weapons.
"Are you ready?" asked the assistant. Asukari just nodded and gave a thumbs up.
"alright then...GO!!!" At that moment Asukari jumped in the air and threw two shuriken stars at the targets at the same time, they had hit in the centre of the target, a success. But Asukari realised his mistake when he saw two kunai heading right for him, he had forgotten about the assistant, a stupid mistake! There was no time to dodge, he pulled a kunai out from his thigh pouch and used it to deflect the other kunai."phew, that was close," said Asukari to himself. Asukari had landed unscathed and decided to continue his training despite the risks. He nodded to the assistant who was waiting for his signal. At that moment the guy started throwing multiple shuriken at Asukari and he had to dodge them all. For a second there was a blur of ducking, jumping. sidestepping and dodging but then there was a flash of red and Asukari dropped to his knees. At the sight of this the guy stopped Immediately and ran to Asukari to aid him."Hey, are you alright?" asked the assistant.
"of coarse I am," said Asukari," just a little scratch, nothing to worry about, shall we continue?"
"I don't know maybe we should take it easy," said the assistant.
" I said I'm fine." replied Asukari. He then got up and gestured for the man to continue. The guy walked back to his post and continued. Asukari leaped as the guy through a kunai at his feet, he looked up and saw that the guy had thrown a kunai at hi in mid-air. Due to a series of twists and turns Asukari successfully did a backflip in mid-air and cleanly dodged the kunai."whoa," said Asukari to himself," that was cool."
"hey, I have a question!!" shouted the guy.
"what!?" Asked Asukari
"I could have sworn your eyes were black a minute ago, but now they're yellow, is that possible?!" asked the guy
"yeah, my body does that, when I'm calm and relaxed my eyes are black, but when my heart rate picks up, like when I get scared, embarrassed or when I'm active my eyes turn yellow, but we must continue because this is not part of my training." replied Asukari.
"oh, okay." said the guy and prepared himself for the next set of throwing and hoping nobody dies.
Asukari now started climbing a tree, he next training exercise was dodging while on difficult surfaces. When Asukari was ready the guy started throwing shuriken stars at Asukari. Asukari jumped, leaped and dived from branch to branch avoiding anything that came his way while concentrating his chakra to prevent himself from falling or slipping off the trees. Then Asukari was in a tight spot where he couldn't dodge the five shuriken stars coming his way, he only had one other option. He took out five shuriken and threw it to make contact with the five heading his way, a success! Asukari released a sigh of relief and then sidestepped a single kunai and leaped to another branch. Asukari gestured for the guy to stop," I think we can ove on, I'm done." The guy nodded and stopped.


The next part of Asukari's training was dodging the attacks of rotating fists on poles. Asukari kicked the first pole to begin the rotation. Two fists swung in Asukari's direction, which he easily sidestepped. But then he had to leap due to a low swinging fist heading his way. The fist caught his feet and Asukari fell face first into the ground. "owwww..." moaned Asukari as he got up and looked around to see if anyone saw, then he smiled to himself," if a tree falls in the forest and nobody's around, does it make a sound?" that was one of the saying's Asukari's sensei used to tell him. Asukari frowned as he remembered another one of his sensei's sayings:" the walls have eyes and the doors have ears." Asukari just shrugged and continued the training. Next he had set up a course of traps that would be triggered as he passed through it. He got ready and sprinted through. First was a line of swinging axes that he had to run through, he dived at the end with a hairs width to spare. Asukari sighed and got up and continued running. Next was a space with holes that would randomly shoot fire at any time. Asukari took a deep breath and proceeded. He sidestepped over a hole which shot out fire immediately as he crossed over it he then jumbed over a few holes and stopped dead in his tracks as a hole in front of him shot out fire," that was close," he thought to himself. After a few minutes of jaw clenching dodges Asukari successfully finished the course. "I can call it a day," said Asukari to himself. He noticed a movement in the corner of the room and immediately turned around," who are you!!" He was looking at a girl, probably thirteen or fourteen.
"I-I'm Akita...Hanako Akita." she replied.
"Are you a shinobi?" Asked Asukari, his tone was now gentler.
"n-no I just came here to fetch something for my sister," said Akita
" It's kinda late maybe I should walk you home." said Asukari as he walked towards the doorway....

The Robin Hood
The Robin Hood
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Asukari's Training Empty Re: Asukari's Training

Sat Jul 21, 2012 8:08 am

+5 speed/JP
Asukari Yamaki
Asukari Yamaki
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Asukari's Training Empty Re: Asukari's Training

Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:11 am
Asukari’s Strength training

Asukari had just returned from the Ramen Noodle Bar when he saw a guy trying to load a whole stack of sacks into a truck. The man was sweating and he was exhausted, so Asukari decided to help him and use this opportunity for a strength exercise. He walked up to the guy and offered to help, the guy thanked him without any hesitation and walked off.
“Well, here goes nothing,” said Asukari as he hauled three bags into the truck,”phew, this is heavier than I expected.”
After a while Asukari had hauled all the bags into the truck. He whipped the sweat off his forehead and sat down to rest. He was tired, the exercise had not only worked his arms but his entire back and shoulders. No, he needed more exercise! Asukari got up and headed off to the forest to train, he needed to become stronger.

Later, in the forest.

Asukari grinned to himself, this was going to be one tough drill, thought Asukari. He was standing in front of a cliff, he was planning to climb the cliff only using his two arms.
“Ha!” Asukari leaped and caught himself on the cliff a weary ten meters above the ground. He adjusted his left hand and then raised his right hand to reach for a crack above him. He then adjusted his right hand and raised his left to reach for another crack. Asukari stopped and let himself hang for a few minutes, his eyes scanned the cliff-wall for any nearby cracks. He spotted a ledge that he could rest on and made his way towards it, his feet dangling in the air. His biceps, and triceps were bulging from the strain, the veins in his arm was visible through his skin.
“Haaa, ha-ha-ha,” gasped Asukari as he made it to the ledge. His shirt was damp from the sweat, it wasn’t only the exercise, it was noon and the sun was at its peak, to top it off it was a cloudless day. He pulled the shirt off, revealing a scar that had been caused by a sword fight earlier in his life, he then tucked the damp shirt into his back pocket. He then grinned at looked up, he still had a few hundreds of meters to climb. It was going to be a long day. Asukari clenched his fist and started to climb again, letting his legs hang.
“AAAAAARGH!!!” shouted Asukari as he endured the physical strain it took to cover the last stretched to the next nearest ledge. Asukari dropped down and gasped for air as soon as he reached the ledge. He opened his eyes and was amazed at how little climbing was left, he could simply have leapt to the top, but this was strength training, he had to climb. After a few minutes he stood up and prepared himself for the last stretch. This wouldn’t have been so hard if he could use his legs. He finally made it to the top.
“Yes, I made it!!!” shouted Asukari as he looked up to the sky. He then stopped and looked around him. There was a few boulders laying around and, what seemed to be, a blocked cave. Next training exercise, thought Asukari to himself, brake the boulders on this mountain and clear the cave entrance. After a short session of stretching to loosen up the muscles, Asukari prepared himself and got into a fighting stance. He ran to a boulder and round house kicked it, the boulder cracked at impact. He then turned and elbowed the boulder, now it crumbled into a pile of stones. He then leaped at the next boulder and decided he was going to try and move it. He paced his open palms on the face of the boulder and shoved as hard as he can. The boulder moved a few meters and stopped.
“whoa, this is harder’n I thought.” said Asukari. He then kicked the boulder out of anger and it all of a sudden shattered at impact.
“whoa, that was cool, maybe I should be angry more often.” said Asukari to himself.
After a while of braking boulders, Asukari got bored and decided to stop. He was going to try and clear the cave entrance. He walked up to the pile of rocks and scanned it for a weak spot. Nothing, I guess I’ll just have to use sheer force, thought Asukari. He got back and started giving a series of punches and kicks to weaken the barrier.
“ha! ha! Hyah! Hah!” shouted Asukari as he attacked. Now the barrier was cracked, Asukari pushed all of his Chakra into one hand and punched with all his might. The rocks crumbled and collapsed at impact and the cave entrance was clear. Asukari smiled to himself and decided it was time to head back. This time he was going to be able to use his legs but he had to have one hand tied behind his back. He leapt down t the nearest ledge and started the intense climbing session with a sigh. He remembered how his dad used to tell him that when he ever went hiking, the descent was always the hardest. He was going to find out if that was true or not.
“Unh!” said Asukari as the strain hit him after a few minutes of climbing. His foot slipped and for a few minutes he was hanging with one hand. Asukari panicked and he swung his body so that he could grip the edge with his foot. When he was secure, Asukari let out a sigh of relief. Should he have fallen it would have been the end. Why do my training sessions always prove deadly when I can’t back out? Thought Asukari. His eyes were bright yellow now from the frightening moment. Asukari took a deep breath and finished the last few metres. He dropped down and walked back to the village. He was going to feel the pain tomorrow morning and he was going to have a long nap.

The end

WC: 1009
Asukari Yamaki
Asukari Yamaki
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Asukari's Training Empty Re: Asukari's Training

Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:06 am
The Robin Hood
The Robin Hood
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Asukari's Training Empty Re: Asukari's Training

Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:44 am

+5 strength and JP
Asukari Yamaki
Asukari Yamaki
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Asukari's Training Empty Re: Asukari's Training

Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:24 am
Fire Release Ignited Limbs Training

Asukari stood by the lake, it was a clear day withe one or two clouds in the sky. The sun shone warmly over the area while a cooling breeze blew threw. Asukari wanted to lay down and enjoy the peace but he was there for a reason: Training. The recent missions Asukari was unable to freely use Jutsu due to the limted amount of chakra he had, so today he was going to increase his chakra power with a little bit of training. Some people think this game is a joke, thought Asukari with a sigh, well I hope they get it.
"Hey sir,"
Asukari turned to see who was calling him, whoever it was they were stupid to be calling a fifteen year old boy "sir".
'Don't call me sir, call me survivor." said Asukari cockishly. Then he stepped on to the water, concentrating the chakra to his feet so that he would be able to walk on the water. He didn't have time for losers that wanted to talk to him. As soon as he gained his balance on the surface of the water he sprinted to the center of the lake to escape the town for a little while. This was a warm up exercise to get the chakra flowing before he did the real work. He then started doing a few leaps and dives to make the warm up a bit more challenging.
After a while of stretches on the surface of the lake, Asukari headed back to land. When he got there he took off his equipment such as Katana, kunai pouch ,ect. and placed it aside. He then set up targets using logs and rocks so that he can gaim accuracy in the use of jutsu.
After a while he returned back to the spot where he started.
Applied handseals and took a deep breath.
"Fire release: Art of the sage fire technique: the touch-me-not!!"
Balls of fire exploded from Asukari's mouth, now all he had to do was control it with his chakra and direct it into the targets while making a clones of himself. Heavy but possible task for a chuunin. Asukari applied the handseals of the bunshin no jutsu, and made five clones of himself successfully.
"Yeah," said Asukari, this part of the exercise was successful. He headed back to the training ground for more training and decided to sprint the whole way...
At the training ground he had set up a whole lot of machines that would shoot kunai knives at him. He planned to redirect the kunai that was shot at him into the targets he had placed in a row at the far side of the training ground.
"Let's do this," said Asukari. He then trew a kunai at a string which was holding all the machines ready. The kunai cut the string and kunai knives were fired at Asukari from all directions. He leaped up and used his chakra to hold two kunai knives to his feet, he then spinned in the air and released them just in tie to shoot out in the direction of the targets. He did this with his hands and feet. Not only did he have to redirect the kunai knives using his chakra, he also had to dodge the extras that he couldn't catch. There was a series of spins, flips, leaps, steps and dives. finally after there were no more kunai knives to be shot at Asukari and Asukari could finally take a breather.
"Phew," said Asukari with a sigh, he slumped down onto his bottom. After a while of resting he got up and prepared for his next exercise. He was going to try the new jutsu he learnt. Fire Release: Ignited Limbs. It was a jutsu that could help him in fights. First he started concentrating his chakra to his hands and feet. He closed his eyes, this was going to take quite some time. After he could feel the power in his limbs he opened his eyes and used the chakra in his limbs to vibrate the atoms around his limbs.
“Aaaargh!!” shouted Asukari it was hard and keeping it there was going to be harder.
His hands ignited and exploded into fire, his feet followed the same process after his hands. It was not yet a success, Asukari had to hold it there. He kept his concentration for while and stood still. After he got the feel of it he started to just try out a few kicks and punches. It worked. He deactivated it and slumped onto the grass, he had just mastered his latest jutsu….

WC: 770 words
The Robin Hood
The Robin Hood
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Asukari's Training Empty Re: Asukari's Training

Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:26 am

Jutsu + 3 Stat Points + 3 JP
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