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Azarkai's Training Sessions Empty Azarkai's Training Sessions

Fri Jul 06, 2012 7:20 am
Azarkai left her house in silence her skin prickling momentarily as the cool dawn air settled around her. Only a handful of shinobi would be awake, some possibly getting ready to train. As for the rest of the villagers most would still be asleep but the odd one or two. Closing the door behind her Azarkai slowly begins to run down the street leading from her home and into the forest where she trained. Azarkai's run soon turned to a rhythmic jog. As she ran Azarkai tried to keep her breathing as steady as she could manage however her head only began to spin as it was deprived of the oxygen it required. Gritting her teeth Azarkai stubbornly slows a little but continues to jog, even if it was slow. As her breath begins to come back Azarkai picked up the pace of her jogging purposely going through all the little back allies and side paths she could think of in order to extend the length of her jog. Already the muscles in Azarkai's legs were burning with strain. She was way out of practice it would seem. Her stamina was low and so was her speed from the looks of things she thinks to herself noting the patches of dawn light that found it's way into the ally she had being jogging down. With a small puff of breath Azarkai turns heading in a straight line for the forest this time. No point wasting time when everyone would be up soon she might as well go train where she wont get in anyone's way. Forcing her jelly like legs to move Azarkai heads into the forest keeping the steady pace until she could find a small spots to train. The very moment that Azarkai stops her legs begin to shake unsteadily. Her legs felt as if they were jelly. Azarkai frowns disapprovingly to herself not good enough, more training. Tensing her legs Azarkai jumps onto one of the lower branches of a nearby tree. Stumbling Azarkai leans against the trunk then shakes her head. Forcing her legs to move the runs along the length of the branch jumping onto the next one nearby she slowly makes her way across the forest. Her legs aching with the new amount of strain and the jelly like feeling never quite going away. About halfway through Azarkai begins to feel a little bit sick but keeps on going anyway. After a few more minutes Azarkai's head begins to pound and she slowly begins to stop moving leaning heavily against one of the tree trunks. Closing her eyes briefly the pounding in her head only gets worse. Azarkai sighs and opens her eyes a wave of nausea sweeping over her. Okay that's enough Azarkai thinks quietly to herself. Carefully Azarkai slides down from the tree wincing at the dizzy sights around her. Once on the ground Azarkai's legs begin to shake. Determinedly she begins to walk towards home when her legs just collapse. Azarkai sits on the ground for a moment trying to recover when shoots of pain begin to tear throughout her stomach. Putting one hand on her stomach Azarkai takes a breath and pushes herself up off the ground and begins stumbling for home. By the time she left the forest Azarkai stopped two times. Azakai sighs mumbling sorries as she runs into people. Stumbling into her house Azarkai stumbles to grab a glass and heads to the sink where she fills it and slowly begins to drink it. Gradually her legs turn back to normal and head clears along with the pains in her stomach. Azarkai sighs great she managed to get dehydrated and she hadn't even being on a mission....

word count - 620
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